John J. Templer (1784 - 1830)

The fifth of these children is John J. Templer, who was born 8 August 1784 in Loudoun County, VA and died about 13 October 1830 in Loudoun
County, VA. He married Nancy Flanagan on 11 February 1805 in Loudoun County, VA. John is believed to have been a farmer in Loudoun County prior
to his death. John and Nancy Templer had six known children who are identified from his estate records which were filed 9 May 1831. Following
John's death it is believed the remaining family moved to Adams County, OH, where we find Thomas Templer buying ground in 1833 and other family
members in the records. Nancy (Flanagan) Templer was born about 1775 in VA and died on 7 August 1841. She is buried in Locust Grove Cemetery in
Adams County, OH, as are several other family members. They had six children:

  I-  James Templer was born 7 April 1807, in Loudoun County,VA, and died 30 July 1888 in Nevada County, CA. He is known to have moved with the
       family to Adams County, OH. The last record of him in Ohio is in a land transaction in 1843. He may have gone to California for the gold rush as he is
       shown as a widowed miner in census data so this may not be the end of his story. He is also shown in the voter registration lists in Nevada County, CA,
       and it is from those records that we have best identified him. He is buried in Pine Grove Cemetery in Nevada County, CA.

 II-Thomas Templer was born 19 January 1809 in Loudoun County, VA, and died 23 May 1835 in Adams County, OH. He is buried in Locust Grove
       Cemetery in Adams County, OH. Upon moving to Ohio, he appears to have used his inheritance to purchase land but died soon thereafter. His
       estate was administered by William Templer and Samuel Potts.

III-Catherine Templer was born 18 January 1811 in Loudoun County, VA and died on 13 March 1888 in Adams County, OH. She is buried in Locust
       Grove Cemetery in Adams County. She married Samuel Potts on 6 September 1832 in Loudoun County, VA, per information from the Townsend
       Potts family Bible. He was born 17 October 1805 in Loudoun County, VA and died on 28 July 1847 in Adams County, OH. Since Samuel's death
       precedes the more reliable census data, we don't know for sure what he did but most likely was a farmer since Catherine was living on a farm
       with the children in 1850 following Samuel's death. She can be tracked until 1880 living with the various children as revealed in census data.
       They are believed to have had seven children:

         A. Martha Ann Potts was born 15 January 1834 in Ohio and died 25 April 1884 in Adams County, OH. She married Clinton Taylor 14 February
            1860 in Adams County, OH. Clinton was born 18 May 1837 and died 22 April 1895 in Adams County, OH. They are buried in Locust Grove
            Cemetery in Adams County, OH. They had four known children:

             1. Arra May Taylor (b. 17 January 1864, d. 19 May 1946) married Albert P. Reed. In addition to four step-daughters from her husband's
                first marriage, she had four natural daughters.
                a. Jennie Faith Reed (b. 17 November 1891, d. 22 December 1904)
                b. Jeannette M. Reed (26 March 1894, d. 2 February 1895
                c. Flossie R. Reed (b. 5 May 1896, d. 26 July 1896)
                c. Lethal Winogene Reed (b. 10 August 1897, d. 15 September 1899)

            2. Everett Ashton Taylor (b. 14 March 1865, d. 9 June 1939) married Manda Louella Cline and they had seven known children:
                a. Dorsey Oren Taylor (b. 16 September 1886, d. 23 March 1935) married Katherine Ethel Savage. They had seven children:
                        i. Ralph Everett Taylor(b. 17 July 1911, d. 20 September 1949) married Emma Beatrice Callihan. They had one child:
                          aa. Barbara Gean Taylor
                       ii. Ruth Louella Taylor (b. 19 February 1913, d. 13 December 1921)
                      iii. Maxine Fern Taylor (b. 31 August 1917, d. 17 June 1974) married William Howard Taylor. They had four children:
                          aa. Teresa Ruth Taylor (b. 17 August 1944, d. 9 March 2015)
                          bb. William Howard Taylor, Jr. (b. 6 January 1947, d. 2 October 2001)
                          cc. Gwendolyn Fern Taylor
                          dd. Sharon Frances Taylor
                      iv. Pauline C. Taylor (b. 31 August 1917, d. 2 December 1919)
                       v. Gwendolyn Ethel Taylor (b 17 September 1919, d. 3 February 1960) married Charles Louis Gauer. They had two children:
                          aa. Pamela Ruth Gauer
                          bb. Charles Louis Gauer, Jr.
                      vi. Frances Kathleen Taylor (b. 28 September 1922, d. 21 March 2021) married James Arnold Higginbotham, Jr. They had five children:
                          aa. Patricia Kathleen Higginbotham
                          bb. Bonnie Jo Higginbotham
                          cc. Cindy Lee Higginbotham (b. 30 September 1956, d. 8 October 1956)
                          dd. James Arnold Higginbotham, III
                          ee. Jacqueline Irene Higginbotham 
                     vii. Calvin Oren Taylor (b 4 October 1926, d. 11 May 2008) married Irene Lessard.
                          2nd wife of Calvin's was Helen Balough. They had two children:
                          aa. David Dorsey Taylor (b. 12 April 1962, d. 20 October 2006)
                          bb. Daniel Everett Taylor
                b. Sadie Evalee Taylor (b. 12 March 1888, d. 27 August 1944) married George Stephen Keys. They had nine children:
                       i. George Edward Keys (b. 25 April 1906, d. 16 May 1997) married Edith Peterson.
                      ii. Dewey Bernard Keys (b. 11 June 1909, d. 12 December 1909)
                     iii. Taylor Lewis Keys (b. 6 January 1911, d. 11 March 1973) married Grace Clements Korne. They had two children:
                          aa. Lewis Taylor Keys
                          bb. Nancy Louise Keys
                      iv. Carrie Darlene Keys d(b. 11 March 1913, d. 20 May 1991)
                       v. Charles B. Keys (b. 11 November 1915, d. 21 January 1994) married Margaret Lucille Spencer. They had one child:
                          aa. George Richard Keys (b. 1945, d. 1964)
                      vi. Lula Mae Keys (b. 14 December 1917, d. 27 February 1919)
                     vii. Adna R. Keys (b. 24 June 1920, d. 6 March 2003) married Phyllis M. Iverson. They had three children:
                          aa. Patricia A. Keys
                          bb. Kenneth L. Keys
                          cc. Kathleen M. Keys
                    viii. Mary Elizabeth Keys (b. 7 August 1922, d. 29 June 2003) married Arthur John McMackin
                         2nd husband of Mary Elizabeth's was Homer Thomas Richendollar
                     ix. William Robert Keys (b. 13 November 1929, d. 7 November 1987) married Bernice Antoinette Esposito. They had five children:
                          aa. Robert Angelo Keys
                          bb. Lori Ann Keys
                          cc. Scott Edward keys
                          dd. Laura Lee Keys
                          ee. Darlene Mary Keys
                  c. Ethel Ruth Taylor (b. January 1890, d. 5 January 1963) married Ottis A. Neal. They had two children:
                       i. William Arleyn Neal (b. 17 April 1910, d. April 1956) married Mabel Basenback. They had two children:
                          aa. William Alford Neal (b. 28 December 1931, d. 28 March 2024)
                          bb. Frank Arleyn Neal
                      ii. Easter Lillian Neal (b. 7 April 1912, d. 16 July 1994) married Frank Wilbur Easke. They had one child:
                          aa. Ruth Mae Easke (b. 25 October 1929, d. 5 April 1992)
                          2nd husband of Easter's was Svend O. Christiansen
                      2nd husband of Ethel's was Clive Cunningham
                  d. Lulu May Taylor (b. 6 February 1892, d. abt. 1980)
                  e. Mary Martha Taylor (b. 19 February 1894, d. 25 February 1990) married Allen W. Ainsko. They had three children:
                         i. Evelyn Louise Ainsko (b. 15 October 1911, d. 3 October 1968) married Clarence Cole. They had one child:
                          aa. Allen Lee Cole (b. 1 December 1934, d. 15 December 2000)
                          2nd husband of Evelyn's was Willard Kenneth Kelly. They had two children:
                          bb. Bonnie Lou Kelly (8 March 1945, d. 1 April 2015)
                          cc. Patricia Kaye Kelly (b. 17 February,1949, d. 28 January 1998)
                        ii. Richard Allen Ainsko (b. 21 January 1914, d. 23 October 1918)
                       iii. Erma Mae Ainsko (b. 21 April 1917, d. 7 May 2002) married Nathaniel Barry Gay. They had two children:
                          aa. Gary Lynn Gay (b. 24 December 1938, d. 21 February 2010)
                          bb. Alice Marilyn Gay
                  f. John Ernest Taylor (b. 25 October 1899, d. 18 July 1967) married
                      LaVerne Alma Skeel and they had three children.
                        i. Jack Allen Taylor (b. 11 May 1922, d. 24 July 2010) married Jeanne Georgia Barfoot. They had five children:
                          aa. Jeffery Drew Taylor
                          bb. Douglas Craig Taylor
                          cc. Judith Leigh Taylor
                          dd. Susan Debra Taylor
                          ee. Karen Jeanne Taylor
                       ii. Barbara Taylor (b. 20 November 1923, d. 22 July 2013) married Willie B. Wero. They had two children:
                          aa. Sharon Wero
                          bb. Christopher Allen Wero
                      iii. Burt B. Taylor (b. 1925, d. 17 March 1945) Buried Lorraine American Cemetery in St. Avold, France
                  g. Walter Ashton Taylor (b. 9 November 1904, d. 23 January 1965) married Ethel May. They had one child:
                        i. Richard A. Taylor (3 March 1922, d. 15 August 1982)
                       2nd wife of Walter's was Opal C. Nease

             3. Charles Clayton Taylor (b. 24 July 1867, d. 28 June 1950) married Anna Isabell Stillion. They had seven children:
                 a. Ralph F. Taylor (b. 15 September 1895, d. 28 February 1917)
                 b. Mildred A. Taylor (b. 22 July 1897, d. 16 March 1980) married _________ Bloom
                     2nd husband of Mildred's was Leo G. Poeppelmeier
                 c. Lyle E. Taylor (b. August 1899, d. 10 November 1904)
                 d. Thelma Isabell Taylor (b. 3 December 1901, d. 15 December 1969)
                 e. Charles W. Taylor (b. 31 January 1904, d. 2 October 1957) married Myrna Unger
                 f. Imogene Taylor (b. abt 1907, d. ?)
                 g. Noel Brubaker Taylor (b. 12 May 1909, d. 4 June 1977) married Marie Sickler.
                     They had three children:
                        i. Lyle Bernarr Taylor (b. 19 april 1938, d. 19 July 2011) married Loveina Ruth Durbin. They had four children:
                          aa. Jeffrey Taylor
                          bb. Jackie Taylor
                          cc. Monica Taylor
                          dd. Tracy L. Taylor
                       ii. Judith Lee Taylor married Thomas J. Dunn. They had two children:
                          aa. Michael T. Dunn
                          bb. Randall L. Dunn
                      iii. Gail Karen Taylor married Richard Jacob Vawter. They had three children:
                          aa. Richard Jacob Vawter, Jr..
                          bb. _____ Vawter
                          cc. _____ Vawter
                         2nd husband of Gail's was Michael Allen

             4. Amma Rosalie Taylor (b. 3 November 1869, d. 29 February 1952) married Joseph Edwin Gall. They had seven children.
                 a. Elsie Maude Gall (b. 24 August 1893, d. 13 December 1983) married Joseph Elmer Bazler. They had three children:
                       i. Olive Rose Bazler (b. 28 September 1920, d. 12 March 2014) married William Donald Apple. They had three children:
                          aa. Donna Rose Apple (b. 18 January 1946, d. 28 June 2013)
                          bb. Martha Lee Apple
                          cc. Jane Lynn Apple
                      ii. Mary Helen Bazler (b. 15 March 1923, d. 3 February 2019) married Charles Frederick Allbery, Jr.. They had four children:
                          aa. Charles Frederick Allbery III
                          bb. James Edwin Allbery
                          cc. William George Allbery
                          dd. Robert Edward Allbery
                     iii. Josephine E. Bazler (b. 29 January 1926, d. 7 February 2011) married George F. Schuster. They had four children:
                          aa. Mary Jo Schuster (b. 15 January 1949, d. 8 November 1988)
                          bb. John Joseph Schuster
                          cc. Carol Ann Schuster
                          dd. Ruth Ellen Schuster
                 b. Pauline Eva Gall (b. 27 April 1896, d. 12 October 1977) married John Francis "Frank" Markey. They had one child:
                       i. Joseph William Markey (b. 7 August 1929, d. 22 April 2022) married Margaret A. Buckley. They had two children:
                          aa. Sean Markey
                          bb. Rebecca Markey
                 c. Homer Bernard Gall (b. 10 October 1898, d. 15 October 1973) married Anna E. Hunter. They had three children:
                       i. Roger E. Gall (b. 7 February 1923, d. 23 February 1974) married Garnette V. Klingenberg.
                      ii. Homer Bernard Gall, Jr. (b. 23 July 1925, d. 26 February 1992) married Jean Elliot. They had one child:
                          aa. Robert Jay Gall
                     iii. Charles Hunter Gall (b. 19 January 1929, d. 2 October 2002) married Betty Joan Bell. They had three children:
                          aa. Charles Hunter Gall II (b. 21 August 1951, d. 23 August 1951)
                          bb. David Gall
                          aa. Dana Gall
                 d. Harold Taylor Gall (b. 24 October 1901, d. 1 February 1999) married Gillian E. Stevenson. They had two children:
                       i. Barbara Louise Gall (b. 25 December 1924, d. 6 January 2014) married Peter Martin Kemle
                       2nd husband of Barbara's was Clarence Robert Wymer
                      ii. Richard E. Gall (b. 30 June 1930, d. 3 March 1988) married Gloria _____ and had two children:
                         aa. William Gall
                         bb. Kimberly Gall
                 e. Walter Edwin Gall (b. 29 November 1905, d. 8 December 1993) married Margaret Sullivan.
                       2nd wife of Walter's was Charlotte Kleisner and they They had one child:
                       i. Ronald J. Gall
                       3rd wife of Walter's was Angeline DiPillo
                 f. Roger Elwyn Gall (b. 30 December 1908, d. 17 January 1922)
                 g. Ellen Crescence Gall (b. 14 April 1915, d. 28 December 1996) married William Kopelman. They had one child:
                       i. William Charles Kopelman married Sami Long Lapine.

         B. Amanda Balsora Potts was born 8 June 1835 in Adams County, Ohio and died 4 May 1913 in Sacramento County, California where she is
             buried in the Odd Fellows Cemetery. She married Robert Ludwick on 14 April 1853 in Ohio and they began their family there before moving
             westward. Robert was born 18 April 1832 in Shenandoah County, Virginia and died 4 October 1898 in OklahomaTerritory, now Woods County,
             Oklahoma where he is buried in the Galena Cemetery. They had eleven known children:

             1. James William Ludwick (b. abt 1855 in Ohio, d. abt 1855) may be twin to next child.

             2. Thomas Edward Ludwick (b. abt 1855 in Ohio, d. abt 1855)
                 the above two known only from a "sampler" owned by the family and undated entries in family Bible

             3. John Franklin Ludwick (b. 26 December 1857, d. August 1930) married Rosa Wilhelmina Boelzner. They had eight children:

                  a. Bernice Alma Ludwick (b. 1 September 1885, d. 2 June 1945) married Fred Allison in Independence, Montgomery County, KS. They
                     had no children.
                     2nd husband of Bernice's was Frank Leslie Hiner. They had four children:
                       i. Frank Leslie Hiner, Jr.(b. 30 June 1913, d. 27 October 1983) married Lois Marie Harscher. They had two children:
                          aa. Janet Hiner
                          bb. Judith Kay Hiner
                      ii. Dorothy Hiner (b. abt 1917, d. abt 1917)
                     iii. Harold Kenneth Hiner (b. 14 March 1920, d. 31 December 1944) died in Belgium during World War II
                     iv. Robert Glenn Hiner (b. 23 February 1925, d. 28 April 2000) married Mary V. Nuzum. They had four children:
                          aa. Barbara G. Hiner
                          bb. Teresa A. Hiner
                          cc. Susan G. Hiner
                          dd. Bernice Hiner
                  b. Roy Robert Ludwick (b. 4 February 1887, d. 22 November 1973) married Eyleen E. Stone. They had three children:
                        i. Elsie Eyleen Ludwick (b. 10 February 1913, d. 16 March 2007) married Irvin William Lewis. They had one child:
                          aa. Avis Lynette Lewis
                          2nd husband of Elsie's was Wiilliam H. Oden.
                       ii. Kenyon Leroy Ludwick (b. 29 June 1917, d. 26 November 1997) married Sophie Albertina Zaferis. They had two children:
                          aa. Susan Joan Ludwick (b. 10 October 1942, d. 17 June 2012)
                          bb. Steven William Ludwick (b. 20 Decesmber 1943, d. 19 April 2020)
                      iii. Doris Marie Ludwick (b. 3 August 1919, d. 15 March 2012) married Earl D. Horwitz. They had two children:
                          aa. Barry Allen Horwitz
                          bb. Brian Anthony Horwitz
                          2nd husband of Doris' was Lester Robert Hirsch.
                  c. Elsie Nadine Ludwick (b. 20 August 1889, d. 24 October 1952) married Robert Augustus Williams
                  d. Hazel Fern Ludwick (b. 10 June 1890, d. 9 August 1980) married Charles Seymour
                     2nd husband of Hazel's was Lloyd R. Allen
                  e. Christine Amanda Ludwick (b. 1 February 1893, d. 25 June 1981) married Emery Mason Wiltse. They had four children:
                         i. Donald Mason Wiltse (b. 10 August 1913, d. 10 February 1948) married Lucy Elizabeth Trabert. They had one child:
                            aa. Donald Robert Wiltse (b. 26 February 1935, d. 19 May 2016)
                        ii. Emery Delos (Dee) Wiltse (b. 8 August 1915, d. 26 January 1992) married Doreen Marie Bergan. They had two children:
                            aa. Kathleen Jeanette Wiltse
                           bb. Suzanna Dee Wiltse
                       iii. Hazel Christine Wiltse (b. 6 September 1917, d. 3 May 1989) married Leon Wilkerson Dunbar. They had six childlren:
                            aa. Dwayne Ernest Dunbar (b. 5 April 1934, d. 27 December 2012)
                            bb. David Leon Dunbar (b. 23 May 1935, d. 28 Novembwer 2020
                            cc. Phyllis Nadine Dunbar (b. 21 June 1937, d. 15 December 2015)
                            dd. Patricia Darlene Dunbar (b. 21 April 1939, d. 21 September 2017)
                            ee. James Edward Dunbar
                            ff. Richard Dale Dunbar (b. 22 May 1943, d. 9 July 2014)
                       iv. Lois Beth Wiltse (b. 2 December 1919, d. 4 October 2009) married Walter Resler Pray. They had ten children:
                            aa. Walter Eugene Pray (b. & d. 30 June 1939)
                            bb. Larry Lynn Pray
                            cc. Ronald D. Pray (b. 16 October 1944, d. 17 October 2007)
                            dd. Michael Wayne Pray
                            ee. Daniel Keath Pray
                            ff. Judith Suzanne Pray
                            gg. Teddy Allen Pray
                            hh. Randy E. Pray
                             ii. Teresa D. Pray
                            jj. Sheryl C. Pray
                  f. Audrey Albertine Ludwick (b. 25 November 1894, d. 25 September 1985) married Thomas Lester Acrea. They had two children:
                        i. Rose Marion Acrea (b. 12 October 1917, d. 14 December 2001) married Harry Homer Martz. They had two children:
                          aa. Karen Louise Martz
                          bb. Robert Homer Martz (b. 7 May 1942, d. 17 January 2007)
                          2nd husband of Rose's was Charles Archer
                       ii. Nell Louise Acrea (b. 10 November 1919, d. 20 July 2009) married Harold Eldon Wiberg. They had three children:
                          aa. Marion Elizabeth Wiberg
                          bb. Harold Eldon Wiberg (b. 21 July 1948, d. 2014)
                          cc. Thomas Edmond Wiberg
                      2nd husband of Audrey's was Raymond W. Tickel
                  g. Gladys L. Ludwick (b. 23 September 1896, d. 23 October 1976) married Raymond F. Hyzer
                      2nd husband of Glady's was William H. Page
                  h. Helen Corinne Ludwick (b. 12 April 1899, d. 12 July 1969) married Wilbur
                      Raymond Patterson. They had three children:
                         i. Lois Corinne Patterson (b. 4 August 1925, d. 14 February 2003) married Thomas W. Barnes. They had two children:
                          aa. Timothy S. Barnes
                          bb. Marian E. Barnes
                        ii. Wilbur Ronald Patterson (b. 7 August 1928, d. 29 September 1994)
                       iii. Eleanor Elaine Patterson married George M. Hebberts. They had four children:
                          aa. Joyce Elaine Hebberts
                          bb. Michael Dean Hebberts (b. 20 January 1957, d. 14 February 2018)
                          cc. Janice Lynn Hebberts
                          dd. Susan Ann Hebberts

             4. Elbert Parion Ludwick (b. July 1860, d. 11 January 1910) married Emmaline L. Felker. They had two children:
                  a. Lela Pearl Ludwick (b. 11 June 1891, d. 25 February 1946) married Joseph Brumfield. They had one child:
                        i. Thelma Rebecca Brumfield (b. abt 1913, d. ?) married Cletus P. Tate.
                           2nd husband of Thelma's was William O. Stevenson.
                  2nd husband of Lela's was John Edgar Roy
                  3rd husband of Lela's was Jacob Eller Hayes
                  b. Ivan Albert Ludwick (b. 21 June 1893, d. 14 May 1954) married Estella Grace Sutton. They had one child:
                          aa. Velma Ruth Ludwick (b. 4 April 1917, d. 24 February 1997) married Neil Elwood Gardner. They had three children:
                          aa. Robert Neil Gardner
                          bb. Thomas Ray Gardner
                          cc. William Joe Gardner
                          2nd wife of Ivan Albert's was Cora Lessie Freeman.

             5. Mary C. Ludwick (b. abt 1862, d. bef 1945)

             6. Samuel William Ludwick (b. 1864, d. 25 September 1945) married Mattie E. Miller . They had two children:
                  a. Verna Belle Ludwick (b. 12 January 1889, d. 21 January 1975) Married Rufus Edgar Walker. They had four children:
                       i. Robert Walker (b. abt 1912, d. abt 1931)
                      ii. John Oliver Walker (b. 6 August 1914, d. 29 September 2000) married Lois Mae Williams. They had two children:
                          aa. Donna Walker (b. 20 May 1937, d. 26 February 2007)
                          bb. John Duane Walker (b. 17 October 1939, d. 25 June 2007)
                          2nd wife of John Oliver's was Luella Maxine Marshall. They had one child:
                          cc. Janet E. Walker
                          3rd wife of John Oliver's was Agnes Helen Blecha.
                      iii. Velma Vernice Walker (b. 22 December 1918, d. 11 January 1994) married Marvin Eugene Hicks. They had two children:
                          aa. Judith H. Hicks
                          bb. Robert E. Hicks
                      iv. Georgia Ellen Walker (b. 31 July 1920, d. 17 May 1988) married Robert E. Hassell
                  b. Eva Pearl Ludwick (b. 21 January 1893, d. 24 April 1982) married James Louis Williams. They had one child:
                        i. Bernice Williams (b. 23 July 1911, d. 26 April 1978) married Frank Joseph Reinhard III. They had four children:
                          aa. Frank Joseph Reinhard IV (b. 6 February 1935, d. 26 February 2019)
                          bb. Stewart Eugene Reinhard (b. 19 June 1936, d. 4 January 2011)
                          cc. Martha Jo Reinhard (b. 24 November 1937, d. 9 October 1968)
                          dd. William Albert Reinhard
               2nd wife of Samuel William's was Emma Allaretta Davison. They had three children:
                  c. Alice Bellsora Ludwick (b. 9 May 1897, d. 22 October 1965) married Leonard Brenton Garroutte. They had one child:
                       i. Allaretta R. Garroutte (b. 6 August 1914, d. 30 September 1982) married Victor L. Lyon. They had three children:
                          aa. Judith Ann Lyon
                          bb. Randall Sherman Lyon (b. 2 December 1942, d. 26 September 1999)
                          cc. Victor Leroy Lyon (b. 8 November 1943, d. 3 May 2016)
                          2nd husband of Allaretta's was Edward Hills
                       2nd husband of Alice's was Gordon Francis Keith. They had one child:
                          aa. Gordon Francis Keith, Jr. (b. 13 September 1930, d. 5 August 1989)
                       3rd husband of Alice's was Allen Weseman
                       4th husband of Alice's was John Place
                  d. Willard Irl Ludwick (b. 12 August 1902, d. 14 October 1931) married Lillie Watland. They had two children:
                       i. Willard Irl Ludwick, Jr. (b. 15 July 1926, d. 1 May 2016) married Lois Fern Davis. They had two children:
                          aa. Barry W. Ludwick
                          bb. Brett A. Ludwick
                      ii. Arlene Louise Ludwick (b. 10 April 1928, d. 28 March 2004) married Melvin Ray Loader. They had five children:
                          aa. Willard Ray Loader
                          bb. Vickie Ann Loader
                          cc. Donna Lee Loader
                          dd. William Earl Loader
                          ee. Sharon Ruth Loader
                  e. Kendall Elmer Ludwick (b. 10 April 1907, d. 3 March 1972) married Ellen Grace Farrell. They had one child:
                       i. Kendall Elmer Ludwick, Jr. (B. 18 September, d. 20 January 2017) married Enola L. Zbyzski. They had four children:
                          aa. Ruth Ellen Ludwick
                          bb. Gary Lee Ludwick
                          cc. Marcie Kay Ludwick
                          dd. Ernest Dean Ludwick (b. 21 November 1958, d. 26 March 2013)
                          2nd wife of Kendall, Jr.'s was Nancy Ann Stimpson
                     2nd wife of Kendall E's was Marjorie Claire Holmes. They had three children:
                      ii. Diane Claire Ludwick married James Herman Willi. They had five children (later adopted by Richard Gordon Kelly):
                          aa.James Charles Willi Kelly
                          bb. Catherine Ann Willi Kelly
                          cc. Cynthia Carol Willi Kelly
                          dd. Tamara Tyese Willi Kelly
                          ee. Craig Carl Willi Kelly
                          2nd husband of Diane Claire's was Richard Gordon Kelly. They had one child:
                          ff. Darla Shannon Kelly
                          3rd husband of Diane Claire's wasJay Mayes
                     iii. Roy Carl Ludwick married Margaret M. _____
                     iv. Adele C. Ludwick married Ronald V. Stinson. They had two children:
                          aa.Troy Darien Stinson (b. 21 October 1964, d. 12 March 2012)
                          bb.Tracy Dionne Stinson
                          2nd husband of Adele's Ronald A. Bergerson. They had one child:
                          cc. Jeffrey C. Bergerson
             7. Townsend Edward Ludwick (b. 12 September 1866, d. 29 November 1939) married Mae Belle McCullough. They had four children:
                  a. Lola Lafon Ludwick (b. 4 September 1888, d. 28 September 1967) married Charles William Powell. They had three children:
                      i. William Allen Powell (b. 28 April 1910, d. 17 December 2001) married Roberta Rosa Baker. They had three children:
                         aa. Lola Jay Powell
                         bb. William Paul Powell
                         cc. James Allen Powell
                     ii. Paul Powell (b. 18 January 1912, d. 28 December 1933)
                    iii. Don Riley Powell (b. 1918, d. 2 April 1944). He is buried in the Ardennes American Cemetery in Neupre, Belgium
                  b. Guy Milton Ludwick (b. 25 November 1889, d. 1 November 1959) married Marie Viola Thomas. They had three children:
                      i. Gertrude Ludwick (b. 19 January 1913, d. 23 July 1976) married Charles Wiedman Gorman. They had four children:
                         aa. Garry Gorman (b. and d. 16 September 1944)
                         bb. Harry Gorman (b. and d. 16 September 1944)
                         cc. Larry Gorman (b. and d. 16 September 1944)
                         dd. Patricia Marie Gorman
                     ii. Stachia K. Ludwick (b. 19 September 1915, d. 9 December 1999) married Frances H. Wildes
                        2nd husband of Stachia's was Harold J. Rewey
                    iii. Cleo Ludwick (b. 5 August 1921, d. 26 July 1982) married Calvin A. Beeghly. They had three children:
                         aa. Bruce Alan Beeghly
                         bb. Lynne M. Beeghly
                         cc. Dennis Michael Beeghly
                  c. Eda Marie Ludwick (b. 17 May 1896, d. 22 June 1982) married Lester Mearl Cornelius. They had three children:
                      i. Vonda Zey Cornelius (b. 27 January 1922, d. 23 July 2005) married Benjamin Tealer. They had two children:
                         aa. Ellouise Marie Tealer (b. 17 May 1941, d. 18 November 2004)
                         bb. Thomas Edward Tealer (b. 18 October 1943, d. 29 October 1958)
                     ii. Manfred Donald Cornelius (b. 1 March 1928, d. 13 August 1953)
                    iii. Townsend Elmo Cornelius (b. 26 July 1929, d. 31 July 2004) married Patricia Beecher. They had three children:
                         aa. Donald Cornelius
                         bb. Gary Cornelius
                         cc. Jeryl Cornelius
                     2nd husband of Eda Marie's was Thomas Condon
                  d. Pauline Nellie Ludwick (b. 21 August 1904, d. 11 April 1982) married Wilford William Bauman. They had three children:
                      i. Lenore Mae Bauman (b. 9 August 1924, d. 1 May 2016) married Frederic John Billows. They had three children:
                         aa. Carolyn Ann Billows (b. 31 October 1945, d. 14 August 1994)
                         bb. Lee Allen Billows (b. 28 May 1947, d. 2 March 1967)
                         cc. John Wilford Billows
                      ii. Verda Rose Bauman (b. 15 December 1928, d. 23 November 2006) married Wilbur Lloyd Smith. They had four children
                         aa. Rita Marie Smith
                         bb. Lloyd Delos Smith
                         cc. Donna Jean Smith
                         dd. Sandra Lenore Smith
                     iii. Grant Allen Bauman (b. 16 July 1942, d. 20 March 2015) married Sally M. Vivant. They had one child and raised three
                         step-children from Sally's first marriage:
                         aa. Biff Bauman

             8. Albert Elmer Ludwick (b. 12 September 1871, d. 15 September 1949) married Olive B. Waddleton.

             9. Clara May Ludwick (b. 3 November 1872, d. 20 July 1962) married Augustus E. Hildreth
                 2nd husband ofClara May's was Lewis Elwood Allen. No known children
           10. Charles E. Ludwick (b. 30 May 1875, d. 25 June 1889)

           11. Laura Bell Ludwick (b. 22 May 1879, d. 20 September 1905) married Frank Sanford Smith. They had three children:
                  a. Glenn Edward Smith (b. 16 April 1898, d. 12 March 1983) married Lilah Alberta Hopkins. They had one child:
                     i. Dorotha Glendolyn Smith (b. 14 March 1925, d. 27 April 1993) married Donald Eugene Johnson. They had two children:
                        aa. Connie Jean Johnson
                        bb. LuAnn Johnson
                  Glen's 2nd wife was Aleen Kachel
                  b. Lelia Gayle Smith (b. 26 June 1900, d. 14 November 1997) married Harris F. Buck. They had one child:
                     i. Billy Frank Buck married Dorothy Joan Kendricks. They had three children:
                        aa. Billy Mike Buck
                        bb. Larry Alan Buck
                        cc. Terry Lee Buck
                  c. Hiel Thomas Smith (b. 16 June 1903, d. 16 June 1992) married Katherine Ruth Estes. They had one child:
                     i. Shirley Sue Smith (b. 20 December 1936, d. 1 July 2020) married Philip Edward Crundall. They had three children:
                        aa. Kathleen Adell Crundall
                        bb. Christina Lynette Crundall
                        cc. Michele Renee Crundall

         C. Nancy Catherine Potts was born 13 March 1836, probably in Adams County, OH and died 23 May 1914 in Jasper County, MO. She is buried
            in the Paradise Cemetery in Jasper County, MO. She married John Marshall Lockhart Gore on 9 September 1861, probably in Adams County,
            OH. John was born 15 January 1838 in Clear Spring, Washington County, MD and died 13 April 1926 in Leavenworth, Leavenworth County,
            KS. He is buried in Leavenworth National Cemetery in Leavenworth, KS. They had seven children.

              1. Mary Frances Elizabeth Gore (b. 24 August 1862, d. 28 January 1945)
                    married Elbert Fenton Reid, another Potts descendant, on 3 March 1881.
                    They had six children:
                     a. Almyrta Rosella Reid (b. 30 June 1884, d. 19 March 1970) married Thomas Stone McMillen
                     b. Floyd Bertsell Reid (b. 28 May 1885, d. 28 July 1890)
                     c. Orval Delbert Reid (b. 1 August 1891, d. April 1972) married Floy Sellard. They had two children:
                           i. Robert Lockhart Reid (b. 11 December 1915, d. 14 September 1990) married Reva Marie Cook. They had two children
                             aa. Robert Frederick Reid ( b. 21 August 1941, d. 6 July 2004)
                             bb. Parke Taylor Reid (b. 3 October 1943, d. 21 July 2011)
                             2nd wife of Robert Lockhart's was Dorese Midblay. They had two children:
                             cc. Jeffrey Allen Reid
                             dd. Linda Dorese Reid
                          ii. Richard Sellard Reid (b. 22 May 1917, d. 24 June 1984) married Reva Marie Cook. (Robert Lockart Reid's 1st wife)
                          2nd wife of Orval's was Alma Dickerson
                     d. Alta Reid (b. 5 July 1893, d. 28 September 1894)
                     e. Ruth Reid (b. 18 October 1899, d. 1 December 1986) married Condon Gordon Shillingburg. They had one son:
                          i. Condon Gordon Shillingburg, Jr. (b. 12 March 1924, d. 12 November 1996) married Margret Jean Smith and they had
                            three children:
                            aa. Robert Gordon Shillingburg (b. 1 November 1950, d. 26 January 2000)
                            bb. Charles L. Shillingburg (b. 1 November 1950, d. 26 January 2000)
                            cc. Bartley Thomas Shillingburg (b. 10 June 1961, d. 11 March 2019)
                            2nd wife of Condon Jr.'s was Lesley Greco
                     f. Charles Henry Reid (b. 5 November 1901, d. 19 January 1902)

              2. Lauretta Gore (b. abt 1864, d. bef 1870)

              3. Fenton A. Gore (b. April 1866, d. bef 1900)

              4. William C. Gore (b. 5 March 1869, d. abt 1900)

              5. Ulysses Ambrose Gore (b. 7 October 1870, d. 7 May 1958) married to Ava Adeline Parker on 26 November 1891 and they had nine children:
                    a. Clarence Edwin Gore (b. 2 July 1892, d. 5 February 1985) married Elizabeth Mabel Faler. They had one daughter:
                       i. Dorothe Dee Gore (b. 30 June 1930, d. 18 March 2000) married Virgil Meredith Evans. They had five children:
                          aa. Randall K. Evans (b. 21 September 1951, d. 6 April 2003)
                          bb. Ricky Lynn Evans (b. 27 August 1955, d. 24 April 1972)
                          cc. Ryan Evans
                          dd. Rodney Evans
                          ee. Rachelle Evans
                      2nd wife of Clarence Edwin's was Elizabeth Ann Oden
                    b. Lola Coe Gore (b. 3 October 1894, d. 30 October 1984) married Clinton Benjamin Smith. They had three children:
                         i. Faun Bethel Smith (b. 10 November 1916, d. 19 November 2009) married John Gilbert Cipra. They had five children:
                           aa. Sharon Lea Cipra
                           bb. Jan Elwyn Cipra
                           cc. Randall Cipra (b. and d. 11 September 1944)
                           dd. Clinton Craig Cipra
                           ee. Kevin Kim Cipra (b. 24 May 1952, d. 31 January 2005)
                           2nd husband of Faun's was Nolan Tucker.
                        ii. Thois Normalee Smith (b. 13 September 1921, d. 27 March 1936)
                       iii. Joy Darlene Smith (24 September 1923, d. 17 August 1998) married Dow E. Manderscheid. They had one child:
                            aa. Val D. Manderschneid
                            2nd husband of Joy's was James E. Selves.
                    c. Claude Dellis Gore (b. 11 May 1896, d. December 1907)
                    d. Minnie Maude Gore (b. 14 November 1899, d. 22 June 1993) married Paul Strong (Mac) McMillan. They had two children:
                          i. Laverne Stewart McMillan (b. 4 February 1926, d. 16 December 2012) married Edith Louise Saunders. They had three children:
                           aa. Susan McMillan
                           bb. Daniel McMillan
                           cc. Timothy McMillan
                         ii. Lon (Lonnie) Ray McMillan (b. 7 November 1932, d. 2 August 1943)
                    e. Jennie May Gore (b. 14 November 1902, d. 24 January 1988) married Paul Revere Barstow. They had four children:
                         i. Paula Jeanette Barstow (b. 9 April 1926, d. 9 November 2019) married Vernon E. Walker. They had three children:
                           aa. Douglas Walker
                           bb. Mark Walker
                           cc. Hal Walker
                        ii. Marlan Duane Barstow (b. 6 July 1927, d. 30 October 2020) married Shirley Mae McVey. They had five children:
                           aa. Derek S. Barstow
                           bb. Neri T. Barstow
                           cc. Tamara Barstow
                           dd. Tracy Barstow
                           ee. Suzanne Barstow
                       iii. Alice Joyce Barstow (b. 9 August 1929, d. 12 November 2013) married Philip Bone Morgan. They had two children:
                           aa. Michael P. Morgan
                           bb. David R. Morgan
                        iv. Henry F. Barstow
                    f. Margaret Nora Elizabeth Gore (b. 9 April 1905,d. 12 November 2003) married Bertle Willard Stromer
                    g. Katherine Frances Gore (b. 12 May 1907, d. 13 May 1985) married Edward George Frederick Conrad Harms
                    h. Flora Agnes Gore (b. 18 March 1910, d. 26 August 2002) married Glen Woodrow Searle
                       2nd husband of Flora's was Evan Scott Stafford.
                     i. Chloe Ellen Gore (b. 4 June 1912, d. 4 June 1912)

              6. Elbert Homer Gore (b. 14 November 1874, d. 10 December 1932) married to Lenna Leota Gibson on 20 April 1897. They had 10 children.
                   a. Arba Lareigh Gore (b. 29 December 1897, d. 16 June 1984) married Katie Belle Simmons. They had three children:
                      i. Charles William Gore (b. 6 January 1916, d. 11 June 1966) married Audna June Toland. They had two children:
                         aa. William Stanley Gore
                         bb. Nancy Ellen Gore
                     ii. Edna Lorraine C. Gore (b. 2 October 1921, d. 28 December 1999) married Stanley Lewis Clayton. They had three children:
                         aa. Charles Wallace Clayton (b. 23 November 1944, d. 2 April 2018)
                         bb. Robert Lewis Clayton (b. 2 May 1948, d. 14 December 2022)
                         cc. Carol Ann Clayton
                    iii. Howard LeVern Gore (b. 22 July 1924, d. 19 May 1980) married Kathleen Evelyn McCoy. They had two children:
                         aa. Thomas Howard Core (b. 9 January 1953, d. 25 February 2010)
                         bb. Karen Sue Gore
                         2nd wife of Howard LeVern's was Ruby K. Adkins.
                      2nd wife of Arba's was Margaret Tomlinson
                   b. Francis Marshall Gore (b. 28 July 1899, d. 7 May 1989)
                   c. Elbert Lorence Gore (b. 25 February 1901, d. 28 July 1969)
                   d. Theodore R. Gore (b. 13 March 1903, d. 21 May 1974) married Grace Woodruff
                   e. Myrtle Virginia Gore (b. 30 January 1905, d. 9 March 1936) married Clark LaVerne Kershner. They had three children:
                       i. Donald Eugene Kershner married Dorothy Ellen Applegarth. They had two children:
                         aa. David Kershner
                         bb. John Kershner
                      ii. Clark LaVerne Kershner, Jr. (b. 29 November 1928, d. 3 January 2014) married Irma Iliff.
                         2nd wife Of Clark LaVerne Jr.'s was Larue McAuley. They had two children:
                         aa. Karen L. Kershner
                         bb. Michael Scott Kershner
                     iii. Shirley Mae Kershner (b. 13 September 1935, d. 16 November 2017) married James N. McGlynn. They had four children:
                         aa. Tammy McGlynn
                         bb. Stacy McGlynn
                         cc. Tracy McGlynn
                         dd. Greg McGlynn
                   f. Rose Edna Gore (b. 3 April 1907, d. 9 December 1994) married Earl Edgar Church. They had three children:
                        i. Donald Lee Church (b. 8 April 1934, d. 16 January 2020) married Ann Marie Stromberg. They had three children:
                          aa. David Church
                          bb. Andrew Church
                          cc. Thomas Church
                       ii. Leota Marie Church married Donald James Mayer. They had two children:
                          aa. Kyle Jay Mayer
                          bb. Gregory Todd Mayer
                      iii. Allen Robert Church married Debra J. Westhaver
                   g. Leota Mae Gore (b. 3 November 1908, d. 6 December 2000) Charles W. Underkofler. They had two children:
                       i. Charles William Underkofler (b. 8 June 1938, d. 2 June 2023) married Louanna Long. They had one child:
                          aa. Robert C. Underkofler
                          2nd wife of Charles William's was Marilyn R. Kechely. They had two children:
                          bb. Richard A. Underkofler
                          cc. Rodd L. Underkofler
                      ii. Jean Ann Underkofler married Donald Jack Elgin
                   h. Roy Elmer Gore (b. 27 September 1910, d. 24 December 1934)
                   i. Marion Harald Gore (b. 23 March 1913, d. 1 December 1914)
                   j. Dorothy Evelyn Gore (b. 13 August 1916, d. 10 May 1918)

             7. Rosella A. Gore (b. 22 April 1877, d. 29 May 1954)

         D. Sarah Emily Potts was born 4 October 1839 and died 30 September 1885. She married Burr Paxton Purcell on 24 November 1859 in Ohio and
             they had four children:

             1. John Randolph Purcell (b. 17 July 1866, d. 22 October 1952) married Fannie Hudson

             2. Laura C. Purcell (b. 20 Cecember 1872, d. 9 January 1962) married Don A. Shriner. They had two children:
                  a. Roy P. Shriner (b. 20 December 1900, d. 17 February 1968) married Eliza Mildred Mills. They had one child:
                      i. Charles Eber Shriner (b. 23 February 1929, d. 5 June 2007) married Harriett Jan Slater. They had three children:
                         aa. Charles Anthony Shriner (b. 10 November 1957, d. 15 March 1994)
                         bb. Robert Purcell Shriner
                         cc. Michael Louis Shriner (b. 22 December 1960, d. 15 September 2009)
                         2nd wife of Charles Eber's was Freeda Ohler
                  b. Ralph Glenwood Shriner (b. 22 April 1906, d. 26 April 1958) married Frieda V. Ellis

             3. Walter Townsend Purcell (b.30 September 1877, d. 5 December 1932) married Ida May Luke

             4. Homer Everett Purcell (b. 30 August 1882, d. 3 July 1925) married Bertha May Cordray.
                They had one child
                 a. Homer Everett Purcell, Jr. (b. 29 December 1911, d. 12 November 1995) married
                     (1) Mildred Colvin and (2) Mae Louise ___.

         E. John Thomas Potts was born 30 November 1841 in Adams County, OH, and died 30 October 1893 in Warren County, TN. John served with the
             1st Ohio Light Infantry in the Civil War.

         F. Townsend Enos Potts was born 8 April 1844 in Adams County, Ohio, and died 3 February 1933 in Mille Lacs County, Minnesota. He married
             Mary Ann Langford 18 September 1872 in Stearns County, Minnesota. She was born 22 August 1851 in Broome County, New York and died
             on 29 October 1945 in Mille Lacs County, Minnesota. They had six children but have no further descendants.

             1. Francis Samuel Potts (b. 16 October 1875, d. 23 April 1927)

             2. Frederick Enos Potts (b. 20 September 1877, d. 27 September 1917)

             3. Maude Catherine Potts (b. 22 August 1881, d. 20 December 1959)

             4. Beulah May Potts (b. 27 July 1887, d. 12 March 1951)

             5. Benjamin Harrison Potts (b. 10 August 1889, d. 23 October 1951) married Margaret Kelly

             6. William Edward Potts (b. 12 July 1892, d. 27 April 1985)

         G. Lydia Ruth Potts was born 5 July 1847 in Adams County, OH and died 1 May 1931 in Adams County, OH. She married Alfred Rust Fulton on
             7 November 1867 in Highland County, OH. Alfred was born 28 November 1834 in Adams County, OH and died 15 January 1904 in Adams
             County, OH. He was a Civil War veteran with the Ohio Heavy Artillery. They are both buried in Loudon ME Church Cemetery in Adams County,
             OH. along with two small children. They had five known children:

             1. Thomas Clarence Fulton (b. 13 January 1869, d.4 February 1944) married Jennie Florella Williams. They had two children, twins:
                 a. Homer Daniel Fulton (b. 24 May 1900, d. 6 November 1973) married Mary Agnes Thorman
                 b. Elmer Alfred Fulton (b. 24 May 1900, d. 11 June 1985) married Ruth Bernice Gall. They had one child:
                     i. Thomas Alfred Fulton d(b. 5 May 1938, d. 6 May 2021) married Nancy E. Dansereau and they had two children:
                        aa. Thomas Alfred Fulton II.
                        bb. Timothy Andrew Fulton.

             2. Charles Gibson Fulton (b.19 June 1870, d. 27 February 1928) married Bessie R. Luke. They had three children:
                 a. Anna Ruth Fulton (b. 28 June 1903, d. 17 April 1992)
                 b. Marjorie Rowe Fulton (b. 18 August 1917, d. 14 June 2008) married Joseph Brula
                 c. Robert Luke Fulton (b. 18 August 1917, d. 20 June 1988) married Mary Ann Kalafatich. They had three children:
                      i. Robert Charles Fulton married Marcia Kay Soring. They had one child:
                        aa. David Robert Fulton
                     ii. Elizabeth Ruth Fulton married Albert Herbert Sikich. They had one child:
                        aa. Zachary Allen Sikich.
                    iii. Mary Kathleen Fulton married Richard Anthony Baraga. They had two children:
                        aa. Richard Anthony Baraga, Jr.
                        bb. Aaron Michael Baraga

             3. Homer Clayton Fulton (b. 14 August 1872, d. 15 February 1952) married to Julia Ibbotson Salter. He had three children:
                 a. Mary Vaughn Fulton (b. 11 March 1906, d. 28 July 2002)
                 b. Charles Salter Fulton (b. 14 June 1907, d. 29 March 1908)
                 c. Julia Ruth Fulton (b. 12 June 1909, d. 15 September 2002) married Cosmo A. Romano
                 2nd wife of Homer's was Grace Willet Cole

             4. Infant son Fulton (b 13 June 1874, d. 13 June 1874)

             5. Oscar Fulton (b. 11 May 1878, d. 22 July 1878)

 IV- William Templer was born 30 April 1812 in Loudoun County, VA, and died 30 December 1845 in Adams County, OH. He married Mary Jane Phillips
        in 1837 in Highland County, OH. She was born about 25 January 1815 in Ohio, died 23 August 1905 in Brown County, OH. William is buried
        in Locust Grove Cemetery in Adams County, OH. Following William's death, Mary Jane remarried to John Henry Melvin and had additional family,
        some of whom worked for Thomas J. Templer in Kansas. William and Mary Jane had at least two children:

         A. Thomas Jefferson Templer was born 3 July 1841 in Adams County, OH and died 6 August 1917 in Hutchinson, Reno County, KS. Thomas
             married Sarah Alice Ells, daughter of John E. and Elizabeth Ells, in Olmsted County, Minnesota, on 16 July 1866. Alice was born 17 April
             1849 in Vermont and died 13 November 1941 in Seattle, King County, WA. Thomas was a grain dealer in Kansas although he maintained a
             residence for his wife and children in Kansas City, MO. Thomas and his son are buried in Elmwood Cemetery in Kansas City, MO.
             They had two children:

              1. Charles W. Templer (b. 4 March 1869, d. 11 August 1892)

              2. Tess Templer (b. 15 May 1872, d. 4 June 1933) married William Kennedy McMillan. They had six children:
                   a. Marion McMillan (b. 7 July 1898, d. 20 January 1976) married Cyril Niles Shaw. They had two children:
                       i. Jean Candace Shaw (b. 31 October 1926, d. 16 July 1994) married Henry Anthony Kane. They had three children:
                         aa. Stephen Templer Kane
                         bb. David Cameron Kane
                         cc. Patricia Anne Kane
                      ii. Nancy Templer Shaw (b. 11 June 1929, d. 3 January 2015) married James Brown Mitchell. They had two children:
                         aa. Katherine Mitchell
                         bb. Sarah Mitchell
                   b. Alice McMillan (b. 6 September 1900, d. 12 October 1991) married George Greene Griswold. They had two children:
                       i. William Edson Griswold (b. 1 June 1932, d. 16 September 1998) married Mary Lou Kettenring. They had six children:
                         aa. Catherine Griswold (b. 31 January 1954, d. 4 November 2016)
                         bb. Teresa Griswold (b. 1955, d. 2 November 1956)
                         cc. William Matthew Griswold (b. 2 October 1956, d. 15 August 1977)
                         dd. Michael Griswold
                         ee. Heidi Griswold
                         ff. Ingrid Griswold
                      ii. Judith M. Griswold married Gerald E. Hillier. They had two children:
                         aa. Scott G. Hillier
                         bb. Joanne Hillier
                   c. Jean Cameron McMillan (b. 1 May 1904, d. 7 August 1991) married Victor Martin Johnson. They had two children:
                         i. Bruce Martin Johnson (b. 29 January 1936, d. 2 January 2020)
                        ii. Roger McMillan Johnson (b. 29 July 1938, d. 20 December 2018) married Mary Helen Doe and they had one son:
                           aa. Steven V. Johnson
                          2nd wife of Roger's was Carol May Howison.
                   d. Martha Templer McMillan (b. 19 July 1910, d. 8 October 1989) twin who married William Ludden Horsfall. They had two children:
                       i. Anne Horsfall (b. 13 December 1936, d. 12 March 2011) married Elmer Reynolds Shore. They had four children:
                         aa. Alan Keith Shore
                         bb. Debra Anne Shore
                         cc. Douglas Michael Shore
                         dd. Daryll Edward Shore
                         2nd husband of Anne's was Clair Neil Pittman.
                      ii. Carol Horsfall married James Buhman. They had three chldren:
                         aa. Alita Anne Buhman (b. 19 June 1962, d. 2 June 1982)
                         bb. Allison J. Buhman
                         cc. Elizabeth R. Buhman
                   e. Mary Karnes McMillan (b. 19 July 1910, d. 21 June 1993) twin who married Hugh James Fitzgerald. They had two children:
                       i. Lynn Fitzgerald (b. 24 July 1937, d. 29 August 2022) married Kenneth A. Ross. They had two children:
                         aa. Laurel Jean Ross
                         bb. Emily Ross
                      ii. Hugh James Fitzgerald, Jr. married Patricia Manlove. They had two children:
                         aa. Kelly Fitzgerald
                         bb. Shannon Fitzgerald
                   f. Katharine Barbara McMillan (b. 5 July 1919, d. 6 April 1996) married Robert Olmend Brott. They had three children:
                       i. Penny Cameron Brott (b. 14 June 1942, d. 20 November 2020) married Robert Richard Rohrbach. They had one child:
                         aa. Robert Richard Rohrbach, Jr.
                         2nd husband of Penny's was Arlan Renninger who adopted Penny's son above who now uses the name Robert R. Renninger.
                      ii. Robert Dale Brott (b. 11 February 1945, d. 16 May 1995) married Mary M. Brink . They had five children:
                         aa. Summer Rain Brott (b. 27 November 1971, d. 18 February 2012)
                         bb. Autumn Brott
                         cc. Amber Brott
                         dd Bobbi Dale Brott
                         ee. Zachary Brott
                         2nd wife of Robert Dale's was Dorothy Ioachim-Kapp
                     iii. Donna Gayle Brott married David Poley. They had three children:
                         aa. Daniel Richard Poley
                         bb. Denise Maria Poley
                         cc. deanne Shiloh Poley
                     2nd husband of Katherine's was Robert Norman Stoudt. They had one child:
                     iv. Robert Norman Stoudt, Jr. married Debra Marie Mittnacht. They had two children:
                         aa. Deena Marie Stoudt
                         bb. Robert Norman Stoudt, III
                    3rd husband of Katherine's was Theodore Slaybaugh
                    4th husband of Katherine's was Charles Parent

         B. William Templer was born about 1843 and died 31 December 1845 in Adams County, OH. He is buried in Locust Grove Cemetery.

    V-Nancy Ann Templer was born 14 August 1815 in Loudoun County, VA and died 8 November 1877 in Adams County, OH. She is buried in Locust
        Grove Cemetery as are other family members. She married Alfred M. Carlisle 29 December 1835. He was born 8 May 1808 in Ohio and died
        27 January 1845 in Adams County, OH. They had four children, and after Alfred's early death, Nancy married (2) Addison Simpson in 1848.
        Addison was born about 1805 in Virginia and died 24 October 1868 in Adams County, OH.

          Nancy Ann's four children from the Alfred Carlisle marriage were:

          A. John C. Carlisle who was born about 1839 in Adams County, OH and died ?

          B. Nancy Catherine Carlisle who was born 22 October 1841 in Adams County, OH and died 8 April 1925 in Ansonia, Darke County, OH. She
             married James Marcus Clark Mendenhall in Adams County, OH, on 15 March 1860. James was born 5 January 1839 in Eaton, Preble County,
             OH and died 8 May 1912 in Ansonia, Darke County, OH. They are both buried in the Greenville Cemetery Mausoleum in Darke County, OH.
             They had three children:

              1. Emma Lucretia Mendenhall (b. 28 September 1862, d. 25 June 1883) married James Madison Coppess and they had one child.
                  a. Maude Ethel Coppess (b. 1 March 1883, d. 20 September 1883)

              2. Bertie May Mendenhall (b. 25 May 1864, d. 23 February 1899) married to Willard Sampson Coppess and they had three children.
                  a. Frank Mendenhall Coppess (b. 26 September 1887, d. 28 April 1968) married to Bessie Opal Huddle. They had four children:
                         i. Ruth Evelyn Coppess (b. 20 March 1912, d. 19 February 1987) married Charles D. Norris.
                        ii. Virginia Louise Coppess (b. 3 October 1915, d. 15 March 2010) married James Samuel Hair, Jr. They had two children:
                           aa. Mary Elizabeth Hair (b. 30 September 1938, d. 11 November 2021)
                           bb. Martha Louise Hair
                       iii. Edna Lucille Coppess (25 February 1920, d. 13 July 2015) married Kenneth Raymond Brinley. They had one child:
                           aa. Linda Kay Brinley
                       iv. Mary Frances Coppess (b. 16 December 1922, d. 16 September 2011) married Paul Eugene Spencer. They had three children:
                           aa. Phillip Eugene Spencer (b. 10 July 1945, d. 18 February 1974)
                           bb. Linda Renee Spencer
                           cc. David Leon Spencer (b. & d. 5 June 1951
                           2nd husband of Mary Frances' was John L. Durr.
                  b. J. J. Lawrence Coppess (b. 5 December 1889, d. 1 December 1894)
                  c. Mary Ruth Coppess (b. 5 June 1897, d. 24 February 1898)

              3. Anna Dora Mendenhall (b. 11 February 1866, d. 4 February 1948) married to James Madison Coppess after the death of her sister.
                  No children.

          C. Margaret Ann Carlisle was born 17 May 1843 in Adams County, OH and died October 1908 in Scott TWP, Adams County, OH. She married
              Martin Van Buren Moore who was born 12 March 1841 near Locust Grove, Adams County, OH and died 30 July 1909 near Tranquility,
              Adams County, OH. They are both buried in Locust Grove Cemetery in Adams County, OH. They had three children:

              1. John Alfred Moore (b. 19 September 1862, d. 10 February 1938) married Mary Elizabeth Smith. They had two children:
                 a. John Earl Moore (b. 5 January 1901, d. 16 December 1937) married Pearl R. Chamberlain.
                 b. Ray Wilton Moore (b. 9 March 1903, d. 12 September 1979) married Minnie Elizabeth Hirsch. They had four children:
                        i. Ray William Moore (b. 5 December 1926, d. 2 January 2006) married Barbara A. Bradford. They had two children:
                           aa. John Robert Moore
                           bb. Rae Lynn Moore
                       ii. Lloyd Alfred Moore (b. 21 October 1928, d. 31 July 2016)
                      iii. Sharon Leah Moore married George Edward Detamore. They had three children:
                           aa. William Ray Detamore
                           bb. George Edward Dedetamore, Jr.
                           cc. Patsy Sue Detamore
                      iv. Ivan Garth Moore (b. 27 November 1936, d. 2 August 1971) married Betty Jean Cowan.
                  2nd wife of John Alfred's was Augusta Hood

              2. Mary Ann Moore (b. 17 April 1864, d. 20 February 1930) married Joseph Dennis Seaton. They had no children.

              3. Effie Beulah Moore (b. 8 May 1870, d. 3 April 1960) married Edward Eaton Palmer on 13 March 1888. They had six children:
                  a. Early Ray Palmer (b. 27 May 1890, d. 21 May 1974) married Margie Lucille Hamilton. They had three children:
                         i. Carroll Willard Palmer (b. 15 May 1920, d. 20 February 2013) married Mary Ruth Price. They had four children:
                           aa. Lea Lucille Palmer
                           bb. Randall Carroll Palmer
                           cc. Robert Willard Palmer
                           dd. Thomas Ray Palmer
                        ii. Ada Donnabel Palmer (b. 1 June 1923, d. 2 January 2017) married Roy Holmes Myers. They had two children:
                           aa. Michael Ray Myers
                           bb. David Holmes Myers
                           2nd husband of Ada Donnabel's was William George Bate
                       iii. Lloyd Ray Palmer (b. 4 December 1932, d. 30 August 2013) married Janet Hughes. They had one child:
                           aa. Timothy Vaughn Palmer
                  b. Anna Laura Palmer (b. 3 June 1892, d. 28 January 1977) married John Roscoe Chambers
                  c. Dora Myrtle Palmer (b. 10 June 1898, d. 15 July 1985) married to Vernon Monroe Hopkins. They had five children:
                         i. Denver Wilford (Hoppy) Hopkins (b. 22 July 1923, d. 6 December 2002) married Ruth Ernestine Ogle. They had two children:
                           aa. Pamela Nadine Hopkins
                           bb. David Wilford Hopkins
                           2nd wife of Denver Wilford's was Linda Faye Orahood. They had three children:
                           cc. Timothy Hopkins
                           dd. Matthew Aaron Hopkins
                           ee. Amaris Ann Hopkins
                           3rd wife of Denver Wilford's was Constant E. Mergentheimer.
                        ii. Vernon Palmer Hopkins (b. 25 March 1928, d. 16 April 2019) married Lois Anne Hoffman. They had four children:
                           aa. Eric Palmer Hopkins
                           bb. Joy Dianne Hopkins
                           cc. Sheri Lynn Hopkins
                           dd .Howard Vernon Hopkins
                           2nd wife of Vernon Palmer's was Judy Cooper.
                           3rd wife of Vernon Palmer's was Bonnie Lou Jones. They had one child:
                           ee. Lance Anthony Hopkins.
                       iii. Beulah Malissa Hopkins (b. 15 December 1929, d. 27 November 2016) married Donald Gene Carnahan. They had four children:
                           aa. Arla Faye Carnahan
                           bb. Donald Oris Carnahan (b. 18 April 1950, d. 3 May 1992)
                           cc. Jean Lavonne Carnahan
                           dd. Mark Monroe Carnahan
                       iv. Anna Faye Hopkins (b. 16 July 1934, d. 17 December 2016) married Richard C. Davisson. they had four children:
                           aa. Lorraine Anne Davisson (b. 1 July 1955, d. 2 June 2007)
                           bb. Richard A. Davisson
                           cc. Terri Denise Davisson (b. 5 August 1959, d. 28 January 2013)
                           dd. Denic G. Davisson
                        v. Sanford (Sandy) Laverne Hopkins (b. 17 October 1937, d. 30 August 2019) married Shirley Irene Pollock. they had eight children:
                           aa. Stephen Hopkins
                           bb. Shannan Hopkins
                           cc. Shawna Hopkins
                           dd. Stacy Hopkins
                           ee. Shelly Hopkins
                           ff. Sanford Hopkins
                           gg. Scott Hopkins
                           hh. Seth Hopkins
                  d. James Thaddeus Palmer (b. 16 March 1901, d. 29 October 1983) married to Edna Ethel Maxwell. They had ten children:
                         i. Paul Leon Palmer (b. 20 February 1924, d. 3 November 2009) married Viola Agnes Robbins. They had three children:
                           aa Michael Leon Palmer
                           bb. Glenna Lynn Palmer (b. 23 October 1948, d. 5 January 1981)
                           cc. Paul Douglas Palmer
                           2nd wife of Paul Leon's was Eileen _____
                           3rd wife of Paul Leon's was Norma Jean Hooten.
                        ii. Anna Frances Palmer (b. 19 August 1925, d. 9 November 2016) married George William Graham.
                       iii. Ronald (Pete) Leray Palmer (b. 7 May 1927, d. 20 November 2016) married Norlotta Ann Snider. They had six children:
                           aa. Barbara Ann Palmer
                           bb. Beverly Kay Palmer
                           cc. Nancy Rae Palmer
                           dd. Ronald Leray Palmer
                           ee. Charles Raymond Palmer
                           ff. John Philip Palmer
                       iv. Geneva Lavonne Palmer (b. 5 March 1929, d. 14 August 2010) married John William Snider. They had three children:
                           aa. John Alan Snider
                           bb. Gary Lee Snider
                           cc. Timothy James Snider
                        v. Raymond Edward Palmer (b. 12 October 1930, d. 1 April 2000)
                       vi. Leland Dale Palmer (b. 21 February 1934, d. 19 June 1992) married Donna Kay McDaniel. They had ten children:
                           aa. Kimberly Joy Palmer
                           bb. Tamara Lee Palmer
                           cc. Leland Donovan Palmer
                           dd. Pamela Diane Palmer
                           ee. Christopher Dennis Palmer
                           ff. Susan Michelle Palmer
                           gg. Catherine Marie Palmer
                           hh. Melissa Darlene Palmer
                            ii. Margaret Edna Palmer
                           jj. Andrew Dale Palmer
                      vii. Ilene Louise Palmer (b. 8 February 1936, d. 9 April 2020)
                     viii. Effie Florence Palmer (b. 19 February 1938, d. 27 December 2022) married Jerry Lewis Behm.
                          They had three children:
                           aa. Marty Jay Behm
                           bb. Angela Lynn Behm
                           cc. Susan Michelle Behm
                      ix. James Thaddeus Palmer (b. 7 August 1941, d. 19 April 202)
                      x. Martin Dean Palmer married Sharon Kay Williams. They had two childlren:
                           aa. April Colleen Palmer
                           bb. Cheryl Dawn Palmer
                           2nd wife of Martin Dean's was Sandra L. McNeiland
                  e. Gladys Faye Palmer (b. 20 July 1903, d. 4 April 1984) married Sanford Lowry Cornelius.
                  f. Henry Howard Palmer (b. 4 March 1909, d. 23 February 2001) married Glenna G. Gustin

         D. Alfred William Carlisle was born in June 1844 in Adams County, OH and died 1911 in Bastrop County, TX. He is buried at the Young School
             House Cemetery in Bastrop County, TX. He married Laura Anna Holloman who was born 17 September 1851 in Yazoo County, Mississippi
             and died 19 November 1946 in San Antonio, Bexar County, TX. They had six children but only four are known to us at this time.

              1. John C. Carlisle (b. 1 January 1879, d. 7 July 1924) married Josie Vivian Garnand. They had one child:
                  a. Mary Tamson Carlisle (b. 1 May 1908, d. 15 June 1985) married Carl Alvin Patrick and they had one son:
                      i. Carl Eugene Patrick (b. 16 August 1934, d. 18 April 1994)
                  2nd wife of John C.'s was Eunice Lee Mitchell. They had two children:
                  b. James Alfred Carlisle (b. 29 November 1918, d. 24 June 2002) married Frances Laura Walters. They had one child:
                      i. Celeste Carlisle married Eugene L. Cassidy and they had one child:
                         aa. Darren E. Cassidy
                        2nd husband of Celeste's was Donald Spangler
                  c. Katherine Margaret Carlisle (b. 11 June 1921, d. 20 March 1977) married Walter Rogers. They had two children:
                         i. Sandra Kay Rogers (b. 5 January 1940, d. 1 November 2009) married Victor W. Lenertz. They had two children:
                           aa. Johnny Victor Lenertz
                           bb. Stacy Kay Lenertz
                          2nd husband of Sandra Kay's was Raymond D. Withrow
                          3rd husband of Sandra Kay's was Jerry M. Coleman
                       ii. Sherry Lee Rogers (b. 16 October 1941, d. 7 February 2023) married Thomas G. Davis. They had one child:
                          aa. Katherine Dawn Davis
                      2nd husband of Katherine Margaret's was Robert Montgomery Wagoner. They had one child:
                      iii. Katherine Rebecca Wagoner married Edward Eugene Kirkham.
                          2nd husband of Katherine Rebecca's was Bruce G. Stafford
                          3rd husband of Katherine Rebecca's was Raymond L. Schwarz
                          4th husband of Katherine Rebecca's was Philip M. Oehlers. They had one child:
                          aa. Lincoln M. Oehlers
                      3rd husband of Katherine Margaret's was Ralph Weldon Arnold. They had one child:
                      iv. Debra Kim Arnold married Walter A. Courtlander. They had one child:
                          aa. Damian D. Courtlander.
                          2nd husband of Debra Kims's was William Z. Tracey. They had one child:
                          bb. Sean Gavin Tracey (b. 16 June 1974, d. 12 October 2019)
                          3rd husband of Debra Kim's was Morgan Andrew Peterson They had one child:
                          cc. Laramie M. Peterson
                          4th husband of Debra Kim's was Jim A. Gumpolen.
                      4th husband of Katherine Margaret's was William W. Bondurant

              2. Alfred William Carlisle, Jr. (b. 5 November 1880, d. 17 December 1944) married Betty Lee Hanks. No children of this union.

              3. Thomas Linn Carlisle (b. 1 April 1883, d. 29 January 1972) married Maud Mae Cottle. They had four children.
                   a. Anna Laurie Carlisle (b. 1 September 1910 d. 9 February 1989)
                   b. Thomas Linn Carlisle, Jr. (b 1 October 1912, d. 18 August 2000) married Mary Theresa Loftus. They had two children:
                        i. Marylin Mae Carlisle married Gary C. Bell and they had two children:
                          aa. Gary C. Bell
                          bb. Vonnie L. Bell
                          2nd husband of Marylin Mae's was Leonard J. Overton. They had one child:
                          cc. Philip J. Overton
                          3rd husband of Marylin Mae's was Thomas J. Seagroves
.                         4th husband of Marylin Mae's was Steven E. England
                          ii. Timothy Linn Carlisle married Linda F. Berry. They had no children.
                       2nd wife of Thomas Linn, Jr. was Alma G. Jackson
                   c. Margaret Mae Carlisle (b. 6 September 1915, d. 26 April 1918)
                   d. Alfred W. Carlisle (b. 7 February 1918, d. 14 July 2002) married Mildred Lynn Stagner. They had three children:
                       i. Jerry Wayne Carlisle (b. 23 July 1940. d. 12 May 2022) married Mary Alleen Farrell
                         2nd wife of Jerry Wayne's was Barbara Ann Sacerich. They had two children:
                         aa. Steven Jeremy Carlisle
                         bb. Brian Hunter Carlisle
                      ii. David Linn Carlisle married Pamela Sue Akervik. They had two children:
                         aa. Christopher Rudd Carlisle
                         bb. Heather Lee Carlisle
                         2nd wife of David's was Barbara Cooper
                     iii. Roy Lee Carlisle married Martha Ellen Mills. They had two children:
                         aa. Tammy Lynn Carlisle
                         bb. Crystal Dawn Carlisle
                         2nd wife of Roy's was Glenda ______
                   2nd wife of Thomas Linn Carlisle's was Iva Marion. They had one child:
                   e. Lola Belle Carlisle (b. 2 December 1924, d. 1 August 2003) married John Michael Baker. They had three children:
                       i. Carol Janette Baker married Bryon F. Granberry. They had two children:
                         aa. Christopher Granberry
                         bb. Susan Granberry
                      ii. Kathryn Faye Baker (b. 15 April 1949, d. 21 April 2021) married Kenneth D. Cartwright. They had three children:
                         aa. Clayton Michael Cartwright
                         bb. David Joel Cartwright
                         cc. Jonathan Bartlett Cartwright
                         2nd husband of Kathryn Faye's was Lester Grakauski
                     iii. Infant Son Baker (b. 5 June 1957, d. 5 June 1957)
                    2nd husband of Lola Belle's was Howard D. Miller

              4. Laura A. Carlisle (b. 31 January 1887, d. 9 August 1974) married Walter Charles Nipper. They had one child:
                   a. Virginia Nipper (b. 27 September 1915, d. 20 October 1982) married Adolph Leroy Stein. They had one child:
                       i. Laura Linn Stein married Lewis Charles Borgfeld. They had three children:
                          aa. Carol Linn Borgfeld
                          bb. Christy Linn Borgfeld
                          cc. Cheryl Linn Borgfeld

          Nancy Ann's two children from the Addison Simpson marriage were:

          E. Thaddeus S. Simpson who was born 28 May 1849 in Adams County, OH and died 25 January 1909 in Peoria, Peoria County, IL. He married
              Margaret F. Mans on 16 August 1871 in Peoria County, IL. Margaret was born 4 April 1848 in Ohio and died 19 September 1911 in Peoria,
              Peoria County, IL. They are buried in Springdale Cemetery in Peoria County, IL. They had four children, only three of whom are known to us.

              1. Charles A. Simpson (1872, d. 26 July 1902) married Lydia ____ and they had one child.
                  a. Walter Simpson (b. abt 1896, d. 1897)

              2. James Adelbert Simpson (b. 11 July 1874, d. 6 February 1925)

              3. Martha Pearl Simpson (b.25 December 1877, d. 29 November 1952) married to Frederick D. Witherstine. They had two children.
                  a. Donald Frederick Witherstine (b. 9 February 1896, d. 27 May 1961) married Elsie Mae Hallett. They had two children:
                      i. Kathryn Louise Witherstine (b. 8 April 1925, d. 21 May 2014) married Cecil Herbert Hemley. They had two children:
                        aa. Sara Elizabeth Hemley (b. 25 November 1946, d. 23 March 2005)
                        bb. Frederick Hemley
                        2nd husband of Kathryn Louise's was Aaron F. Gilman. They had four children:
                        cc. Susan Gilman
                        dd. Nancy Gilman
                        ee. William Gilman
                        ff. Judith Gillman
                     ii. Warren Frederick Witherstine (b. 20 December 1933, d. 15 November 1957) married Linda Smyth. They had one child:
                        aa. Pamela Warren Witherstine
                  b. Margaret L. Witherstine (b. 23 November 1899, d. 2 December 1977)

          F. James L. Simpson who was born 29 June 1859 in Adams County, OH and died 25 August 1933 in Peoria, IL.. He lived in Peoria, IL, and
              married Irene Elizabeth Hart, but they had no children.

 VI- Elizabeth Templer was born 11 December 1820 in Loudoun County, VA and died in 1886 in Adams County, OH. She married
        Henry Phillips (brother of Mary Jane Phillips, wife of William Templer, above) on 17 December 1837 in Highland County, OH. Henry was
        born 18 June 1815 in Montgomery County, Maryland and died 4 May 1892 in Adams County, OH.They are buried in Locust Grove Cemetery in
        Adams County, OH. They were farmers and lived in Adams County, OH, and had ten children:

          A. Caroline Phillips who was born 30 July 1839 in Adams County, Ohio and died 16 August 1839 in Adams County, Ohio

          B. Nancy Phillips who was born about 1840 in Adams County, Ohio, and died ?

          C. Catherine Phillips who was born January 1844 in Adams County, Ohio and died 1906 in Brown County, Ohio married John J. Lovett and they
             had five children:

             1. James H. Lovett (b. 23 May 1864, d. 10 October 1932) married Ida F. Conaway and they had seven children.
                a. Gilbert Beebe Lovett (b. 23 August 1887, d. 27 December 1946) married Nettie Lemon and they had one son:
                    i. Paul J. Lovett (b. 17 December 1910, d. 4 July 1911)
                b. Evalena Grace Lovett (b. 10 January 1889, d. 31 August 1949) married to Henry H. Smith. They had four children:
                    i. Raymond William Smith (b. 26 January 1911, d. 2 September 2005) married Ayleen Daye.
                      2nd wife of Raymond William's was Martha M. Hedrick.
                   ii. James Russell Smith (b. 21 May 1914, d. 16 February 1972) married Dorothy McGath. They had three children:
                      aa. Patricia A. Smith
                      bb. James Russell Smith , Jr. (b. 9 December 1937, d. 19 November 1998) Smith
                      cc. Rosalind Grace Smith (b. 2 May 1942, d. 8 December 2004)
                  iii. Howard Eugene Smith (b. 25 November 1916, d. 4 September 1987) married Maribel Williams. They had two children:
                      aa. Howard Eugene Smith, Jr.
                      bb. Larry G. Smith
                  iv. Pearl Jeanette Smith (b. 14 April 1923, d. 3 June 1999) married Branson Eugene Boatman. They had one child:
                      aa. Larry Eugene Donaldson
                      2nd husband of Pearl Jeanette's was Leslie T. Donaldson who adopted Pearl's son and changed his name.
                c. Ashton Charles Lovett (b. 11 October 1890, d. 1 January 1968) married (1) Pearl Frawley and (2) Adeline Haines. No known children.
                d. Harry M. Lovett (b. 25 February 1894, d. 21 March 1919) married Nellie Cochran. No known children.
                e. Clarence Clayton Lovett (b. 18 May 1896, d. 8 May 1966) married Merle Threw.
                    2nd wife of Clarence's was Eunice Baldwin and had two children:
                     i. James C. Lovett (b. 13 July 1940, d. 8 July 1967)
                    ii. Richard Lovett
                f. Fred B. Lovett (b. 30 May 1898, d. 20 January 1930)
                g. William Jennings Lovett (b. 6 March 1900, d. 12 December 1975) married Ethel Strain. No known children.

            2. Charles W. Lovett (b. 11 January 1866, d. 12 October 1889)

            3. Minnie G. Lovett (b. 18 November 1867, d. 3 August 1934) married Daniel McLaughlin. They had one child:
                 a. Ruby Gladis Lovett (b. 22 May 1892, d. 26 October 1970) married Nelson Ellsworth Rhoades and they had one child:
                     i. Nelson Ellsworth (aka Dusty) Rhoades, Jr. (b. 13 April 1920, d., 24 November 1983) married Pauline Willison. They had five children::
                        aa. Charles (Rusty) Nelson Rhoades (b. 3 May 1943, d. 27 January 1944)
                        bb. Carolyn L. Rhoades (b. 23 December 1944, d. 31 December 2005)
                        cc. David G. Rhoades (b. 10 April 1948, d. 16 March 1967)
                        dd. Janet E. Rhoades
                        ee. Helen Louise Rhoades

             4. Gilbert B. Lovett (b. 18 July 1869, d. 3 November 1870)

             5. Olga M. Lovett (b. August 1872, d. 23 February 1901) married Andrew Vance Leamon. They had one child:
                 a. Herschel Bernhard Lemon (b. 3 June 1898, d. 12 September 1958) married Grace A. Roberts. They had two children:
                    i. Joan G. Lemon (b. 9 March 1930, d. 2 august 2012) married Dale Robert Reed. They had two children:
                       aa. Linda Reed
                       bb. Lisa Reed
                   ii. Joyce D. Lemon married Robert E. Dunn. They had four children:
                      aa. Mark Robert Dunn
                      bb. Kathryn Joyce Dunn
                      cc. Keith Richard Dunn
                      dd. Carolyn Joan Dunn

          D. William T. Phillips who was born in 1846 in Ohio and died ?

          E. Sarah Eliza Phillips (aka Lida/Lydia) who was born 5 May 1848 in Adams County, Ohio and died 8 January 1946 in Adams County, OH, married Samuel
             Crawford. They had seven children:

             1. Hattie Frances Crawford (b. 28 January 1873, d. 1963) married George W. Holmes and they had one child.
                 a. Georgia C. Holmes (b. 13 June 1896, d. 11 May 1975 ) married Charles Henry Jinkins.
                     No children from this union.

             2. Lena (or perhaps Philena) Crawford (b. 10 November 1874, d. 1957) married Edgar Stewart McClelland. They had one child:
                 a. Elvas Crawford McClelland (b. 18 July 1900, d. 19 April 1926) married Mary Ruth Brooke. They had no children.
                 2nd husband of Lena's was Robert R. Murphy

             3. Ernest William Crawford (b. 7 September 1876, d. 1957) married Leola Jane McAdow and they had one child:
                 a. Ernest William Crawford (b. 10 June 1925, d. 9 July 1941)

              4. Mary Edith Crawford (b. 21 July 1878, d. 15 September 1954) married William Francis Carskadon and they had two children.
                 a. Opal Fay Carskadon (b. 3 January 1905, d. 30 May 1988) married (1) Dwight D.
                     Petrie, (2) Jerome Burns and (3) _____ Ruff. She had one child by Petrie:
                       i. William Owen Petrie (b. 24 September 1927, d. 15 October 2012) married Dorothy Baenninger
                 b. Raymond Samuel Carskadon (b. 5 July 1909, d. 28 December 1975) married Gayle Lena McKittrick. They had four children:
                       i. Raymond Samuel Carskadon, Jr. (b. 25 April 1933, d. 10 September 2015) married Barbara Beth Stikeleather. They had three children:
                         aa. Scott Thomas Carskadon
                         bb. Michele Pam Carskadon
                         cc. Holly Lynn Carskadon
                         2nd wife of Raymond Samuel, Jr.'s was Patricia Ann Kline.
                      ii. Patricia Ann Carskadon married Edward Adam Watzek. They had four children:
                         aa. Sherri Lyn Watzek
                         bb. Timothy Edward Watzek
                         cc. Denise (Dee) Diane Watzek
                         dd. Christopher Douglas Watzek
                     iii. Diane Carskadon (b. 15 March 1946, d. 28 January 2009) married Walter Edward Jennings. They had two children:
                         aa. Julie Patricia Jennings
                         bb. Tiffany Loomis Jennings
                     iv. Thomas Jefferson Carskadon married Rachel I. Parker. They had two children
                         aa. Pamela De Carskadon
                         bb. Tricia Carskadon

              5. Bessie Ethel Crawford (b. 7 May 1882, d. 6 July 1971) married Herbert Waite McManis. They had two children.
                 a. Philena May McManis (b. 11 May 1903, d. 18 January 2002) married George Max Blatt. They had four children:
                      i. Charles Herbert Blatt (b. 23 January 1924, d. 5 June 1998) married Eileene Yvonne Dubois. They had one child:
                        aa. Cathleen Margaret Blatt
                     ii. George Max Blatt, Jr. (b. 13 February 1926, d. 26 August 1978)
                    iii. Jerald Wallace Blatt (b. 14 December 1927, d. 4 July 2011) married Alice Elaine Fraser. They had three children:
                        aa. Neysa Merline Blatt
                       bb. Jerald David Blatt
                       cc. Charles Max Blatt
                    iv. Mary Barbara Blatt married Ray Eugene Marley. They had three children:
                       aa. Marcella Marley
                       bb. Karla Marley
                       cc. Martin Marley
                 b. Victor Herbert McManis (b. 9 May 1907, d. 4 June 1980) married Elaine _____
                    2nd wife of Victor's was Versicola Empey
                    3rd wife of Victor's was Frances Lodema Trantham
                 2nd husband of Bessie's was Charles M. Robertson
                 3rd husband of Bessie's was William Alfred Kepp

              6. Charles Clarence Crawford (b. 28 March 1885, d. 30 January 1962)
              7. Raymond J. Crawford (b. 15 August 1887, d. 18 February 1986) married Laura C. Lehman. They had two children:
                 a. Beulah M. Crawford (b. 20 October 1915, d. 7 November 2009) married John H. Nordloh
                 b. Doris J. Crawford (b. 22 December 1924, d. 28 July 2000) married Harold W. Boekley, Jr. They had one son:
                       i. Kenneth A. Boekley (b. abt 1952) married Lois J. Bauer
                 c. Joan L. Crawford (b. 19 March 1933, d. 1 September 2006) married William R. Becker. They had three children:
                     i. Mark Becker married Kim _____. They had one child:
                       aa. Alexander Becker
                    ii. Lorna Becker married Paul Miller. They had one child:
                       aa. Sydney Miller
                   iii. Lisa Becker
             2nd husband of Sarah Eliza's was James Monroe Kissinger

         F. Harriet A. Phillips who was born about 1850 in Ohio and died ?

         G. Sophia A. Phillips who was born 24 November 1852 in Adams County, Ohio and died 16 November 1896 in Adams County, Ohio.
            She married Henry Francis McGovney and they had no children

         H. James Henry Phillips who was born 5 November 1854 in Adams County, Ohio and died 10 April 1943 in Seattle, Washington. He married
             Dona Belle Coffman. They had five children;

             1. Opal C. Phillips (b. 16 October 1895, d. 8 May 1993) married Robert Sheldon Raven (b. 25 August 1894, d. 13 January 1955).
                They had three children:
                 a. Robert Sheldon Raven, Jr. (b. 11 April 1924, d. 12 September 2014) married Phylene Kerr. They had three children.
                     i. Mary Beth Raven
                    ii. Mary Ruth Raven married John Raymond Yutzy. They had two children:
                      aa. Rebecca Lynn Yutzy
                      bb. Kelly Phylene Yutzy
                       2nd husband of Ruth's was Thomas Watchorn.
                   iii. Donald Kerr Raven (b. 14 April 1954, d. 2 October 2000) married Mary B. _____. They had two children:
                      aa. Tracy E. Raven
                      bb. Wesley T. Raven
                 b. Richard Austin Raven (b. 21 November 1928, d. 28 August 1989) married Lucille Ryan. They had two children:
                      i. Paul Wesley Raven
                      ii. Mary Ruth Raven
                     2nd wife of Richard Austins's was Amelia Frances _____.

             2. Donald Carl Phillips (b. 24 September 1897, d. 9 February 1968) married Edith P. Maynard

             3. Everett Earl Phillips (b. 26 January 1900, d. 17 May 1978)

             4. Delmar Gordon Phillips (b. 16 October 1902, d. 8 November 1940)

             5. Lawrence E. Phillips (b. 3 January 1909, d. 1 October 1997)

         I. Laura E. Phillips who was born 27 July 1856 in Adams County, Ohio and died 16 October 1945 in Highland County, Ohio. She married
            John L. Newkirk and they had no children.

         J. John Howard Phillips was born 3 January 1859 in Adams County, Ohio and died 24 March 1941 in Adams County, Ohio. He never married.

         K. Emma R. Phillips who was born about 1863 and died ?

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