Sarah Templer (1780 - 1813)

The third of James and Martha Templer's children is Sarah Templer, born 10 February 1780 in Loudoun County, Virginia. She married Ellis Williams
on 14 March 1803 in nearby Frederick County, Maryland, just across the Potomac River from Loudoun County. Sarah died on 22 February 1813, probably
in Loudoun County where she and her husband lived. It is possible she died following childbirth. Ellis Williams was born 3 October 1773 in Loudoun County,
Virginia, and died 21 January 1858 in Loudoun County, Virginia. They had six children. He remarried after Sarah's untimely death.

    I - Martha Williams was born 10 August 1804 in Loudoun County, VA, and died on 5 June 1863 in Loudoun County, VA. She married James Thomas on
         12 September 1832 in Loudoun County, VA. James was born 1800 in Loudoun County, VA, and died on 13 August 1882 in Leesburg, Loudoun County,
         VA. They had seven children:

         A. Mary L. Thomas was born July 1833 in Loudoun County, VA, and died 15 July 1908 in Leesburg, Loudoun County, VA.

         B. Margaret Ellis Thomas was born October 1836 in Loudoun County, VA, and died on 7 March 1910 in Norfolk, Norfolk County, VA. She married
            John Valentine Purcell Tavenner on 6 December 1865 in Loudoun County, VA. John Tavenner was born 9 August 1838 in Knox County, OH, and
            died 16 January 1913 in Norfolk, Norfolk County, VA. They had seven children:

             1. Martha Purcell Tavenner (b. abt. 1867, bet. 1880-1900)

             2. Louella Valentine Tavenner (b. 1 April 1869, d. 18 October 1948)

             3. Marie Rebecca Tavenner (b. December 1871, d. 2 November 1951) married William J. Oates.

             4. Emma Belle Tavenner (b. October 1875, d. 5 April 1961)

             5. Jonah Tavenner (b. 5 June 1876, d. bef. 1880)

             6. Margaret Thomas Tavenner (b. abt. 1877, d. 26 October 1949) married Harry Cockrell Beall. They had four children:
                 a. Marie A. Beall (b. abt. 1894, d. 23 October 1918)
                 b. Margaret Ellen Beall (b. 20 March 1898, d. 3 August 1972) married Thomas Gott Carr. They had one child:
                     i. Harry Gott Carr (b. 2 May 1922, d. 28 September 1997) married Anne Carroll Hansford. They had four children.
                        aa. Harriet Carr
                        bb. Carroll Carr
                        cc. Thomas Carr
                        dd. Patricia Carr
                 c. Ruth Julia Beall (b. 20 June 1903, d. 7 May 1979) married Earl Wesley Baujan.
                 d. Louise Tavenner Beall (b. 15 October 1905, d. 14 October 1981) married Robert R. Larrick.

             7. Julia Lupton Tavenner (b. 8 November 1878, d. 16 May 1961) married Scott Magee Birdsong.They had one child:
                 a. Theodore Newcomb Birdsong (b. 7 July 1911, d. 24 February 1997) married Katherine Layman Johnson. They had two children:
                      i. Scott Birdsong
                     ii. Nancy Birdsong

         C. Armstead V. Thomas was born November 1840 in Loudoun County, VA, and died 26 January 1921 in Mt. Gilead, Loudoun County, VA.

         D. Martha Jane Thomas was born October 1841 in Loudoun County, VA, and died 26 March 1915 Leesburg, Loudoun County, VA.

         E. James W. Thomas was born February 1843 in Loudoun County, VA, and died 22 November 1914 in Leesburg, Loudoun County, VA.
             He married Elizabeth Ann Bennett. They had one child:

             1. James Gordon Bennett Thomas (b. 27 March 1889, d. 12 September 1942) married Ethel Virginia Myers. They had three children:
               a. Elizabeth Ann Thomas (b. 13 December 1915, d. 30 September 1990) married William Clark Swain.
               b. Mary Virginia Thomas (b. 9 October 1917, d. 8 May 1999) married Jack Kendall Lefevre. They had two children:
                    i. Constance Gordon Lefevre (b. 1 February 1937, d. 19 July 2014) married Richard Reid Martin. They had four children:
                      aa. Richard Reid Martin, Jr.
                      bb. Amy B. Martin
                      cc. Thomas Stafford Martin
                      dd. Timothy Lefevre Martin
                      2nd husband of Constance's was Joseph Everette Forehand.
                  ii. James Kendall Lefevre married Carol Lamore Durand. They had one child:
                     aa. James Kendall Lefevre, Jr.
               c. James Gordon Bennett Thomas, Jr. (b. 2 July 1919, d. 29 September 1982) married Alice Marie Smith. They had one child:
                   i. Sharen Marie Thomas (b. 17 January 1949, d. 19 July 2017) married Wayne Asbury Brim. They had one child:
                     aa. Samuel Nathan Brim
                     2nd husband of Sharen's was Ted Enosaki. They had one child:
                     bb. Onna Pilar Enosaki

         F. Sarah Ellen Thomas was born about 1844 in Loudoun County, VA.
         G. Julia B. Thomas (b. 22 February 1849 ,d. 16 November 1878) in Loudoun County, VA.

    II - Elizabeth Williams was born 29 October 1805 in Loudoun County, VA and died 23 July 1877 in Augusta, Carroll County, OH. She married
          James Schooley. James Schooley was born about 1805 in Loudoun County, VA, and died 6 July 1886 in Carroll County, OH. They had four
          known children:

          A. Sarah Catherine Schooley was born 1823 in Loudoun County, VA and died 14 August 1907 in Adams County, IL. She married Joseph W.
              Dunbar on 24 February 1853 in Carroll County, OH. Joseph Dunbar was born 20 March 1823 in Kentucky and died 26 January 1897
              in Adams County, IL. They had eight children:

              1. Margaret S. Dunbar (b. 17 January 1854, d. 6 July 1914) married John Alexander Estes. They had five children:
                 a. Mary E. "Mollie" Estes (b. 16 February 1874, d. 6 March 1927) married Samuel H. Webster. They had two children:
                        i Mae Webster (b. 12 February 1896, d. 9 November 1899)
                       ii. Sarah Frances Webster (b. 24 July 1899, d. 14 August 1968) married William Edward Murray . They had no children.
                 b. Ida F. Estes (b. June 1875, d. 1960) married William Herman Guseman. They had five children:
                       i. Nellie Levina Guseman (b. 13 January 1899, d. 21 February 1991) married Henry Theodore Carlson. They had two children:
                          aa. Betty Ruth Carlson (b. 7 August 1922, d. 9 January 1969)
                          bb. Dorothy Irene Carlson (b. 30 August 1926, d. 29 March 2018)
                      ii. Goldie M. Guseman (b. 13 January 1901, d. 14 January 1993) married Elmer L. Baggs. They had one child:
                          aa. Carol A. Baggs
                     iii. Gladys Celestia Guseman (b. 25 September 1903, d. 8 October 2004) married Franklin William Hennenfent. They had two children:
                          aa. Roger Lee Hennenfent (b. 31 July 1930, d. 28 November 1997)
                          bb. Shirley J. Hennenfent
                     iv. Harold Estes Guseman (b. 1911, d. 1919)
                      v. Merle Reid Guseman (b. 24 July 1915, d. 22 April 1995) married Pauline Stolz.
                 c. Charles Frank Estes (8 November 1878, d. 8 June 1960) married Hattie Ellen Wedding. They had four children:
                     i. Chester Clifton Estes (b. 25 February 1901, d. 13 March 2001) married Leah Catherine Runnion. They had one child:
                        aa. Richard Runnion Estes (b. 8 April 1929, d. 20 February 1999)
                        2nd wife of Chester's was Lytha Fithian They had two children:
                        bb. Marjorie Ellen Estes (b. 17 May 1944, d. 20 May 1944)
                        cc. Karen Lynn Estes (b. 2 March 1949, d. 3 March 2006)
                     ii. Evelyn Beulah Estes (b. 15 January 1903, d. 30 June 2005) married William Clair Lessenger. They had three children:
                         aa. Pauline L. Lessenger (b. 24 April 1923, d. 19 October 2013)
                         bb. Lucille Marie Lessenger (b. 24 October 1926, d. 14 November 2012)
                         cc. Roger Clair Lessenger (b. 4 May 1930, d. 2 June 2013)
                         2nd husband of Evelyn's was Harlyn T. Downs
                    iii. Roy F. Estes (b. 9 November 1905, d. 3 August 2006) married Helen Evangeline Johnson. They had one child:
                        aa. Leonard Wayne Estes
                    iv. Lloyd Wedding Estes (b. 22 November 1907, d. 2 November 2002) married Gladys Lucille Lauger. They had three children:
                        aa. Jo Ann Estes (b. 22 December 1931, d. 4 May 2013)
                        bb. Judith Gail Estes
                        cc. John Lloyd Estes
                2nd wife of Charles Estes was Thora Gingrich.
                d. Quintin Estes (b. 18 March 1882, d. 13 October 1962) married Viola Bishop.
                e. Ruth Estes (b. January 1885, d. 1963) married Edward Holmes.

            2. James E. Dunbar (b. 8 March 1856, d. 27 July 1856)

            3. Sarah Virginia Dunbar (b. 1858, d. 1875)

            4. Adora P. Dunbar (b. 21 February 1859, d. 22 July 1895) married John Bunce Dunant. They had four children:
               a. Tennie Esther Dunant (b. 19 March 1884,d. 17 December 1925) married (1) Ralph McCoy and (2) Milby Carpenter.
               b. Gladys Catherine Dunant (b. 10 April 1885, d. 23 October 1966) married William Denny Mathews. They had two children:
                    i. Marcius Owen Mathews (b. 23 June 1907, d. December 1974) married Glennadene Upchurch
                      2nd wife of Marcius was Dorothy Maxine Wright. They had two children:
                      aa. Marcia Lynne Mathews
                      bb. Barbara Kay Mathews
                   ii. Irene May Mathews (b. 16 June 1911, d. 18 June 2001) married Elton Girdler. They had four children:
                      aa. Karen Girdler
                      bb. John Wesley Girdler
                      cc. David O. Girdler
                      dd. Lloyd Elton Girdler
               c. Homer J. Dunant (b. 12 September 1888, d. 29 April 1973) married Leonora B. Finley.
                  2nd wife of Homer's was Helen C. Beard
               d. Infant Dunant ( b. & d. 17 Juyly 1895)

            5. George Clinton Dunbar (b. 6 January 1860, d. 23 October 1938) married Clara Louise McDannold. They had two children:
                a. Elysabeth Eugenia Dunbar (b. 15 December 1891, d. 25 March 1997) married Rexford D. Tompkins. They had four children:
                    i. Mary Elizabeth (aka Tary) Tompkins (b. 14 March 1916, d. 2 May 2012) married George Albert Balinski (aka George A. Ballard).
                      They had three children:
                      aa. George C. Ballard
                      bb. James R. Ballard
                      cc. Janice S. Ballard
                   ii. Frederic Dunbar Tompkins (b. 13 May 1917, d. 25 March 2010) married Mary Lou Sweitzer. They had three children:
                      aa. Caroline Tompkins
                      bb. Frederic Dunbar Tompkins, Jr.
                      cc. Cynthia Tompkins
                  iii. Clinton Daniel Tompkins (b. 14 November 1918, d. 26 January 1950) killed when the Air Force plane he was in crashed.
                 iv. Rexford Donald Tompkins (b. 17 June 1923, d. 24 April 2001) married Lorena May Bell. They had four children:
                     aa. Rexford D. Tompkins
                     bb. James Tompkins
                     cc. Tedmun D. Tompkins
                     dd. Patric D. Tompkins
                b. Kathryn Dunbar (b. 6 January 1893, d. 11 August 1980) married Elmer F. Nelson

            6. Harvie Osker Dunbar (b. 1863, d. 1864)

            7. Ulysses Simpson Grant Dunbar (b. 3 March 1865, d. 30 December 1941) married Julia B. Hassel.

            8. Homer J. Dunbar (b. May 1867, d. 13 March 1954) married Mary M. Tebo. They had two childdren:
                a. Duke Wellington Dunbar (b. 3 September 1894, d. 8 December 1972) married Eva M. Hillyard. No children.
                b. Maude M. Dunbar ( b. 15 November 18989, d. March 1981) married Emery H. Miller. No children.
               2nd wife of Homer's was Ina Grubb
               3rd wife of Homer's was Dora ___

       B. Samuel Clinton Schooley was born 30 April 1828 in Loudoun County, VA, and died 1 November 1916 in Alliance,
           Stark County, OH. He married Sarah Jane Hyatt. Sarah Hyatt was born 13 February 1828 and died 12 May 1900. They had two children:

           1. Mattie Blanche Schooley (b. 11 January 1855, d. 13 November 1930) married Henry Groves Shaw. They had two children:
              a. Mary L. Shaw (b. 4 November 1877, d. 15 September 1884)
              b. Frank Schooley Shaw (b. 4 March 1881, d. 21 October 1959) married Blanche Whitla. They had three children:
                   i. Martha Jeannette Shaw (b. 18 March 1909, d. 11 July 2002) married Milton Frederick Hay. They had three children:
                      aa. Marilyn Elizabeth Hay
                      bb. Barbara Jean Hay
                      cc. Sarah JaneHay
                  ii. Mary Ellen Shaw (b. 18 May 1913, d. 13 June 1980) married James Willis Tompkins. They had two children:
                      aa. Ellen Louise Tompkins (b. 17 July 1939, d. 19 August 2018)
                      bb. Gweneth Ann Tompkins
                 iii. Margaret Anne Shaw (b. 18 May 1923, d. 24 December 2006) married John Robert Sponseller.
                    They had three children:
                      aa. Beth Lynn Sponseller
                      bb. Kay Ellen Sponseller
                      cc. Nan Alane Sponseller

           2. Elizabeth C. Schooley (b. 26 September 1867, d. 30 April 1947) married George W. Andrews. They had one child:
               a. Lelia F. Andrews (b. 7 October 1893, d. 6 April 1936) married Otto Wilbert McIntire. They had two children:
                   i. Maxine McIntire (b. 4 December 1915, d. 14 December 1998) married Maxim G. Abraham. They had one child:
                     aa. Dana Kay Abraham
                  ii. Carl Rex McIntire (b. 26 July 1917, d. 16 September 1963) married Helen Esther Keggereis. They had two children:
                      aa. Ralph Edward McIntire (B. 15 November 1945, d. 14 June 2009)
                      bb. Michael Wayne McIntire

         C. Hannah Jane Schooley was born 24 October 1829 in Loudoun County, VA, and died 9 June 1906 in Toledo, Tama County, IA. She married
            George Byrns on 30 December 1852. George Byrns was born 30 April 1826 in Ohio and died 28 November 1881 in Iowa. They had four children:
            1. Euclid Byrns (b. 7 November 1853, d. 15 September 1854)

            2. Frances J. Byrns (b. 7 August 1857, d. 23 March 1906) married William Thomas Mershon. They had seven children:
                a. Euclid James Mershon (b. 17 February 1878, d. 23 April 1955) married Mary Margaret Shaffer. They had four children:
                     i. Blanche Monta Mershon (b. 9 February 1899, d. 22 August 1995) married Roy Lee Anderson. They had three children:
                       aa. Paul Clinton Anderson (B. 23 February 1927, d. 22 November 2022)
                       bb. Jeanne Marie Anderson (b. 12 October 1930, d. 19 October 2008)
                       cc. David James Anderson
                      2nd husband of Blanche's was Ira Tomlinson
                    ii. Florence B. Mershon 29 September 1903, d. September 1971) married Clyde Searless Marinus
                   iii. William Ernest Mershon (b. 16 July 1908, d. 23 October 1982)
                   iv. Lester Elias Mershon (b. 3 February 1913, d. 7 November 1989) married Verna Alma Burdick. They had two children:
                          aa. Leroy Delbert Mershon (b. 14 February 1933, d. 13 April 2010)
                          bb. Nadine Janette Mershon (b. 30 January 1938, d. 23 February 1993)
                      2nd wife of Lester's was Erma Mae Tinley. They had one child:
                          cc. Nancy Sue Mershon (b. 14 November 1944, d. 14 May 1949)
                b. Josie Alma Mershon (b. 24 September 1880, d. 13 September 1943) married Elmer George Gearhart. They had eleven children:
                     i. Clifford Daniel Gearhart (b. 20 August 1900, d. 11 July 1968) married Edna Mae Johnson. They had two children:
                       aa. Phillip Maynard Gearhart (b. 25 June 1924, d. 13 February 1996)
                       bb. Roger Daniel Gearhart (b. 11 December 1934, d. 7 April 2024)
                    ii. Gertrude Mae Gearhart (b. 24 July 1902, d. 14 May 1908)
                   iii. Theodore William Gearhart (b. 30 June 1904, d. 30 January 1911)
                   iv. George Elmer Gearhart (b. 27 January 1906, d. 2 February 1970) married Myrtle Mathilda Erickson. They had two children:
                       aa. Dorothy Jean Gearhart
                       bb. William Warren Gearhart (b. 20 March 1943, d. 3 May 1995)
                    v. Harold Grant Gearhart (b. 30 April 1908, d. 2 May 1989) married Myrtle Anna Kannady. They had four children:
                       aa. Lovetta Alvera Gearhart
                       bb. Harold Grant Gearhart (b. 6 June 1929, d. 17 December 1980)
                       cc. Donald Everett Gearhart (b. 25 June 1933, d. 15 February 1985)
                       dd. Theodore Michael Gearhart (b. 25 April 1943, d. 11 September 2019)
                      2nd wife of Harold's was Janis Christenson
                  vi. Clare Edwin Gearhart (b. 3 February 1911, d. 10 December 1991) married Evelyn Martha Dahl. They had four children:
                      aa. Marilyn Elaine Gearhart
                      bb. Clarice Jean Gearhart
                      cc. Jo Anne Gearhart
                      dd. Edwin Harold Gearhart
                  vii. Frances Josephine Gearhart (b. 7 September 1912, d. 3 November 1915)
                 viii. Donald Richard Gearhart (b. 7 February 1915, d. 4 October 1999) married Alyce Violet Shelby. They had three children:
                      aa. Donald Richard Gearhart, Jr.
                      bb. Thomas Shelby Gearhart (b. 10 January 1942, d. 15 January 2022)
                      cc. Kathy Joyce Gearhart
                      2nd wife of Donald's was Helen Myrtle Nordquist
                  ix. Charles Milton Gearhart (b. 9 June 1916, d. 7 September 2009) married Margaret Zwiaska. They had three children:
                      aa. Judy Gale Gearhart (b. 3 June 1941, d. 24 July 2016)
                      bb. Nancy Lee Gearhart (b. 9 June 1949, d. 14 July 2023)
                      cc. Trudy K. Gearhart
                  x. John Wesley Gearhart (b. 28 August 1918, d. 8 August 1998) married Beatrice Loraine Russell. They had six children:
                      aa. Beverly Rochelle Gearhart
                      bb. John Wesley Gearhart, Jr. (b. 8 December 1948, d. 4 June 2000)
                      cc. Carolyn Elaine Gearhart
                      dd. Robert Richard Gearhart
                      ee. Debra Lee Gearhart
                      ff. Lori Lynn Gearhart
                      2nd wife of John Wesley's was Wanita W. Norton
                  xi. Lowell Mershon Gearhart (b. 12 June 1923, d. 18 January 2002) married Lois Mae Olson They had three children:
                      aa. Lowell Neil Gearhart (b. 7 October 1942, d. 25 September 2000)
                      bb. Sherry Ann Gearhart
                      cc. Bonnie M. Gearhart
                c. Charles Oscar Mershon (b. 11 April 1883, d. 7 December 1958) married Sara Elizabeth Diltz
                   2nd wife of Charles' was Ida Rousefeld
                   3rd wife of Charles' was Edna Peters
                d. Margaret Byrns Mershon (b. 5 September 1885, d. 6 January 1937) married Floyd Hoon Kline. They had four children:
                       i. John W. Kline (b. 7 September 1909, d. 28 April 1914)
                      ii. Wilma Lucille Kline (b. 17 December 1913, d. 12 December 2001) married Lloyd D. Goins. They had two children:
                          aa. Richard Allan Goins (b. 24 March 1933, d. 8 January 2000)
                          bb. Gordon Goins
                     iii. Arvilla Ruth Kline (b. 12 June 1916, d. 6 June 1926)
                     iv. Floyd Leroy Kline (b. 26 April 1921, d. 17 February 1978) married Ellan A. Becker. They had four children:
                        aa. Judy Kline (b. 23 February 1944, d. 29 August 2014)
                        bb. Douglas Floyd Kline (b. 7 January 1946, d. 23 March 2014)
                        cc. Mark Floyd Kline (b. 21 November 1950, d. 27 August 2011)
                        dd. Renee Kline
                e. George Acel Mershon (b. 26 August 1887, d. 5 August 1937) married Anna Grace Shaffer. They had two children:
                     i. Freda Belle Mershon (b. 6 September 1909, d. 9 August 1999) married Elmer Ellis Stevens. They had four children:
                       aa. Ronald D. Stevens (b. 18 May 1931, d. 25 June 2009)
                       bb. Mary Ann Stevens (b. 26 August 1932, d. 19 July 2015)
                       cc. Margaret "Peggy" B. Stevens (b. 31 December 1933, d. 29 June 2023)
                       dd. Barbara J. Stevens
                    ii. James Willis Mershon (b. 6 February 1914, d. 5 October 2004) married Marvel Ilene Theel. They had three children:
                       aa. Sharon Katherine Mershon
                       bb. Richard James Mershon
                       cc. Sheila Rae Mershon
                f. John Wesley Mershon (b. 5 August 1891, d. 6 February 1954) married Elizabeth Belle Shaffer. They had two children:
                     i. Paul Shaffer Mershon (b. 16 September 1916, d. 19 September 1916)
                    ii. Elizabeth Ann Mershon (b. 25 May 1923, d. 30 July 1985) married Keith Armond Loveland. They had six children:
                       aa. John Allen Loveland
                       bb. Lynn Mershon Loveland (b. 7 January 1953, d. 19 January 1998)
                       cc. Lisa Loveland
                       dd. Sara Loveland
                       ee. Janet Loveland
                       ff. Paul W. Loveland
                g. Francis William Mershon (b. 3 October 1894, d. 31 October 1942)

            3. Mary Alma Byrns (b. 13 February 1859, d. 18 November 1910) married Nelson Asel Mershon. They had 2 children:
               a. Nelson S. Mershon (b. abt 1883, d. abt 1883)
               b. Bertha Mae Mershon (b. 24 November 1889, d. 9 August 1971) married Lester Wells Dooley. They had one child:
                    i. Bertha Mershon Dooley (b. 31 August 1929, d. 3 July 2020) married Vernis Wayne McGlinn (aka Wayne Mack). They had two children:
                       aa. Pamela Kay McGlinn
                       bb. Judith L. McGlinn

            4. Wilbur Allen Byrns (b. 4 February 1862, d. 2 October 1944) married Bertha E. Lair. They had two known children:
                a. George Warren Byrns (b. 19 September 1894, d. 29 February 1988) married Mary E. Briggs. They had seven children
                    i. George Wilber Byrns (b. 23 February 1919, d. 13 April 1945) married Dorothy M. Simons. They had three children:
                      aa. Dean Warren Byrns (b. 2 December 1940, d. 27 April 2018)
                      bb. Dennis Charles Byrns
                      cc. Karen Roberta Byrns (b. 17 January 1944, d. 5 January 2009)
                   ii. Esther Irene Byrns (b. 11 May 1921, d. 21 April 2019) married Conrad Herrick. They had seven children:
                      aa. Charlotte Jean Herrick
                      bb. Wilmeth Elaine "aka Billie" Herrick
                      cc. Mary Susan Herrick (b. 6 October 1942, d. 17 July 2019)
                      dd. Margaret Ann Herrick (b. 25 September 1943, d. 4 October 1947)
                      ee. Richard Conrad Herrick
                      ff. Robert Eugene Herrick
                      gg. Charles Warren Herrick
                  iii. Vava Jean Byrns ( b. 24 January 1923, d. 16 May 2020) married Shurdan H. Young. They had five children:
                      aa. Norma Jean Young (b. 15 December 1941, d. 31 March 2020)
                      bb. Robert Eugene Young (b. 8 November 1943, d. 12 November 1943)
                      cc. Shurdan David Young (b. 15 September 1944, d. 20 April 2019)
                      dd. Charles Young
                      ee. Tommy Young
                  iv. Robert Thomas Byrns (b. 27 June 1925, d. 16 July 1977) married Sarah L. Molle. They had four children:
                      aa. Marilyn Elaine Byrns (b. 16 March 1946, d. 6 February 2023)
                      bb. Marjory E. Byrns
                      cc. Rosemary Byrns (b. 22 January 1949, d. 2 April 2019)
                      dd. Robert Thomas Byrns, Jr.
                   v. Mary Margaret Byrns married Gerald W. Page. They had two children:
                      aa. Mary Ellen Page
                      bb. Linda S. Page
                  vi. Marcella Mae Byrns married William L. Woods. They had five children:
                      aa. William Woods
                      bb. Michael Woods
                      cc. Steven Woods
                      dd. Kent Woods
                      ee. Terry Woods
                 vii. Nancy J. Byrns married Charles E. Hartwigsen. They had three children:
                     aa. Michelle A. Hartwigsen
                     bb. Teresa L. Hartwigsen
                     cc. Julie K. Hartwigsen
              b. Clyde Allen Byrns (b. 22 December 1896, d. 13 December 1986) married Marguerite Ann Baker.
                   2nd wife of Clyde's was Cora Viola Dagit. They had four children:
                  i. Ruth Elsie Byrns (b. 29 July 1926, d. 6 July 2006)
                 ii. Hazel Lavonne Byrns (b. 8 November 1928, d. 18 October 2020) married Robert M. Frederick. They had two children:
                    aa. Rodney Frederick
                    bb. Alan Frederick
                iii. Eleanor Elaine Byrns (b. 17 November 1930, d. 23 November 2019) married Lawrence J. Toomey. They had four children:
                    aa. William C. Toomey
                    bb. Edward F. Toomey
                    cc. Suzanne M. Toomey
                    dd. Sean J. Toomey
                iv. Judith Louise Byrns married Eldon R. Larson. They had four children:
                    aa. Kim Larson
                    bb. Robin Larson
                    cc. Julie Larson
                    dd. Steven Larson
                   2nd husband of Judith's was Dennis Kemble.

         D. Mary E. Schooley was born 1835 in Loudoun County, VA, and died ______

 III - Eleanor Ann Williams was born 1809 in Loudoun County, VA, and died 5 February 1880 in Tazewell County, IL. She married Reuben Triplett on
        16 March 1833 in Loudoun County, VA. Reuben Triplett was born 1807 in Loudoun County, VA, and died 14 September 1855 in Tazewell County, IL.
         They had seven children:

         A. James E. Triplett was born about 1834 in Loudoun County, VA, and died in 1915 in Tazewell County, IL.

         B. Sarah Margaret Triplett was born 18 October 1836 in Loudoun County, VA, and died 17 November 1921 in Tazewell County, IL.

         C. John Milton Triplett was born 8 April 1838 in Loudoun County, VA, and died 27 December 1920 in Salem, Henry County, IL. He married Cynthia
            Matilda Banta on 5 December 1861 in Woodford County, IL. Cynthia Banta was born 15 November 1846 in Woodford County, IL and died 6 June
            1906 in Henry County, IA. They had three children:

            1. Etta Triplett (b. 28 September 1868, d. 22 April 1920) married John Joseph Dilts. They had one child:
               a. Laura Winifred Dilts (b. 18 July 1892, d. 6 March 1967) married Elijah John Becker. They had one child:
                  i. Frank John Becker (b. 2 December 1927, d. 20 December 1992) married Virginia K. Kudobe. They had one child:
                    aa. Gerald Dennis Becker (b. 3 July 1952, d. 20 August 2004)

            2. Herbert Garland Triplett (b. 20 September 1873, d. 16 June 1939) married Aura D. Mitchell. They had one child:
                a. Leighton Mitchell Triplett (b. 16 October 1898, d. 10 March 1980)

            3. Mary Winnifred Triplett (b. 7 January 1882, d. 21 June 1972) married Robert French Pierce. They had one child:
               a. William French Pierce (b. 7 April 1909, d. 25 May 2003) married Lorene Rankin. They had one child:
                   i. Winnifred Lorene Pierce (b. 28 January 1935, d. 28 July 2019) married Homer Eley Davis. They had two children:
                      aa. Infant Son Davis (b. & d. 1957)
                      bb. Helen Elaine Davis (b. & d. 1960)
              2nd husband of Mary Winnifred's was Howard Leslie Weimer.

         D. Mary F. Triplett was born 14 June 1839 in Loudoun County, VA, and died 27 August 1927 in Woodford County, IL. She married William T. Higgins.
             William Higgins was born 12 January 1818 in Kentucky and died 30 March 1888 in Tazewell County, IL.

         E. William Henry Triplett was born 13 August 1841 in Loudoun County, VA, and died 10 April 1921 in Chase County, KS. He married Jane Charlotte Flott.
            Jane Flott was born 24 February 1848 in Pennsylvania and died 21 October 1920 in Chase County, KS They had four children:

             1. Guielma "Guy" Roland Triplett (b. 16 July 1876, d. 10 December 1918) married Gertrude Maude Parks. They had two children:
                a. Cora Inez Triplett (b. 21 November 1901, d. 21 November 1953) married Charles Chester Coote. They had one child:
                   i. Charlee Lucille Coote (b. 11 March 1928, d. 7 October 2018) married Robert Gene Moore. They had three children:
                      aa. Robert Gene Moore, Jr.
                      bb. Charles David Moore
                b. Gertrude Anna Triplett (b. 8 April 1908, d. 23 March 1988) married Thomas Russell Tate. They had two children:
                   i. Shirley Jolyn Tate (b. 11 October 1933, d. 19 January 2017) married Gerald L. Sprint. They had two children:
                     aa. Steven Randolph Sprint (b. 24 August 1951, d. 1 February 2018)
                     bb. Sally Jolyn Sprint
                     2nd husband of Shirley's was Paul R. Baker.
                  ii. Gary Roland Tate (b. 16 February 1940, d. 12 January 2007)

           2. Richard Irving Triplett (b. 20 December 1877, d. 3 February 1964) married Goldie Emma Evans
               2nd wife of Richard's was Dollie Cecil Iles.

           3. Anna Maude Triplett (b. 20 November 1881, d. 27 February 1975) married Duncan Alexander Macalpine. They had two children:
               a. Margaret Isabella Macalpine (b. 14 February 1904, d. 6 August 1999) married Harry A. Starkey.
               b. Helen Constance Macalpine (b. 13 April 1906, d. 23 June 2001) married Walter A. Hallman.
           4. William Herbert Triplett (b. 13 June 1884, d. 30 January 1969)

         F. Anna R. Triplett was born 16 June 1848 in Loudoun County, VA, and died 8 July 1903 in Tazewell County, IL. She married Jacob Whitmore Kern
            9 May 1971. Jacob Kern was born 22 August 1835 in Pennsylvania and died 30 May 1914 in Tazewell County, IL. They had one child:

            1. Lawrence Jay Kern (b. 1 September 1877, d. 5 July 1952) married Myrtle Edith Roberts. They had two children:
               a. Lois Ann Kern (b. 17 March 1906, d. 4 April 1913)
               b. Robert Whittemore Kern (b. 1 December 1911, d. 28 December 1986) married Helen Goering. They had two children:
                   i. Mary Kathleen Kern married George W. Goetz. They had two children:
                     aa. Jeanne Goetz
                     bb. David Goetz
                  ii. Patricia Anne Kern

         G. Victoria Virginia Triplett was born 7 August 1850 in Leesburg, Loudoun County, VA, and died 28 June 1938 in Euclid, Cuyahoga County, OH. She
             married Jacob Ray 14 November 1876. Jacob Ray was born 28 September 1842 in Woodford County, IL and died 20 January 1924 in Eureka,
             Woodford County, IL. They had two children:

             1. Walter Thornton Ray (b. 18 July 1877, d. 11 December 1953) married Isabel McRobie. They had seven children:
                a. Lewis Ray (b. 30 May 1905, d. 21 February 1910) in Spartanburg, Spartanburg County, SC
                b. Margaret Victoria Ray (b. 22 January 1907, d. 12 June 1990) married Raymond Russell Foster. They had two children:
                    i. Lewis Russell Foster married Lucille Mary Werra. They had two children:
                      aa. Christine A. Foster
                      bb. John R. Foster
                   ii. Karen Margaret Foster
                c. Douglas Ray (b. 16 December 1909, d. 23 February 1910)
                d. Leonard John Ray (b 30 May 1911, d. 20 November 2003) married Edith Mary Donovan. They had one child:
                   i. Robert Ray
                e. Kelvin Jacob Ray (b. 26 July 1912, d. 15 December 2001) married Liz _____
                f. Inez Susanne Ray (b. 22 August 1915, d. 5 January 1984) married Frederic S. Carlton
                g. Catherine I. Ray (b. 22 October 1922, d. 23 August 2013) married William D. Borland. They had two children:
                    i. John W. Borland
                   ii. Helen Borland
                   2nd husband of Catherine's was Joseph Nolen.

             2. Eleanor Triplett Ray (b. 24 October 1878, d. 19 June 1960)

    IV -Margaret Williams was born about 1810 in Loudoun County, VA, and died unknown.

     V-  George Washington Williams was born 13 February 1811 in Loudoun County, VA, and died 20 May 1891 in Fairfax County, VA. He married Sarah
          Elizabeth Skinner on 31 August 1837 in Loudoun County, VA. Sarah was born 18 January 1820 and died 19 August 1847 in Loudoun County, VA.
          They had six children:

            A. Martha Williams was born about 1837 in Virginia.

            B. Mary Williams was born about 1839 in Virginia

            C. James O. Williams was born about 1841 in Virginia

            D. John Williams was born about 1842 in Virginia

            E. Peter Ellis Williams was born about 1843 and died 20 July 1844 in Loudoun County, VA.

            F. Sarah Williams was born about 1845 in Virginia
           2nd wife of George's was Mary Ellen Duvall on 4 June 1849 in Frederick County, MD. Mary Ellen Duvall was born 29 January 1829 in Virginia and
           died 25 March 1881 in Fairfax County, VA. They had seven children:

            G. Elizabeth Ellen Williams was born 27 March 1850 in Loudoun County, VA, and died 9 March 1915 in Loudoun County, VA. She married James
                Peter Skinner. James Skinner was born 21 August 1842 and died 2 February 1926. They had two children:
                 1. Carrie B. Skinner born about 1872
                 2. Roland P. Skinner (b. 22 May 1882, d. 10 January 1936) married Bessie E. Dunnington. They had one child:
                     a. James Olan Skinner (b. 11 December 1908, d. 5 June 1992) married Cecil Fielding
                        2nd wife of James' was Margaret Dewald

            H. Harriett "Hattie" Louisa Williams was born 8 February 1853 in Loudoun County, VA and died 5 September 1919 in Fairfax County, VA. She married
                Thomas J. Poole. Thomas Poole was born 7 July 1849 in Fairfax County, VA and died 7 February 1922 in Fairfax County VA. They had two children:

                1. Martha "Mattie" Ellen Poole (b. 24 April 1881, d. 30 August 1969) married John Smith. They had one child:
                   a. Helen Viola Smith (b. 28 March 1899, d. 11 November 1988) married Paul Cletus Niswander. They had three children:
                         i. William Martin Niswander (b. 14 March 1922, d. 10 May 2009) married (1) Irene Betty Young. They had two children:
                            aa. Philip M. Niswander
                            bb. Sherry L. Niswander
                          2nd wife of William's was Leta Cayton.
                          3rd wife of William's was Patricia Sites.
                        ii. Joan Niswander (b. 22 July 1929, d. 12 April 1994) married Norman West Quarles. They had two children:
                            aa. Bruce West Quarles (b. 16 June 1953, d. 19 February 2010)
                            bb. Wayne Quarles
                       iii. Jean Niswander married (1) Paul Butler McKenzie. They had one child:
                            aa. Donna Lee McKenzie
                         2nd husband of Jean's was William Robert Lee.

                2. Ross John Poole (b. 23 October 1893, d. October 1972) married Caroline Virginia Thompson
                   2nd wife of Ross' was Elsie P. ______.

            I. Anna Gertrude Williams was born 13 August 1855 in Fairfax County, VA, and died 11 April 1881 in Fairfax County, VA. She married Thomas
               Edward Poole. They had two children:

               1. Herbert William Poole (b. 30 July 1875, d. 9 July 1936) married Elsie Leone Paxton. They had two children:
                   a. John Herbert Poole (b. 9 January 1906, d. 3 June 1953) married Pattie M. McCown
                   b. Edward Alan Poole (b. 14 September 1914, d. 2 September 1995) married Ella M. Schmidt

               2. Claudius D. Poole (b. 14 October 1877, d. 16 March 1958) married Katherine Larson.

            J. George Alexander Williams was born 19 May 1859 in Herndon, Fairfax County, VA and died 29 August 1934 in Herndon, Fairfax County, VA.
                He married Hattie C. Kidwell. Hattie Kidwell was born 10 May 1867 in Herndon, Fairfax County, VA, and died 24 June 1937 in Herndon, County, VA.
                They had one child:
                1. Alma Williams (b. 12 October 1899, d. 31 October 1978) married Harry G. Breckenridge

            K. Charles C. Williams was born about 1862

            L. Joseph Armstead Williams was born about 1864

            M. Robert Carleton Williams was born about 1867

 VI - John Williams was born about 1813 in Loudoun County, VA

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