William Templer (1775 - 1854)

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The first of James and Martha Templer's children is William Templer, born 29 December 1775 in Loudoun County, Virginia. William was reportedly
a miller. He died on 24 October 1854 in Bloomery, Hampshire County, VA. (now W.V.) and is buried in Buckwalter (Gaddis) Cemetery in Hampshire
County. William married Anna Trittenbach (a.k.a. Tritipoe, Trittapoe, Tritapoe) on 13 July 1803 in Loudoun County, VA. Anna was born on 10 November
1782 in Frederick County, MD, the daughter of Conrad Trittenbach and Maria M. Brill. We don't know the exact death date of Anna but know from
legal filings she was deceased prior to 5 May 1842. They had two known children:

I- John Lewis Templer was born on 19 January 1809 in Loudoun County, VA. near Hillsboro and died on 23 December 1876 in Hampshire County,
     West Virginia. John was a manufacturer of woolen clothing during the Civil War. He married Esther Keiter, daughter of John Keiter and Sarah
     Beale, on 29 March 1838 in Hampshire County, VA (now WV). Both John and Esther are buried in the Buckwalter (Gaddis) Cemetery in Hampshire
     County, WV. They had six children:

A. Sarah Ann Templer was born 9 May 1840 in Hamshire County, VA (now part of WV) and died 19 June 1923 in Staunton, Augusta County, VA. She
    married George Harrison Heironimus on 13 March 1866 in Winchester, Frederick County, VA. George was born 16 May 1838 in Virginia and died 22
    February 1904 in Morgan County, WV. They had five known children:

    1. Homer Templar Heironimus (b. 3 June 1867, d. 22 December 1951) married Lillie McDuffer Marshall. They had one child:
        a. Elisabeth Ann Heironimus (b 23 February 1907, d. 8 February 1991) married on 30
           July 1930 to to Elmer Charles Lewis. They had two children:
               i. Betty Lou Lewis (b. 29 March 1936, d. ?) married Leonard C. Geer. They had one child:
                  aa. Richard Geer
              ii. Jane Marshall Lewis

    2. Harry Benton Heironimus (b.3 August 1868, d. 1945) married Clara Ellen Long. They had four children:
        a. Unnamed Heironimus (b. 1899, d. 1899)
        b. Ruth Long Heironimus (b. 21 March 1901, d.February 1958) married to Alan A. Pearson. They had no children.
        c. Gordon H. Heironimus (b. 8 July 1903, d. 13 September 1985) married to Maurine Connover
        d. Frank James Heironimus (b. 16 August 1906, d. 6 July 1971) married to Marie A. Scott. They had two children:
               i. James Wilton Heironimus married Sharon Beckley.
                 They had three children:
                  aa. Jason Beckley Heironimus
                  bb. James Scott Heironimus
                  cc. Ellen Heironimus
              ii. Clara Ann Heironimus married Christopher Crow. They had one child:
                 aa. Meredith Marie Crow
                 Clara's 2nd husband was Richard A. Box

    3. Ada Heironimus (b. 11 October 1872, d. 4 September 1954) never married

    4. Esther Mariah Heironimus (b.23 September 1874, d. 9 September 1943) married John Conrad Larkin. They had no children.

    5. Laura Nina Heironimus (b. 11 August 1877, d. 22 June 1965) married Edgar Ralph Raymer. They had three children:
        a. Esther Ruth Raymer (b. 23 April 1909, d. 28 October 1946) married Arthur Mekelburg and had one child
              i. Ronald Ralph Mekelburg (b. 18 November 1945, d. 29 October 1946)
        b. Paul Russell Raymer (b. 4 March 1911, d. 8 November 2000) married Opal B. Huston. They had no children.
         c. Chester Biddle Raymer (b. 30 July 1913,d. 27 July 2010) married Gwendolyn E. Clodfelter.
             They had three children:
                i. Phyllis Jeanette Raymer married James Schuetz. They had three children:
                  aa. Mary Elizabeth Schuetz
                  bb. Stephanie Jean Schuetz
                  cc. Shelly Nicole Schuetz
               ii. Reata Jo Raymer married Oliver Bryson Dongell. They had three children:
                  aa. Jennifer Dawn Dongell
                  bb. Kelly Denise Dongell
                  cc. Oliver Brent Dongell
              iii. Esther Carol Raymer married Mark Gray. They had two children:
                  aa. Rebecca Dawn Gray
                  bb. Nathaniel Marcus Gray

B. Elizabeth Sherrard Templer was born 13 April 1844 in Hampshire County, VA (now West Virginia) and died 23 January 1898 in Clinton County, OH.
   She married George B. Jenkins on 6 September 1875 in Frederick County, Va. George was born 28 March 1839 in Hampshire County, VA (now West
   Virginia) and died 19 February 1921 in Clinton County, OH. Both are buried in Sugar Grove Cemetery in Clinton County, OH, along with several of their
   children. They had five known children:

     1. Esther Templer Jenkins (b. 24 July 1876, d. 3 July 1945) married Robert McCoy. They had three known children:
        a. George J. McCoy (b. 27 February 1905, d. 18 August 1906)
        b. Anna Elizabeth McCoy (b. 30 August 1908, d. 14 June 1966)
        c. Rose Garnet McCoy (b. 4 August 1915, d. Jan 1982) married James Otto Collins. No known children.

    2. Mary G. Jenkins (b. 5 March 1878, d. 3 April 1955)

    3. Frederick Brown Jenkins (b. 17 October 1879, d. 23 September 1962) married Grace Olive Collins. They had three children:
        a. Harold Collins Jenkins (b. 17 March 1905, d. 1 June 1984) married Janet C. Christie. They had one child:
             i. Richard Collins Jenkins (b. 10 August 1944, d. 14 August 2006) married Carolyn Sue Swink. They had two children:
               aa. Michelle Jenkins
               bb. Caryn Ann Jenkins
              Richard's 2nd wife was Virginia C. Hill
        b. Herbert Wayne Jenkins (b. 9 January 1909, d. 26 November 1957) married (1) Beatrice McKee and (2) Willie Mae Boggans with whom he
           had two children:
             i. Frederick Barry Jenkins (b. 30 May 1948, d. 15 December 2014) married Hsi Ferrante
            ii. John Wayne Jenkins (b 13 November 1949, d. 30 December 1981)
        c. George Wendell Jenkins (b. 25 January 1914, d. 20 December 2006) married Gillie Jamaica Miller. No known children.

    4. John Lewis Jenkins (b. 7 April 1882, d. 23 July 1939)

    5. Anna Summerville Jenkins (b. 29 August 1887, d. 9 May 1976) married Percy E. Green on 12 June 1911 in Clinton Co., OH. They had six children:
        a. Warren J. Green (b. 26 March 1913, d. 16 March 1919)
        b. Ruth Matilda Green (b. 8 September 1914, d. 24 September 2008) married Norman Wood
        c. Robert Merdith Green (b. 7 March 1916, d. 19 April 1945) while serving in Italy in WW II
        d. Faith Drusilla Green (b. 17 February 19, d. 6 July 2001) married William McNiff
        e. Philip Edward Green (b. 12 November 1922, d. 6 April 2009) married Eleanor Storts. They had three children:
              i. Robert Ulen Green married Caroline Klemperer. They had three children:
                 aa. Matthew Green
                 bb. Aaron Green
                 cc. Nicholas Green
             ii. Rebecca Green married Erly Dos Anjos. They had two children:
                 aa. Derek Anton Dos Anjos
                 bb. Stephanie Camille Dos Anjos Miller
                 Rebecca's 2nd husband is Michael J. Miller who adopted her children from the first marriage. Derek uses the Dos
                 Anjos surname while Stephanie uses the Miller surname.
            iii. Beth Green married Antony L. Swallow. They had two children:
                 aa. Sadie Green Swallow
                 bb. Aimee Sonrisa Green Swallow
        f. Rachel Miriam Green (b. 21 June 1925, d. 9 April 2012) married James Francis McDonough. They had two children:
             i. Pamela McDonough married Douglas C Werner. They had two children:
                 aa. Heidi Colleen Werner
                 bb. Heather Anne Werner
            ii. Timothy James McDonough (b. 6 July 1954, d. 19 September 2011) married Anne Myren

C. John William Templer was born 6 February 1848 in Hampshire County, VA (now West Virginia) and died 20 July 1937 in Austin, Travis County, TX.
   He married Florence Van Lovett (born about 1851 in Virginia and died 11 August 1899 in Travis County, TX), daughter of Mahlon Smith Lovett and
   Maryann B. Muse. John and Florence are buried in Masonic Cemetery in Travis Co.,TX. They had three known children:

   1. Mahlon Smith Templer (b. 6 September 1879, d. 15 December 1898) died while serving in the Spanish-American War

   2. Louis Lovett Templer (b.5 August 1886, d. 23 April 1970)

   3. Walter Vane Templer (b. 8 August 1891, d. 8 June 1980) married Nannie F. Fountain.

   John's 2nd wife was Florence May Hufford (born 8 May 1874 in Nevada and died 13 March 1954 in Austin, Travis County, TX. Florence is buried
   in Oakwood Cemetery in Austin, TX. They had one child;

   4. William Bell Templer (b. 5 August 1905, d. 2 January 1989) married Enid Maxine
        Fincher on 28 August 1940. They had two children:
        a. John Wesley Templer married Noel Reynolds Newton.
           They had two children:
             i. John Wesley Templer, Jr. married Karrie Lyn Goodin They had three children:
                aa. Erin Noelle Templer
                bb. Emily Jane Templer
                cc. Preston Michael Templer
            ii. Jane Noel Templer married Tracy Conner. They had one child:
                 aa. Noel James Templer Conner
        b. Sarah Ann Templer (b. 9 May 1946, d. 9 May 1946)

D. Mary Louise Templer was born 29 October 1850 in Hampshire County, VA (now West Virginia) and died 4 June 1881 in Winchester, Frederick
   County, VA. She married Winfield S. Lovett (brother of Florence Van Lovett) on 20 December 1877. Winfield was born 22 January 1848 in
   Virginia and died 14 December 1883, in Frederick County, Virginia. They had two known children:

     1. Harold H. Lovett (b. 31 August 1878, d. 4 April 1939)

     2. Emma Templer Lovett (b. 6 July 1880, d. 7 December 1937)

E. Emily Bell Templer was born 6 June 1854 in Hampshire County Virginia and died 13 August 1937 in Austin, Travis County, TX. She married Milo C.
   Nuckols on 20 November 1879. Milo was born 5 April 1840 in Kentucky and died 11 July 1927, in Austin, Travis County, TX. This couple had
   no children. They are buried in the Masonic Cemetery in Travis Co., TX.

F. Samuel Alexander Templer was born 8 March 1860 in Frederick County, VA and died 15 August 1939 in Carrizo Springs, Dimmit County, TX. He married
    Ella Lou Bagley on 30 March 1886 in Hays County, Texas. Ella was born 3 July 1866 in Hays County, Texas and died 26 January 1958
    in Carrizo Springs, Dimmit County, TX. They are buried in Mount Hope Cemetery in Carrizo Springs, Dimmit Co., TX. They had 11 children:

    1. William Louis Templer (b. 23 April 1887, d. 18 November 1938) married Sula Vista Coker on 11 October 1909. They had five children:
        a. Claudia Olene Templer (b. 22 August 1910, d. 9 August 1957) married Andrew Jackson Patrick. They had one child:
              i. Tommie Sue Patrick (b. 15 October 1934, d. 17 October 2004) married Joseph John Dicicco.
                They had no children.
                Tommie Sue's 2nd husband was Hyman Gold. They had no children.
            Claudia's 2nd husband was Kenneth Duncan Mackenzie. They had two children
             ii. Jeanne MacKenzie
            iii. Neil Bruce MacKenzie married Janet Waller. They had two children:
                aa. Gary Bruce Mackenzie
                bb. Donna Rae Mackenzie
        b. Norvil Ishmael Templer (b. 5 July 1912, d. 7 December 1984) married Cloma Vivian Finch. They had two children:
              i. Betty Lou Templer married Eddy Gerow Roberts. They had four children:
                aa. Geri Luanne Roberts
                bb. Gary Eldon Roberts
                cc. Brian Lee Roberts
                dd. Brenna Kay Roberts
             ii. Jerry Wayne Templer married Claudia Jane Shewmaker. They had two children:
                aa. James Patrick Templer
                bb. Laura Lee Templer
        c. Hazel Rae Templer (b. 7 November 1914,d. 23 February 2010) married Willie Albert Waddell. They had three children:
              i. Billie Louise Waddell (b. 10 December 1932, d. 28 April 2021) married William Joseph Coffman. They had three children:
                aa. Peggy Ann Coffman
                bb. Leneida Lynn Coffman
                cc. Cledon Ben Coffman
             ii. Doyce Ray Waddell (b. 18 April 1935, d. 22 October 2018) married Betty Joyce O'Hair. They had four children:
                aa. Tony McCoy Waddell
                bb. Rhonda Sherry Waddell
                cc. Loy Chad Waddell
                dd. Belynda Jill Waddell
            iii. Jimmie Carroll Waddell married Helen Jo Turner. They had four children:
                aa. Lisa Renee Waddell
                bb. Carole Jan Waddell
                cc. Jimmy Max Waddell
                dd. Kristie Noel Waddell
        d. Eula Naomi Templer (b. 26 October 1916, d. 7 February 2005) married Edward Brunner. They had two childlren:
              i. Robert Forrest Brunner married Jackie Wendell. They had one child:
                aa. Edward F. Brunner
             ii. Barry Keith Brunner married Judi Fredzess. They had two children:
                aa. Sonja Marie Brunner
                bb. Chandra Astrid Brunner
                Barry's 2nd wife was Sean Kay Devlin. They had no children
                Barry's 3rd wife was Patti Cain. They had one child:
                aa. Kristen Nicole Brunner
        e. Sammie B. Templer (b. 8 March 1919, d. 21 February 2012) married Leon Kincannon. They had three children:
              i. Jo Ann Kincannon married Harold Loyd Chester. They had four children:
                aa. Harold Loyd Chester, Jr.
                bb. Michael Jay Chester
                cc. Leslie Brian Chester
                dd. Richard Dale Chester
                Jo Ann's 2nd husband was Barney Lee Hobbs. They had no children.
                Jo Ann's 3rd husband was Roy Lee Ginn. They had no children.
                Jo Ann's 4th husband was Jerold R. McCown. They had no children.
             ii. Max Ray Kincannon (b. 6 May 1941, d. 24 December 2003) married Donna Jean Suttle. They had three children:
                aa. Stacey Ray Kincannon (b. 18 September 1966, d. 21 October 2019)
                bb. Jeffrey Dale Kincannon
                cc. Sonya Kay Kincannon
                Max Ray's 2nd wife was Mary Louise Keck. They had no children.
            iii. William Dale Kincannon married Diana Mitchell
                William's 2nd wife was Brenda G. Wilburn. They had no children

    2. Edward Woods Templer (b. 3 April 1889, d. 29 May 1972) married Mollie Musedora McKibbin and had 12 children:
        a. Dorothy Bell Templer (b. 30 January 1911, d. 20 March 1986) married Arnold Star Chambers. They had three children:
              i. James Edward Chambers (b. 24 June 1934, d. 19 July 2011) married Maxine Smith. They had two children:
                aa. James Scott Chambers
                bb. Mark Smith Chambers
                James Edward's 2nd wife was Thelma Lewis.
             ii. Nancy Beth Chambers married Harold Gene Atwood. They had three children:
                aa. Ginger Annette Atwood
                bb. Arnold Kent Atwood
                cc. Brett Durand Atwood
            iii. Molly Ann Chambers (b. 9 November 1945, d. 9 September 2015) married Virgil Collins. They had three children:
                aa. Vincent Allen Collins
                bb. Melanie Anne Collins
                cc. Dorsha Dorene Collins
        b. Woods Worth Templer (b. 22 July 1913, d. 20 June 2001) married Mary Jo Nelson. They had four children:
              i. Staton Woods Templer (b. 10 July 1934, d. 29 April 1990)
             ii. Lowell Nelson Templer (b. 12 February 1936, d. 7 February 2001) married Iva Nell Heatley. They had four children:
                aa. Paula Lieh Templer
                bb. Alison Sue Templer
                cc. Mary Margrette Templer
                dd. Paige Marie Templer
            iii. Mary Caroline Templer (b. 24 March 1939, d. 14 June 1939)
            iv. Infant daughter Templer(b. 25 September 1942, d. 25 September 1942)
           Wood's 2nd wife was Ruby A. Baird. They had one child:
            v. Lynn Templer (b. 7 November 1960, d. 22 July 2006) married Janis Marie Talley. They had one child:
                aa. Quinton Woods Templer
           Wood's 3rd wife was Mildred C. Peterson. They had no children.
        c. Samuel Wayne Templer (b. 9 September 1914, d. 17 May 1987) married Verlie D. Hamilton. They had five children:
              i. Phyllis Jane Templer (b. 2 February 1944, d. 15 April 2014) married Paul Wilson. They had three children:
                aa. Eddie Lyn Wilson
                bb. Paul E. Wilson
                cc. Tanya Nara Wilson
             ii. Melanie Ann Templer married Max Cypert. They had two children:
                aa. Loyd Wayne Cypert
                bb. Brian Lee Cypert
                Melanie's 2nd husband was James Harvey Craig.
            iii. Mary Theresa Templer (b. 14 April 1950, d. 22 May 1996) married Karl Bernard Semtner.
                They had two children:
                aa. Kurt Otto Semtner (b. 15 December 1978, d. 22 November 2005)
                bb. Alexis Rene Semtner
            iv. Robert Rene Templer (b. 20 January 1952, d. 23 July 1997)
             v. Kevin Kim Templer married Harry Trim. They had one child:
                aa. Emilee Lindbergh Trim
          Samuel Wayne's 2nd wife was Loretta Wilhite. They had no children.
        d. Raymond Rudolph Templer (b. 12 February 1916, d. 4 January 1991)
        e. Mozell Juanita Templer (b. 23 June 1917, d. 26 September 2009) married Samuel E. Wagers. They had two children:
              i. Samuel E. Wagers, Jr. (b. 19 August 1948, d. 9 January 1969) married Carol L. Wiles. They had one child:
                aa. Tammy Lee Wagers
             ii. Kelli Lue Wagers married John Hinton. They had two children:
                aa. Jennifer Lynn Hinton
                bb. Jessica Fawn Hinton
                Lelli Lue's 2nd husband was _____ Alexander
        f. Marvin Eugene Templer (b. 22 March 1919, d. 13 June 2004) married Blanche Madden. They had one child:
              i .Eddie Calvin Templer (b. 11 November 1946, d. 15 June 2009) married Bo-yeon Kim. They had two children:
                aa. Kimberly Ann Templer
                bb. Michael Eugene Templer
        g. Margarette Jeanette Templer (b. 22 March 1919, d. 25 August 1991) married William Edwin Perryman. They had four children:
              i. Zenobia Ann Perryman (b. 18 June 1940, d. 27 February 2011) married Guy Weldon Loveless, Jr. They had three children:
                aa. Michael David Loveless
                bb. Phillip Wade Loveless
                cc. Jeffrey Brian Loveless
                Zenobia Ann's 2nd husband was Wim Wetzel.
             ii. Lonnie Edwin Perryman (b. 20 September 1945, d. 19 April 2011) married Jeanne Brandt. They had one child:
                aa. Lonnie Edwin Perryman
            iii. William Delyn Perryman married Janis Maxfield. They had three children:
                aa. James Stephen Perryman
                bb. Julie Diane Perryman
                cc. Jennifer Nicole Perryman
                William's 2nd wife was Barbara Howie. They had no children.
            iv. Patti Jeanette Perryman married Stan Sanders.
        h. Eual Lester Templer (b. 29 March 1920, d. 31 August 1985)
         i. Barbara Lou Templer (b. 21 December 1921, d. 10 August 1922)
        j. Anna Ruth Templer (b. 31 May 1923, d. 15 January 2008) married Billie J. Hollingsworth. They had four children:
              i. Timothy Joe Hollingsworth married Mary Kay Everett. They had two children:
                aa. Daniel T. Hollingsworth
                bb. Matthew T. Hollingsworth
             ii. Woody Lynn Hollingsworth (b. 23 December 1944, d. 15 July 2007) married Elizabeth A. Gragg. They had two children:
                aa. Tandy Bill Hollingsworth
                bb. Elinora Michelle Hollingsworth
                Woody's 2nd wife Carolyn Masters. They had no children
            iii. Michelle Hollingsworth married Michael Borin. They had two children:
                aa. Chloe Willow Borin
                bb. William Cole Borin
            iv. James I. Hollingsworth married Ronda Anderson. They had two children:
                aa. Rachel N. Hollingsworth
                bb. Travis K. Hollingsworth
        k. Hugh Ernest Templer (b. 26 May 1925, d. 4 April 1953)
         l. Leo Glenn Templer (b. 4 April 1927, d. 22 December 2014) married Eugenia Cook They had four children:
              i. Rodney Glenn Templer married Patricia Wadsack
             ii. Andrea Kay Templer married Randal Glen Embrey. They had two children:
                aa. Meagan Taylor Embrey
                bb. Jordan Blake Embrey.
            iii. Jeanne Marie Templer married David Michael Edwards. They had one child:
                aa. Lindsay Marie Edwards
                Jeanne Marie's 2nd husband was Charles Kenny Montgomery. They had no children.
            iv. Stephanie Gay Templer married John Robert Womack .They had three children:
                aa. Ryan Kristen Womack
                bb. Paige Michele Womack
                cc. Abby Elizabeth Womack

    3. Leonard Ernest Templer (b. 13 April 1891, d. 19 August 1963) married Etta
        Goodwin on 24 January 1914. They had six children:
        a. Joe Leonard Templer (b. 13 October 1915, d. 23 August 2004) married Dorothy Elizabeth McCarson. They had four children:
              i. Joe Leonard Templer, Jr. married Sandra Jean White. They had three children:
                aa. Joe Leonard Templer III
                bb. Michael Wade Templer
                cc. Steven David Templer
             ii. Terrell Scott Templer (b. 21 January 1940, d. 14 January 2021) married Sharon Ann Fuqua. They had three children:
                aa. Sami Lynn Templer
                bb. Peri Lee Templer
                cc. Tyler Scott Templer (b. 24 April 1974,d. 31 August 2023)
            iii. James Richard Templer married Renee McDonald. They had two children:
                aa. Simon Alexander Templer
                bb. Aaron Richard Templer
                James' 2nd wife was Lisa Ann Marshall. They had no children.
            iv. Nancy Raye Templer married John Burton Stockton. They had two children:
                aa. Elizabeth Marie Stockton
                bb. John Burton Stockton
            Joe's 2nd wife was Ruby Ellen Heine Deville. They had one child.
             v. Jeffrey Sam Templer married Laura Mae Mastin. Laura previously had one child:
                aa. Erica Nicole Arvizu
                Jeffrey and Laura had two children:
                bb. Courtney Danielle Templer
                cc. Kylee Rachel Templer
            Joe then remarried Dorothy Elizabeth McCarson upon Ruby's death.
        b. Curtis Alexander Templer (b. 5 May 1917, d. 21 November 1977) married
            Willie Laverne Childress. They had two children:
              i. William Leonard Templer (b. 14 September 1939, d. 28 October 1997) married Linda Nell Pedigo. They had two children:
                aa. William Leonard Templer, Jr.
                bb. Sharon Lea Templer
             ii. Coyetta Lutreva Templer married Michael Don Piland. They had no children.
                 Coyetta's 2nd husband was Davis Rumfield. They had no children.
         c. Cora Belle Templer (b. 8 September 1920, d. 15 December 2004) married Claude B. Garrett
            Cora's 2nd husband was Joseph Lee LeBlanc.
        d. Bonna Lee Templer (b. 14 December 1921, d. 7 December 1959) married Ursula Meissinger. They had two children:
              i. Margarete Louise Templer married Frederick Schultz. They had three children:
                aa. Frederick Schultz
                bb. Daniel Schultz
                cc. Christal Schultz
                Margarete's 2nd husband was Ralph Stark. They had one child:
                dd. Jessica Stark
             ii. Katherine Etta Templer married Patrick Vain.
        e. Earnest Lucas Templer (b. 8 April 1924, d. 18 October 1953) married Wilda Spencer. They had two children:
              i. Ernest Spence Templer (b. 22 February 1943, d. 7 March 2023) married Carol Ann McLlendon. They had two child:
                aa. Kevin Sebastian Templer
                bb. Scott Anthony Templer
             ii. Gary Scott Templer Moore
         f. Rosetta Lyndra Templer (b. 15 August 1928, d. 20 June 2010) married Edward Lewis Anthony (b. 28 December 1923,
             d. 13 March 2017). They had six children:
              i. Sondra Lynn Anthony (b. 28 August 1947, d. 30 January 2015) married Larry Wayne Copley. They had one child:
                aa. Larry Wayne Duke
                Sondra's 2nd husband was James Albert Duke. They had one child:
                bb. Bridgett Maria Duke
                Sondra's 3rd husband was Sam Manuel Cooper. They had one child:
                cc. Samala Rani Cooper
             ii. Pamela Marie Anthony married Ollie Jimmie Drake. They had one child:
                aa. David Scott Drake
                Pamela Marie's 2nd husband was Michael Darian Sinclair. They had two children:
                aa. Michael Darian Sinclair, Jr.
                bb. John Hogan Sinclair
                Pamela's 3rd husband was Jackie Monroe Conlee. They had no children.
            iii. Brenda Lillie Anthony married Reggie Lloyd Okabayashi. They had three children:
                aa. Ty Lynn Okabayashi
                bb. Tammy Sue Okabayashi
                cc. Traci Dee Okabayashi
                Brenda's 2nd husband was William Ray Slaughter. They had no children.
            iv. Bridget Laverne Anthony (b. 10 October 1951, d. 19 September 1967)
             v. Edward Lewis Anthony, Jr d(b. 7 May 1959, d. 30 March 1996)
            vi. Michael Ray Anthony married Debra Ruth Bottorff. They had one child:
                aa. Alexandria Desirae Anthony

    4. Eugene Taylor Templer (b. 24 September 1893, d. 5 June 1970)

    5. Milo Nuckles Templer (b. 6 April 1896, d. 20 September 1961) married Fannie Lee Webb. They had one child:
        a. Dorothy Lee Templer (b. 14 December 1923, d. 10 February 1986) married Eugene Varga

    6. Otis Worth Templer (b. 17 October 1898, d. 3 March 1969) married Sally Ruby Hardiway on 9 October 1932. They had two children:
        a. Otis Worth Templer, Jr. (b. 28 May 1933, d. 8 May 2018) married Josephine Parks. They had five children:
              i. Sally Ann Templer married David August Cutherell. They had two children:
                aa. Blake August Cutherell
                bb. William Parks Cutherell
             ii. James Austin Templer married Susan Lynn Hutchins. They had one child:
                aa. Rachel Lynn Templer
            iii. Elizabeth Worth Templer
            iv. Julia Parks Templer married Stewart Warren Hicks.
             v. Nancy Jo Templer married Carl Lake
        b. Thomas Wayne Templer married Wanda Simpson. They had two children:
              i. Thomas Wayne Templer, Jr.
             ii. John Wesley Templer

    7. Ona Belle Templer (b. 5 October 1900, d. 2 August 1997) married John Thomas Trant on 11 May 1926. They had no children.

    8. Edna Lou Templer (b. 6 February 1903, d. 29 June 1997) married Beverly Allen "Bill" Tisdale on 3 August 1931. They had no children.

    9. James Gay Templer (b. 11 March 1905, d. 5 January 1978)

  10. Winifred Fay Templer ( b. 11 March 1905, d. 28 February 2004) married Louis Devan "Cricket" White on 1 July 1928. They had three children:
        a. Marion Lou "Nookie" White (b. 2 April 1929, d. 6 June 2013) married Travis Oscar Box. They had four children:
              i. Kimberlea Box married Jack Temple Ray. They had three children:
                aa. Jackson Harper Ray
                bb. Jared Hunter Ray
                cc. Jacquelyn Haylea Ray
                Kimberlea's 2nd husband was William H. Stalker
             ii. Kelie Jane Box married James F. Dyer III. They had two children:
                aa. Amber Gayle Dyer
                bb. Amanda Jane Dyer
            iii. Kenzie Lou Box married Stephen P. Arnold. They had two childen:
                aa. Stephen Kameron Arnold
                bb. Kalen Lou Arnold
            iv. Travis Kip Box married Lesa Dee Ezell. They had three children:
                aa. Kandice Lynn Box
                bb. Keslie Rae Box
                cc. Kaylea Jo Box
        b. Peggy Sue White (b. 29 January 1934, d. 24 April, 2000)
        c. Sara Alice White (b. 21 April 1935, d. 6 May 2009) married Henry Harold Holden. They had two children:
              i. Harold Scott Holden married Tammy Sue _____. They had three children:
                aa. Harold Reed Holden
                bb. Haley Ann Holden
                cc. Braden S. Holden
             ii. Shawn Holden

   11. Alexander Ray Templer (b. 17 February 1907, d. 28 February 1939) married Nellie V. Laxson on 5 August 1931. They had one child:
        a. Betty Jean Templer (b. 22 August 1932, d. 30 November 1986) married Terry Page. They had two children:
              i. Kim Rebecca Page
             ii. Karrie Sue Page married James McKissick. They had two children:
                aa. Betty McKissick
                bb. Maci McKissick

II- Sarah A. Templer was born about 1811 in VA and died 22 June 1899 in Hampshire County, WV. She is buried in the Buckwalter (Gaddis) Cemetery.
       Little else is known of Sarah except for locating her in census records up through 1870 during which time she lived with her father or her brother.

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