Martha Templer (1776 - 1850)

The second of these children is Martha Templer who married Hezekiah Clemons (or Clements) on 23 November 1800 in Loudoun County, VA. Martha
was born on 25 December 1776 in Loudoun County, VA,and died about 1850, probably in Ohio. Hezekiah was born about 1777, was shown as living in
1860 with his widowed daughter Nancy Smith and died about 1869 in Jamestown, Greene County, Ohio. They had at least six children, birth sequence
not known for sure:

    I- _____ Clemons (a daughter)

  II- _____ Clemons (a son)

III- Hamilton J. Clemons was born in Virginia and died in Cedarville, Greene County, Ohio. He married Mary Myers on 14 November 1839
       in Greene County, Ohio. They had one child:
        A. Amelia Diantha Clemans (b. 15 June 1851, d. 14 July 1851)

 IV- John Clemons was born in Virginia and may have died in Ohio. He married Mary Dalby (sister of Elizabeth Dalby who married John's brother
       William in 1833) on 12 April 1827 in Greene County, Ohio. The mother of these two girls was an older sister of Seth Smith, married to John and
       William's sister Nancy Clemons, below. They may have had children, but details are not known at this time.

  V- Nancy Frances Clemons was born 8 December 1808 in Loudoun County, VA and died after 1882 in White County, IN when she is known to have
      signed an autograph book or her great-Granddaughter. She married Seth Smith on 12 April 1827 in Greene County, OH. He was one of 13 children
      of Jacob Smith and Patience Ballenger and was born 9 February 1798 in Hopewell, Frederick County, VA and died 16 August 1849 in Madison County,
      OH of cholera. They had six children:

       A. Martha Smith was born 27 May 1828 in Greene County, OH and died 12 April 1908 in Chalmers, White County, IN. She married (1) Moses Ervin on 28
            September 1848. Moses was born 29 March 1823 in Ohio and died 25 April 1870 in White County, IN. They had 10 children:
             1. Samuel Ervin (b. abt 1849, d. ?)

             2. Nancy Jane Ervin (b. 23 May 1851, d. 1 August 1889) married Walter A. Carr on 26 December 1867. They had four children:
                 a. Charles Francis Carr (b. 22 December 1868, d. 24 September 1870)
                 b. William Edward Carr (b. 11 January 1872, d. 24 January 1872)
                 c. Gertrude Bell Carr (b. 11 February 1875, d. 27 November 1967) married Robert M. Delzell in 1899.
                    Gertrude's 2nd husband was Francis E. Lister. They married in 1905
                 d. Clay Whitley Carr (b. 5 April 1880, d. 7 August 1919) married Clara Bella Day. They had eight children:
                        i. Hazel Gladys Carr (b. 28 June 1902, d. 27 June 1997)
                       ii. Helen Marguerite Carr (b. 10 March 1905, d. 2 April 1995) married William Guy Baer. They had seven children:
                          aa. Gavis Eleanor Baer (b. 19 June 1925, d. 17 March 1933)
                          bb. Elizabeth Belle Baer (b. 12 December 1926, d. 23 January 2017)
                          cc. Delorus Maxine Baer (b. 19 December 1929, d. 24 September 2013)
                          dd. Phyllis Imogene Baer (b. 21 July 1932, d. 26 February 2019)
                          ee. Ervin Darell Baer (b. 16 March 1934, d. 17 March 1934)
                          ff. Keith Donald Baer
                          gg. Karen Kay Baer
                      iii. Elma Elizabeth Carr (b. 17 March 1906, d. 7 February 1979) married Eugene Frederick Ernst. They had five children:
                          aa. Eugene Frederick Ernst, Jr. (b. 16 February 1936, d. 22 May 2017)
                          bb. Ray Carr (b. abt 1938, d. bef 1950)
                          cc. Richard Darrell Ernst
                          dd. Sharon Ann Ernst
                          ee. Gary Lee Ernst
                      iv. Cecil (Bill) Albert Carr (b. November 1907, d. December 1949) married Helen Marie Jahnke. They had eight children:
                          aa. Patricia Belle Carr (15 January 1930, d. 16 August 1954)
                          bb. Shirley Mae Carr f(b. 9 June 1931, d. 5 October 2022)
                          cc. Barbara Ann Carr (b. 22 December 1933, d. 3 May 1981)
                          dd. William Clayton Carr (b. 19 June 1935, d. 17 October 2004)
                          ee. Jacqueline Jean Carr (b 11 January 1937, d. 15 January 2001)
                          ff. James G. Carr (b. 15 March 1939, d. 16 October 2016)
                          gg. Dennis Joseph Carr
                          hh. Carol Marie Carr (b. 20 February 1944, d. 8 March 2023)
                       v. Russell Clay Carr (b. 9 March 1909, d. 30 November 1969) married Catherine (Kitty) Williams. They had one child:
                          aa. Onedra Gay "Kathleen" Carr (b. 11 April 1930, d. 9 March 2019) married Delbert G. Bennett
                          Russell's 2nd wife was Minnie ____. They had one child:
                          bb. Nicki Carr
                      vi. Ervin Day Carr (b. 1 July 1910, d. 30 March 1974) Lillian Amanda Brodhagen. They had two children:
                          aa. Russell Clay Carr (b. 6 July 1936, d. 2 January 2019)
                          bb. Gary E. Carr
                     vii. Bernard Glenn Carr (b. 28 May 1912, d. 27 January 2003) married Lola Elvira Olson. They had four children:
                          aa.Keith Lawrence Carr (b. 3 March 1935, d. 13 March 2005)
                          bb. Rodney Maurice Carr (b. 6 July 1937, d. 24 Febuary 2020)
                          cc. Jonell May Carr (b. 15 May 1939, d. 20 May 1980)
                          dd. Darrell O. Carr
                    viii. Samuel Gerald Carr (b. 27 July 1918, d. 24 November 1988) married Lillian Clara Meyer. They had two children:
                          aa. Edythe Helen Carr
                          bb. Gerald "Jerry" William Carr (b. 12 September 1949, d. 27 May 2005)

             3. Isadora B. Ervin (b. 6 March 1853, d. 4 August 1918) married John P. Carr, brother of Walter Carr above. They had three children:
                  a. Franklin M. Carr (b. 20 August 1872, d. 25 May 1939) married Lovada E. Wesner. They had four children:
                       i. Donald E. Carr (b. 25 May 1898, d. 19 January 1978)
                      ii. Dale Wesner Carr (b. 24 December 1900, d. 23 November 1991) married Fannie Leone Scott. They had seven children:
                          aa. Yvonne Annette Carr (b. 19 January 1923, d. 16 December 2011)
                          bb. Robert Earl Carr (b. 22 February 1925, d. 15 August 2018)
                          cc. Richard Dean Carr (b. 4 June 1926, d. 22 May 2000)
                          dd. Lois Dale Carr (b. 26 December 1927, d. 31 December 1992)
                          ee. Donald Neal Carr (b. 20 February 1929, d. 11 June 1999)
                          ff. Rex Edward Carr (b. 9 January 1938, d. 15 October 2010)
                          gg. Kay Arlene Carr (b. 17 March 1939, d. 1 May 2003)
                     iii. Agnes Mildred Car (b. 23 November 1906, d. 17 September 1977) married Leo Joseph Scherrer. They had one child:
                          aa. Norma Jo Scherrer (b. 28 July 1929, d. 14 March 2015)
                     iv. Ruth Catherine Carr (b. 6 October 1911, d. 11 January 1983) married Virgil Kneadler. They had four children:
                          aa. Allan Kent Kneadler (b. 6 January 1939, d. 23 April 2004)
                          bb. Jerry Dale Kneadler (b. 17 October 1940, d. 1 January 2006)
                          cc. Beth Levada Kneadler
                          dd. Ned Charles Kneadler
                  b. Martha L. Carr (b. 29 May 1874, d. 23 September 1960) married Charles W. Burbage. They had four children:
                       i. William Thorpe Burbage (b. 20 July 1897, d. 21 August 1967) married Ida Ernestine Wandrei. They had two children:
                          aa. Charles William Burbage (b. 14 January 1920, d. 13 September 1984)
                          bb. Gladys Opal Burbage (b. 8 November 1921, d. 19 January 1969)
                      ii. Florence M. Burbage (b. 31 May 1900, d. 20 August 1902)
                     iii. Roy Dean Burbage (b. 7 August 1902, d. 2 December 1928) married Fern Shoop. They had two children
                         aa. Robert Dean Burbage (b. 23 January 1927, d. 8 February 2000)
                         bb. Patricia Ann Burbage (b. 13 January 1929, d. 31 August 2017)
                     iv. Stephen Carr Burbage (b. 30 July 1906, d. 21 October 1951) married Lydia Gertrude Morwiser. They had two children:
                          aa. Raymond Edward Burbage (b. 22 December 1923, d. 29 December 2015)
                          bb. Stephen Carr Burbage (b. 29 July 1925, d. 2 March 2008)
                     Martha's 2nd husband was John Kellenberger. They had no children
                     Martha's 3rd husband was Edgar Alltop. They also had no children
                  c. Dora Belle Carr (b. 15 November 1876, d. 3 July 1966) married James Benjamin Albertson. They had five children:
                       i. Eva Bell Albertson (b. 20 March 1895, d. 27 September 1977) married Beryle J. Durbin. They had seven children:
                          aa. Mildred A. Durbin (b. 26 December 1915, d. 2 January 2004)
                          bb. Beryle J. Durbin, Jr. (b. 7 December 1918, d. 28 December 1994)
                          cc. Violet I. Durbin (b. 19 July 1920, d. 12 June 2019)
                          dd. Eva Nelleta Durbin (b. 9 August 1922, d. 8 December 1998)
                          ee. Mary Juanita Durbin (b. 9 August 1922, d. 2 September 1923)
                          ff. Donald E. Durbin
                          gg. Ellen L. Durbin (b. 12 September 1938, d. 15 June 2020)
                      ii. Hazel Marie Albertson (b. 2 September 1897, d. 20 May 1983) married Dorrance Ervin Tatman. They had one child:
                          aa. Ruth Isabelle Tatman (b. 23 December 1929, d. 30 December 1929)
                     iii. Gladys May Albertson (b. 28 April 1899, d. 29 January 1976)
                     iv. Lucille Albertson (b. 17 November 1903, d. 9 October 1904)
                      v. Jessie Arminta Albertson (b. 24 March 1907, d. 34 March 1996) married Richard Lee Vincent Dial. They had three children:
                          aa. Phyllis Jeanne Dial (b. 2 February 1932, d. 16 October 2011)
                          bb. James Elden Dial
                          cc. Ellen Dorene Dial (b. 23 September 1939, d. 26 May 2016)
                     Dora's 2nd husband was Albert Boaz. They had no children

             4. Malissa Belle Ervin (b. 1854, d. 9 November 1882) married Theodore W. Hollenback

             5. Cheney Ervin (b. 1 August 1856, d. 16 September 1880)

             6. Isaac Luther Ervin (b. 7 July 1857, d. 15 November 1926) married Edith Katherine Beam. They had six children:
                 a. Ethel Edith Ervin (b. 17 March 1883, d. 25 April 1978) married William Gilmore. They had five children:
                       i. Donald Vestal Gilmore (b. 30 June 1904, d. 2 November 1981) married Helen Louise Barton. They had three children:
                          aa. Marilyn Louise Gilmore (b. 11 November 1944, d. 2 June 1973)
                          bb. William James Gilmore
                          cc. Marlene Kay Gilmore
                      ii. Sophia Vonita Gilmore (b. 5 August 1908, d. 24 December 1973) married Glen L. Willits. They had two children:
                          aa. Glenneth Willits (b. 3 December 1926, d. 18 May 2008)
                          bb. Norma Jean Willits (b. 29 June 1928, d. 4 February 2007)
                     iii. Beulah Merquita Gilmore (b. 29 October 1912, d. 10 June 1950) married Clement I. Adams. They had one child:
                          aa. Larry Lee Adams
                     iv. Bernardine Carol Gilmore (b. 23 December 1914, d. 20 December 2003) married Sheldon Gunter. They had one child:
                          aa. Randall Joe Gunter (b. 7 July 1936, d. 14 August 2011)
                      v. Esther Glendoline Gilmore (b. 16 December 1921, d. 26 April 2005) married Emerson Lee Hostetler. They had one child:
                          aa. Sherry G. Hostetler
                 b. Mabel Ruth Ervin (b. 27 November 1885, d. 19 August 1946) married Lewis Harris Tatman. They had nine children:
                         i. Dorrance Ervin Tatman (b. 28 July 1903, d. 25 December 1945) married Hazel Marie Albertson. (2nd daughter of James
                           Benjamin Albertson as listed above)
                        ii. Marcellus Alvin Tatman (b. 2 August 1907, d. 10 August 1964) married Alice Owens.
                       iii. Clifford Delbert Tatman (b. June 1907, d. January 1909)
                       iv. Ernestine Elizabeth Tatman (b. 26 March 1911, d. 31 August 1997) married Peter Johnson
                           Ernestine's 2nd husband was Paul Winglewich
                           Ernestine's 3rd husband was Guy Kilgore
                        v. Paul Harris Tatman (b. 13 February 1915, d. 18 July 1967) married Phyllis Luella Jacobson. They had five children:
                           aa. Marcia Catherine Tatman (b. 28 February 1936, d. 17 September 1977)
                           bb. Gary Arthur Tatman (b. 27 April 1937, d. 17 December 1999)
                           cc. Robert Hollis Tatman (b. 27 September 1939, d. 7 April 1992)
                           dd. Barbara Marie Tatman (b. 5 August 1941, d. 20 August 2017)
                           ee. James Dorance Tatman
                       vi. Edith Josephine Tatman (b. 24 April 1917, d. 24 June 1979) married Sidney Robert Just. They had three children:
                           aa. Kathleen Ruth Marie Just (b. 4 August 1943, d. 11 April 2010)
                           bb. Gayle Louise Just (b. 16 August 1943, d. 22 February 1994)
                           cc. Carla Ann Just
                      vii. Robert Amos Tatman (b. 5 November 1918, d. 3 June 2001) married Emily Mondl
                     viii. Richard Chester Tatman (b. 15 September 1920, d. 26 January 2004) married Florence Loraine Smith. They had two children:
                          aa. Kathryn Louise Tatman
                          bb. Lloyd Ernie Tatman
                          Richard's 2nd wife was Vera _____
                      ix. Lorraine Hope Tatman (b. 26 December 1922, d. 25 May 1972) married Harold G. Reed. They had two children:
                          aa. Harold Richard Reed (b. 15 May 1941, d. 1 February 2005)
                          bb. Ada Jo Reed (b. 19 October 1943, d. 8 March 1994)
                          Lorraine's 2nd husband was Henry Fred Meyer. They had one child:
                          cc. Thomas Henry Meyer
                          Lorraine's 3rd husband was Karl H. Starck
                          Lorraine's 4th husband was Frank Day
                 c. Lillian Maude Ervin (b. 22 June 1888, d. 13 August 1983) married Charles R. Baker. They had three children:
                       i. John Clarence Baker (b. 2 November 1908, d. 26 June 1939) married Mildred Brown. They had one child:
                          aa. John Clarence Baker, Jr.
                      ii. Kathryn L. Baker (b. 16 April 1910, d. 20 July 1993) married Clyde Leedy. They had two children:
                          aa. Clark D. Leedy
                          bb. Carl B. Leedy (b. 29 October 1939, d. 29 June 2000)
                     iii. William Charles Baker (b. 30 May 1911, d. 7 April 1983) married Elenora Perry. They had two children:
                          aa. Robert Charles Baker
                          bb. William Clyde Baker
                 d. Clarence Beam Ervin (b. 18 April 1891, d. 31 January 1972) married Emma Eleanor Martens. They had eight children:
                       i. Clarence Lorraine Ervin (b. 2 December 1916, d. 30 June 1991) married Jean Marie Gossett. They had two children:
                          aa. Clarence Patrick Ervin
                          bb. Terrance Dean Ervin
                      ii. Eleanor (Peggy) Mae Ervin (b. 17 July 1920,d. 14 August 2001) married Gale Victor Gossett. They had two children:
                          aa. Vickie Sue Gossett
                          bb. Shelly Gossett
                     iii. Virginia Rose Ervin (b. 17 July 1923, d. 11 October 2007) married Max R. Hill. They had two children:
                          aa. Cindy Hill
                          bb. Kenneth Hill
                     iv. Adeline Eleanor Ervin (b. 24 July 1924, d. 15 March 2008) married Leslie Leroy Denny. They had three children:
                          aa. Michael Denny
                          bb.Diane Elaine Denny
                          cc. Rick Denny
                      v. Lucia Ann Ervin (b. 11 August 1926, d. 1 September 2007) married Robert Bahls. They had two children:
                          aa. Kevin Bahls
                          bb. Timothy Bahls
                          Lucia Ann's 2nd husband was Voil Martin
                     vi. Donald Dean Ervin (b. 16 June 1928, d. 22 August 2012) married LaWanda Goble. They had seven children:
                          aa. David Ervin
                          bb. Randy Ervin
                          cc. Ronald Ervin
                          dd. Patty Ervin
                          ee. Julie Ervin
                          ff. Karen Ervin
                          gg. Sharon Ervin
                    vii. Robert William Ervin (b. 6 April 1930, d. 28 November 2016) married Betty Powell. They had two children:
                          aa. Linda Ervin
                          bb. William Robert Ervin
                   viii. Lawrence Richard Ervin (b. 1 October 1932, d. 26 May 1984) married Lavon Myers.
                 e. Vinton Ervin (b. abt. 1893, aft. 1900)
                 f. Robert Verne Ervin (b. 28 November 1895, d. 29 April 1970) married Mary Brown. They had two children:
                       i. Robert Charles Ervin, Jr (b. 20 November 1924, d. 19 May 2001).
                      ii. William Luther Ervin (b. 1 June 1926, d. 19 November 1998)

             7. Harriet Josephine Ervin (b. 6 November 1859, d. 13 November 1933) married Lewis Anderson Davisson on 29 November 1881.
                They had three children:
                 a. Unnamed Davisson (b. abt 1883, d. bef 1900)
                 b. Nellie E. Davisson (b. 2 December 1884, d. 5 January 1964) married John Mortimer Dyer. They had five children
                       i. Gordon A. Dyer (b. 12 May 1906, d. 15 July 1925)
                      ii. Sherrille (Sam) M. Dyer (b. 2 March 1908, d. 5 July 1984) married Nina M. Allen. They had one child:
                          aa. Terry Eugene Dyer
                     iii. Morris D. Dyer (b. 12 March 1910, d. 13 November 1983) married Martha Leona Arrick in 1956.
                     iv. Lowell Webb Dyer (b. 1913, d. 26 November 1962) married Martha Leona Arrick in 1935. They had three children:
                          aa. Elizabeth Ann Dyer
                          bb. Beverly Sue Dyer (b . 4 June 1939, d. 9 September 1969)
                          cc. Sharren Lea Dyer
                      v. Verna Mae Dyer (b. 17 April 1920, d. 20 May 1988) married Raymond Joseph Altman. They had four children:
                          aa. Thomas Joseph Altman
                          bb. Janet Marie Altman
                          cc. Shirley K. Altman
                          dd. Robert Raymond Altman (b. 10 February 1948, d. 27 June 2000)
                 c. Robert Amazie Davisson (b. 26 July 1890, d. 3 January 1940) married Anna Bell Sterner. They had three children:
                       i. Robert Lawrence Davisson (b. 10 April 1909, d. 21 June 1963) married Mary Kathryn Hershey. They had two children:
                          aa. Robert Lawrence Davisson (b. 30 December 1933, d. 26 October 1936)
                          bb. Margaret Ann Davisson (b. 3 February 1935, d. 31 March 2023)
                      ii. Harriett Rogene Davisson (b. 1 October 1911, d. 16 July 1990) married Donald Dudley
                     iii. Sterner A. Davisson (b. 12 February 1916, d. 6 May 1994) married Kathryn Jean Mills. They had two children:
                          aa. John Sterner Davisson (b. 14 October 1946, d. 11 December 1999)
                          bb. Mary Kay Davisson
                   Robert's 2nd wife was Merle Beach.

             8. John Lincoln Ervin (b. 17 March 1861, d. 13 July 1933) married Blanche E. Gruber (died shortly after marriage) ;
                 John's 2nd wife was Jennie May Francisco on 28 June 1893. They had five children:
                 a. Verne Lyman Ervin (b. 29 July 1895, d. 15 February 1959) married Mary Beulah Fair.
                     They had five children:
                       i. Ruth Louise Ervin (b. 31 October 1917, d. 28 February 1987) married Lester W. Brockwell. They had four children:
                          aa. James Lester Brockwell
                          bb. Robert Lewis Brockwell (b. 4 January 1939, d. 16 April 2014)
                          cc. Gerald S. "aka Tracy" Brockwell (b. 6 August 1941, d. 2003)
                          dd. Judith Ann Brockwell (b. 30 August 1943, d. 19 January 2017)
                      ii. Gerald Vernon Ervin (b. 30 September 1921, d. 17 December 1944) while serving in Italy during World War II
                     iii. Betty Mae Ervin (b. 3 August 1925, d. 1 February 2015) married Ralph Daniel Taylor. They had seven children:
                          aa. Michael Scott Taylor (b. 24 March 1947, d. 6 October 2009)
                          bb. Nancy Ann Taylor
                          cc. William Brian Taylor (b. 18 November 1953, d. 25 August 1990)
                          dd. Mary Ruth Taylor
                          ee. Catherine Josephine Taylor
                          ff. David Patrick Taylor
                          gg. Mark Andrew Taylor
                     iv. John Martin Ervin (b. 3 June 1930, d. 23 February 2018) married Faye Rose Murphy. They had eight children
                         (some of whom were adopted by Faye's second husband):
                          aa. Timothy Lester Ervin (b. 7 September 1955, d. 30 July 2022)
                          bb. Brian Martin Ervin
                          cc. Terri Jean Ervin
                          dd. Deborah Ann Ervin Laraway
                          ee. Diana Sue Ervin Laraway
                          ff. Jeffrey Lynn Ervin
                          gg. Mary Ann Ervin Laraway
                          hh. Linda Kathleen Ervin Laraway
                          John Martin's 2nd wife was Lauretta Eileen ____
                      v. Verne Thomas Ervin (b. 10 November 1936, d. 20 February 2005) married Barbara Bernice Durant. They had three children:
                          aa. Tracy Lee Ervin
                          bb. Tammy Sue Ervin
                          cc. Todd Ervin
                 b. Don M. Ervin (b. 25 October 1897, d. 29 July 1979) married Nellie S. Janse
                    Don's 2nd wife was Irene N. Gage
                 c. John Merle Ervin (b. 12 December 1902, d. 4 August 1976) married Lillian E. Talvensaari . They had one child:
                       i. Joanne Paula Ervin (b. 2 May 1929, d. 3 June 2006)
                    John's 2nd wife was Maxine I. Trestain. They had two children:
                      ii. Charles Malcolm Ervin
                     iii. John Maland Ervin
                 d. Grant Devalson Ervin (b. 1 February 1905, d. 25 February 1970) married Queene L. Munger. They had five children:
                       i. Richard G. Ervin (b. 16 November 1925, d. 12 December 2001) married Shirley Marilyn Irish . They had two children:
                          aa. Gail Ervin
                          bb. Dean Ervin
                      ii. Theodore Robert Ervin (b. 12 May 1928, d. 22 January 1994) married Yarda D. Anderson. They had two children:
                          aa. Christine K. Ervin
                          bb. Timothy Ervin
                      v. Sandra I. Ervin (b. 24 April 1939, d. 9 January 1988) married Arlen Henderson. They had two children:
                          aa. Beth G. Henderson
                          bb. Lauri J. Henderson
                          Sandra's 2nd husband was Ray Halbrook. They had two children:
                          aa. Brenda D. Halbrook
                          abb. Amy R. Halbrook
                     iv. Joseph Lee Ervin (b. 10 Mardh 1943, d. 31 May 2020) married Barbara Mathews. They had three children:
                          aa. Rebecca Ervin
                          bb. Jin Marie Ervin
                          cc. Jon Ervin
                          Joseph's 2nd wife was Valarie Ann Fons with whom he adopted six children:
                          dd. Steven Ervin
                          ee. Micala Ervin
                          ff. Joshua Ervin
                          gg. Shammond Ervin
                          hh. Korrina Ervin
                          ii. Kayla Ervin

                     iii. Gary D. Ervin married Suzanne _____. They had three children:
                          aa. Hunter G. Ervin
                          bb. Erin H. Ervin
                          cc. Nicole Ervin
                 e. DeVere Francisco Ervin (b. 4 February 1909, d. 18 March 1987) married Cecile Sawin. They had one child:
                      i. Barbara Jean Ervin (b. 19 November 1929, d. 10 November 2019) married William Francis White. They had four children:
                          aa. Celia Susanne White
                          bb. Sherry Dawn White
                          cc. Wendy K. White
                          dd. Vicky Renee White (b. 24 January 1959, d. 25 January 2017)
                     Devere's 2nd wife was Emma Amanda Fiedler. They had three children:
                     i. Miriam Diane Ervin (b. 21 November 1933, d. 13 March 2020) married Robert Dominic Zender. They had six children:
                          aa. Christine Louise Zender
                          bb. Elizabeth Ann Zender
                          cc. John Robert Zender
                          dd. Paul Robert Zender
                          ee. Mark Robert Zender
                          ff. Matthew Robert Zender
                          Miriam's 2nd husband was Larry H. Szymczak
                     ii. Janis Joy Ervin (b. 6 February 1935, d. 17 December 2010) married James Edward Mosley. They had three children:
                          aa. Julia Naomi Mosley
                          bb. Adam Crispin Mosley
                          cc. Kim Mosley
                   iii. Douglas Edwin Ervin (b. 28 January 1946, d. 9 December 2015) married Marylin Wisenburger. They had two children:
                          aa. Linda Michelle Ervin
                          bb. Craig Ervin
                          Douglas' 2nd wife was Sherry Thuma. They had one child:
                          cc. Tracy L. Ervina (b. 26 September 1970, d. 9 March 1974)
                     DeVere's 3rd wife was Doris Eugenia Barker

              9. Willie S. Ervin (b. 25 February 1863, d. 24 October 1863)

            10. Walter Ervin (b. 1867, d. 17 November 1893)

            Martha married (2)Stephen Bunnell on 7 September 1871 in White County, Indiana. Stephen was born 9 February 1803 in Ross County, OH and died 25
            April 1880 in White County, IN. They had no children.

       B. Isaac J. Smith was born 21 April 1830 in Greene County, OH and died 2 August 1886 in White County, IN. He married Nancy Amanda Correll on 24
           November 1853. Nancy was born 16 December 1835 in Ohio and died 6 December 1898 in White County, IN. They had ten children:

             1. John Hurshell Smith (b. abt 1854, d. bef 1870)

             2. Margaret Estella Smith (b. abt 1857, d. bef 1870)

             3. Charles W. Smith (b. abt 1859, d. bef 1870)

             4. Amanda Belle Smith (b. 22 December 1861, d. 16 February 1951) married Freeland F. Harmon. They had four children:
                 a. Everette Martin Harmon (b. 24 October 1882, d. 12 December 1960) married Mary Elizabeth Deckard. They had three children:
                       i. Russell Harold Harmon (b. 3 February 1907, d. 19 July 1969) married Nola F. Thompson. They had one child:
                          aa. Barbara Ann Harmon (b. 2 Marh 1930, d. 27 June 2011)
                          Russell's 2nd wife was Myra Ruth Freed
                      ii. Edna Harriet Harmon (b.1911, d. 1923)
                     iii. Herbert F. Harmon (b. 1 July 1913, d. 15 March 1994) married Esther LaVern Oilar. They had one child:
                          aa. Robert R. Harmon
                 b. William Harmon (d. abt 1885, d. bef 1895)
                 c. Francis Edward (Frank) Harmon (b. 25 May 1887, d. 30 October 1959) married to Opal North
                 d. Blanche Harmon (b. 8 July 1901, d. 10 May 1906)

             5. Maria May Smith (b. 29 February 1864, d. 14 August 1951) ) married to Charles F. Myers . They had four children:
                 a. Curtis S. Myers (b. 11 January 1890, d. 23 September 1895)
                 b. Frederick Ord Myers (b. 22 July 1895, d. 3 April 1905)
                 c. Ira Isaac Myers (b. 8 April 1897, d. 29 February 1960) married Gladys Irene Lehman. They had four children:
                        i. Richard Eugene Myers (b. 19 September 1920), d. 6 October 1990) married Marilyn Elaine Swaney. They had six children:
                          aa. Donald Myers
                          bb. Thomas Myers
                          cc. Ruth Myers
                          dd. Lois Myers
                          ee. Rebecca Myers
                          ff. Christina Myers
                       ii. Alice Irene Myers (b. 27 November 1922, d. 2 June 2022) married Bill K. Thornburg. They had two children:
                          aa. Ronald Lee Thornburg
                          bb. Barbara May Thornburg (b. 21 September 1950, d. 22 October 2019)
                      iii. Elizabeth May Myers (b. 15 August 1926, d. 24 November 2022) married Clark Porter Heslar. They had two children:
                          aa. David Lee Heslar
                          bb. Jane Ann Heslar
                      iv. Dorothy Lorene Myers (b. 18 October 1935, d. 15 December 2021) married Jimmie L. Mansfield. They had two children:
                         aa. Roger L. Mansfield
                         bb. Brett A. Mansfield
                 d. Kenneth L. Myers (b. 7 October 1905, d. 10 October 1963) married Beatrice Buskirk. No known children.

             6. Virginia "Jennie" Smith (b. abt 1867, d. bef 1880)

             7. Emma Smith (b. September 1869, d. bef 1880)

             8. Cora B. Smith (b. 3 July 1871, d. 12 February 1962) married David F. Yost. They had one child:
                  a. Erma N. Yost (b. 17 June 1899, d. 14 January 1979) married George H. Stinson. They had one child:
                       i. David Ray Stinson (b. 23 February 1927, d. 23 January 2003) married Margaret V. Schuh. They had three children:
                          aa. Sydney M. Stinson
                          bb. Lesley A. Stinson (b. 1 August 1954, d. 26 February 2002)
                          cc. Dwight Stinson

             9. Francis Malon Smith (b. 28 May 1876, d. 27 August 1943) married Daisy B. Knox abt 1898.
                 They had one child:
                  a. Cecil Raymond Smith (b. 30 June 1899, d. 22 February 1947) married Lois E. Taylor. They had two children:
                       i. Jane Annabelle Smith (b. 14 October 1930, d. 24 August 1979) married Max L. White
                      ii. Raymond Edward Smith (28 March 1936, d. 6 February 2015)

           10. Isaac Luther Smith (b. 7 November 1879, d. 5 February 1891)

       C. John Ballenger Smith was born 11 January 1835 in Greene County, OH and died 13 December 1903 in Argos, Marshall County, IN. He married
          Rebecca Ann Mahin on 5 July 1855. Rebecca was born 1 April 1836 in Greene County, OH and died 28 February 1925 in La Porte, La Porte County,
          IN. They had four children:

            1. Luella B. "Martha" Smith (b. 6 April 1856, d. 31 January 1926) married Matthew Stephenson 17 September 1879. They had no known children.
               2nd husband of Luella's was Christian Siple on 22 April 1883 . They had two children:
               a. Luanna Blanche Siple (b. 25 December 1884, d. 19 June 1915) married Solomon J. Shadel. They had four children:
                     i. Frances Siple Shadel (b. 13 August 1905, d. 25 March 1987) married Edmund Grant Duling. They had one child:
                          aa. John Anderson Duling
                    ii. Ruth Luella Shadel (b. 10 July 1908, d. 26 June 1996) married William D. Laurie. They had one child:
                          aa. Carl Douglas Laurie (b. 29 September 1930, d. 24 June 2002)
                   iii. Henry Karl Shadel (b. 21 January 1910, d. 9 December 1994) married Wenonah Cortese. They had two children:
                          aa. Infant Shadel
                          bb. Darryl Henry Shadel
                   iv. John Franklin Dale Shadel (b. 16 February 1914, d. 26 November 1996) married Elnora Belle Lamkin. They had four children:
                          aa. Donald Warren Shadel
                          bb. Dennis Robert Shadel
                          cc. Janice Elnora Shadel
                          dd. John Franklin Shadel
               b. John Dale Siple (b. 16 May 1891, d. 13 March 1946) married Elsie Marie Zimmerman. They had one child:
                     i. John Dale Siple (b. 6 February 1927, d. 6 October 2005)married Rosemary Whitford

            2. Milton Seth Smith (b. 17 November 1861, d. 3 July 1935) married Alice L. Preston on 19 May 1887. She was born 30 March 1864 and
               died 25 May 1897. They had one child:
                a. Vera A. Smith (b. 3 October 1888, d. 19 March 1981)
                2nd wife of Milton Seth Smith was Lydia A. Hoover (b. 2 September 1864, d. 15 October 1947). They were married on 19 October 1899.
                They had two children:
                b. Earl Grant Smith (b. 7 December 1901, d. 28 June 1967) married Winifred Coles Burton. They had five children:
                      i. David Coles Smith, married Betty Rule and they had two children:
                         aa. Pauline Smith
                         bb. Earl Coles Smith
                     ii. Diane Lydia Smith, married Jack Schmidt.
                        2nd husband of Diane's was John McConnell.
                    iii. Vera Lee Smith (b. 28 June 1937, d. 9 March 1939)
                    iv. Louise Ellen Smith married Louis Vaughn and they had two children:
                        aa. Philip Dean Vaughn
                        bb. David Eugene Vaughn
                     v. Earl Lawrence Smith married Janice Isley and they had two children
                        aa. Matthew Gregory Smith
                        bb. Burton Russell Smith
                c. Milton Hoover Smith (b. 8 April 1906, d. 15 August 1983) married Fairy _____. There was no known children.
                   2nd wife of Milton Hoover Smith was Mary Ellen Burton. They had two children:
                     i. Milton Burton Smith (b. 16 September 1932, d. 22 September 2009)
                    ii. Patrick Earl Smith (b. 5 April 1934, d. abt 1980) married Rita Aguirre They had one child:
                       aa. Patrick Smith

            3. Grant Simpson Smith (b. 20 November 1863, d. 18 April 1949) married L. E. ____.

            4. Laura Louise Smith (b. 1866, d. February 1962) married William Bryant Blackstone. They had one known child:
                a. Lillian Bell Blackstone (b. 1898, d. 1955)

       D. Isabelle Smith was born 9 October 1839 in Madison County, OH and died 10 January 1916. She first married Burroughs Chaffin who was born about
           1836 and died before 1899. They had two children:

           1. Rosetta Chaffin (b. 8 January 1863, d. 9 June 1948) married to Milton A. Thomas. They had one adopted child:
               a. Olive M. Thomas (b. November 1892,d. ?)

           2. Albert M. Chaffin (b. 25 December 1865, d.3 June 1927) married Victoria Stambaugh. They had three children:
                a. Warren Russell Chaffin (b. 5 July 1894, d. 10 May 1963)
                b. Florence Virginia Chaffin (b. 14 October 1896, d. 15 April 1981) married Harold Derr Wiese. They had one child:)
                    i. Virginia Lee Wiese (b. 24 May 1923, d. 8 March 2013) married John Ahlman Brandon. They had three children:
                          aa. Carol Brandon
                          bb. Susan Brandon
                          cc. Kathy Brandon
                c. Paul Preston Chaffin (b. 6 April 1900, d. 23 April 1986) married Viola Maria Elam. No known children.
           2nd husband of Isabelle's was Enoch Preston, father of Alice L. Preston who married John Ballenger Smith's son Milton S. Smith, above.
            He was born 13 February 1827 in Union County, IN and died 18 December 1906 in La Porte, La Porte County, IN.

       E. William Hamilton Smith was born 23 August 1844 in Madison County, OH and died 12 January 1845 in Madison County, OH.

       F. Melvin Smith was born 2 December 1846 in Madison County, OH and died 15 August 1849 in South Solon, Madison County, OH.

VI- William Templer Clemons was born 11 March 1811 in Loudoun County, Virginia and died 6 May 1894 in Van Wert County, Ohio. He married Elizabeth
      Dalby on 6 September 1833. Elizabeth was born 5 February 1815 and died 22 October 1891. They are both buried in Woodland Cemetery in
      Van Wert, OH. They had nine known children.

       A. Francis Marion Clemans (b. 24 June 1835, d. 14 January 1916) married (1) Sarah Isabella Chaffin and (2) Clara B. Chaffin, a cousin of his first wife.
          He had four children in the first marriage.
            1. Lilllie Viola Clemans (b. 28 July 1863, d. 2 October 1863)
            2. William Leroy Clemans (b. 7 July 1865, d. 16 April 1939) married Retta Belle Turnbull and they had one child:
                a. Fred Leroy Clemans (b. 22 April 1892, d. 4 October 1952) married Gertrude E. Reynolds. They had four children:
                       i. Infant Clemans (b. 21 December 1916, d. 21 December 1916)
                       ii. Dorothy Geneva Clemans (b. 16 January 1919, d. 6 February 1995) married Frederick Russell Heifner. They had three children:
                          aa. Pamela Heifner
                          bb. Etoile Heifner
                          cc. Celeste Heifner
                      iii. Kent Leroy Clemans (b. 11 June 1922, d. 24 March 1987) married Edith M. Rector. they had four children:
                          aa. Gary L. Clemans
                          bb. Infant Clemans (b. 1952, d. 30 April 1952)
                          cc. Gail Lea Clemans
                          dd. Kern A. Clemans
                      iv. Frances Joyce Clemans (b. 3 November 1925, d. 17 April 1997) married Homer Harry McIntyre. They had two children:
                          aa. Stacia J. McIntyre
                          bb. Scott C. McIntyre

            3. Frederick Marion Clemans (b. 25 March 1867, d. 25 January 1952) married Anna S. Sceva and they had five children;
                a. John Francis Clemans (b. 1892, d. 1894)
                b. Ella V. Clemens (b. 29 January 1895, d. 16 January 1994)
                c. Florence Clemens (b. 28 December 1896, d. 11 July 1996)
                d. Robert Duvall Clemans (b. 18 September 1898, d. 9 March 1975) married Audrey M. Claar. They had two children:
                       i. Nancy Ann Clemans (b. 15 August 1928, d. 11 September 2016) married Henry Clay Kimbrough, Jr. They had four children:
                          aa. Linda Ann Kimbrough
                          bb. Robert Henry Kimbrough
                          cc. Kent Nelson Kimbrough (b. 4 October 1963, d. 17 July 2009)
                          dd. Victoria B. Kimbrough (b. 1 August 1966, d. 30 January 2003)
                       2nd husband of Nancy Ann's was Richard D. Fredrick
                      ii. Margaret (Peg) Louise Clemans (b. 1 April 1933, d. 8 January 2023) married Stanley Joe Forrest. They had four children:
                          aa. Beth Anna Forrest
                          bb. Lori Jo Forrest
                          cc. Nancy Lynn Forrest
                          dd. Amy Lee Forrest
                e. Frederick McArthur Clemens (b. 25 April 1902, d. 27 April 1985) married Marian E. Miller. They had one child:
                     i. Marianna Clemens married Wilfred W. Waak. They had two children:
                          aa. Erik John Waak
                          bb. Karl Christopher Waak
            4. Nellie Grace Clemans (b. 13 March 1876, d. 25 April 1879)

       B. Sarah Emily Clemons (b. 28 August 1836, d. 6 August 1883) married Elza Sheely on 14 August 1855 in Greene County, OH. Elza
           was born 19 October 18934 and died 8 December 1916. They had nine children:

           1. Luella Jane Sheely (b. 18 April 1856, d. 11 October 1882) married Bartholomew Tillman Vestal.

           2. Margaret Elizabeth Sheely (b. 8 May 1860, d. 18 December 1944) married John Vosburg Aitken and they had three children:
               a. Sarah Elenor (aka Ella) Aitken (b. 14 Janury 1882, d. ?) married Frank burns
               b. Janet Aitken (b. 7 January 1887, d, 21 August 1980) married John W. Wagner. They had two children:
                       i. Margaret Elizabeth Wagner (b. 21 February 1909, d. November 1976) married Elmer L. Gleichman
                      ii. David John Wagner (b. 4 July 1911, d. 11 December 1994) married Eleanor Weekley. They had two children:
                          aa. Patricia Ann Wagner
                          bb. Kay Frances Wagner (b. 10 December 1938, d. 17 October 1998)
               c.  Charles Elza Aitken (b. abt 1891, d. ?)

           3. William L. Sheely (b. abt 1861, d. ?)

           4. James W. Sheely (b. December 1866, d. ?)

           5. Lida (aka Eliza) J. Sheely (b. November 1868, d. 9 March 1914) married Haller Edwards and they had three children:
               a. Samuel G. Edwards (b. November 1889, d. ?) married Mary Belle Briggs.
               b. Lillian A. Edwards (b. 27 November 1893, d. ?)
               c. Blanche Inez Edwards (b. 19 February 1896, d. after 1944) married Ole Gilbertson. They had two children:
                  i. Elmer Gilbertson (b. 15 August 1924, d. 9 June 2022)married Evelyn Joyce Nickeson. They had three children:
                     aa. Gail Marie Gilbertson
                     bb. Lynn D. Gilbertson
                     cc. Bonnie G. Gilbertson
                 ii. Robert William Gilbertson (b. 16 pril 1926, d. 22 November 2016)

           6. Marion Jefferson Sheely (b. 1870, d. 1948) married Lilly A. Kirk and they had three children:
               a. Edward W. Sheely (b. 20 August 1896, d. 8 March 1981)
               b. Lois A. Sheely (b. October 1898, d. 1960) married Lee Downey
               c. Harry L. Sheely (b. 3 January 1902, d. 1 July 1973) married Lora __ .
                  2nd wife of Harry's was E. Grace Mitchell.

           7. Frederick Richard Sheely (b. 21 September 1873, d. 26 July 1951) married Nellie Reid Clark. They had four children:
               a. Mildred Lorene Sheely (b.12 January 1906, d. 1 June 1994) married Clarence Alva Parkinson and they had two children.
                    i. Jean M. Parkinson (b. 20 November 1929, d. 14 July 2002) married Harlan C. Hartwig. They had four children:
                          aa. Patrick L. Hartwig
                          bb. Gloria Hartwig
                          cc. Wendy Hartwig
                          dd. Allyson Hartwig
                   ii. Terry Parkinson married Janis M _____. They had one child:
                          aa. Kelly Parkinson
               b. Charles Marcus Sheely (b. 21 September 1909, d. 6 July 1970) married Mildred G. Schultz. They had no children.
               c. Madge Irene Sheely (b. 31 August 1911, d. 27 June 1983) married (1) Donald Arthur Winans. They had three children:
                      i. Jack R. Winans (b. 21 December 1928, d. 3 August 1991) Married Dorothy Ellis. They had four childen:
                          aa. Donald Scott Winans
                          bb. Craig Winans
                          cc. Curtis Kevin Winans
                          dd. Jennae Winans
                     ii. Betty Jo Winans (b. 13 June 1931, d. 2019)
                    iii. Lu Ann Winans (b. 17 November 1934, d. 2015) married Richard James Roatch. They had nine children:
                          aa. LeeAnn Sue Roatch
                          bb. Diane Lynn Roatch
                          cc. Lynette Irine Roatch
                          dd. Richard Charles Roatch
                          ee. Linda Ann Roatch
                          ff. Susan Marie Roatch
                          gg. Betty Joann Roatch
                          hh. Jimmy Allen Roatch
                          ii. Joey David Roatch
                          Madge's 2nd husband was William Francis Daniels
               d. Marian E. Sheely (b.29 May 1915, d. February 1992) married Gontron V. Bedel. They had five children:
                     i. Anthony Bedel married Marilee _________________. They had four children.
                       aa. Anthony Bedel
                       bb. Jonathan Bedel
                       cc. Elizabeth Bedel
                       dd. Adam Bedel
                    ii. Timothy Bedel (b. 8 April 1949, d. 22 February 2018)
                   iii. Daniel Bedel
                   iv. Michael Scott Bedel (b. 16 September 1952 d. 26 October 2015)
                   v. Patrick Bedel.

           8. Christopher Leroy Sheely (b. 8 January 1875, d. 10 April 1957) married Anna Belle Hoagland and they had one child:
               a. Helen Ida Sheely (b. 17 March 1901, d. 24 October 1982) married Frank Leslie Mestrezatt Garard. They had three children:
                       i. Frank Leslie Garard (b. 15 February 1922, d. 23 March 1990) married Luella Hagaman. They had one child:
                          aa. Leslie Leigh Gerard
                          Franks's 2nd wife was Dorothy Leevora Wright. They had one child:
                          bb. Lana Chazella Garard
                      ii. Colleen Avarra Garard (b. 10 January 1926, d. 3 December 2001) married Robert Nathaniel Whigham. They had two children:
                          aa.Robert Whigham
                          bb. Deborah Kay Whigham
                          Colleen's 2nd husband was Richard William Hole.
                     iii. Harriett Annabell Garard (b. 21 June 1930, d. 24 September 1989) married William David Yarborough and they had one child:
                         aa. Mickey Yarborough
                         Harriett's 2nd husband was Jesse James Loveless and they had one child:
                         bb. Patricia Loveless

          9. Charles E. Sheely (b. February 1877, d. ?)

       C. Martha Clemons (b. 21 November 1837, d. 2 November 1873) married Matthew S. Moorman and they had five children:

           1. Rosetta Harriett Moorman (b. 1 February 1857, d.29 September 1937) married James T. Heath and they had one known child:
               a. Edna Laura Heath (b. 22 November 1878, d. 10 April 1933) married Jesse W. Brown. They had one child:
                       i. Dorris Heath Brown (b. 11 September 1898, d. 27 December 1966) married Davis R. Little. They had one chlld:
                          aa. Jacquelyn Little (b. 9 July 1923, d. 2 May 2012)
                          Dorris' 2nd husband was Robert R. Lucas.

          2. Charles William Moorman (b. 26 February 1859, d. 7 June 1957) married Nettie E. Turner and they had three children:
               a. Leroy James Moorman (b. 28 October 1886, d. March 1958) married Edith May Grimes. They had two children:
                       i. Robert C. Moorman (b. 21 August 1908, d. 24 February 1959) married Alberta Snyder. They had one child:
                         aa. Marcia Ann Moorman
                      ii. Ralph K. Moorman (b. 11 October 1912, d. 29 December 1974).
               b. Franklin Burdette Moorman (b. 15 September 1889, d. 24 November 1972) married Marguerite A. Owens. They had six children:
                       i.Elizabeth L. Moorman (b. 24 March 1912, d. 20 April 1991) married John Q. Cottrell. They had two children:
                          aa. Susan Allen Cottrell (b.23 January 1943, d. 31 January 1992)
                          bb. Mary Margaret Cottrell
                      ii. Marjorie Owens Moorman (b. 14 December 1913, d. 25 June 1970) married Charles K. Rutter. They had one child:
                          aa. Anne Kahl Rutter
                     iii. James Robert Moorman (b. 9 February 1917, d. 11 February 2007) married Claribelle Lamm. They had two children:
                          aa. Alice Jane Moorman
                          bb. Thomas Paul Moorman
                          James' 2nd wife was Dorothy Marie Francis
                     iv. Kenneth Allen Moorman (b. 8 May 1919, d. 20 July 1993) married Wilma Jean McKinney. They had six childdren:
                          aa. Cynthia Jean Moorman (b. 11 May 1947, d. 18 March 1959)
                          bb. Sandra Michelle Moorman
                          cc. Theresa Ann Moorman
                          dd. Shelley Moorman
                          ee. Mark Moorman
                          ff. Lisa Moorman
                      v. Frank Burdette Moorman, Jr. (b. 3 April 1922, d. 24 February 2020) married Doris P. Roderick. They had two children:
                         aa. Frank Burdette Moorman, III
                         bb. Sharon Rae Moorman
                     vi. Alfred Arnold Moorman (b. 9 May 1927, d. 16 February 2014) married June Anne Ford. They had six children:
                         aa. Debra Lynn Moorman
                         bb. Gregg Arnold Moorman
                         cc. Yvonne Marie Moorman
                         dd. Virginia Louise Moorman
                         ee. Janene C.Moorman
                         ff. James E. Moorman
               c. Howard Charles Moorman (b. 25 October 1895, d. 21 June 1981) married Flossie Ritenour. They had two children:
                       i. Patricia Moorman (b. 1 May 1920, d. 13 February 2010)
                      ii. Howard Charles Moorman, Jr. (b. 4 May 1926, d. 9 October 1981) married Barbara A. Boyd. They had one child:
                          aa. Lauris E. Moorman

           3. Alice Matilda Moorman (b. 12 September 1862, d. 3 March 1941) married Edward Peters.

           4. Harry Leroy Moorman (b. 15 November 1863, d. 14 March 1950) married Esther F. Bradds. They had three children:
               a. Clarence T. Moorman (b. July 1889, d. 20 March 1917)
               b. Mary Bernice Moorman (b. 1 June 1891, d. 18 January 1946) married James Earl Ford. They had nine children:
                        i. Harry Ernest Ford (b. 18 June 1917, d. 21 June 1968) married Hazel Louise Reynolds. They had five children:
                          aa. Ruth Ann Ford
                          bb. Joseph Earl Ford (b. 12 September 1941, d. 15 July 1988)
                          cc. Donald A. Ford
                          dd. Raymond Eugene Ford
                          ee. Harriet Ford
                          Harry's 2nd wife was Nellie Jane Huff. They had two children:
                          ff. Harry Ernest Ford, Jr. (b. 17 November 1955, d. 21 June 1968)
                          gg. Suellen Ford
                      ii. James Matthew Ford (b. 30 November 1918, d. 9 June 1922)
                     iii. Helen L. Ford (b. 19 January 1920, d. 10 March 2019) married Carl F. McMichael, Jr. They had three children:
                          aa. Richard McMichael
                          bb. Nancy Jean McMichael (b. 1942, d. 2 January 1964)
                          cc. James McMichael
                          Helen's 2nd husband was Richard Reason Stivers . They had two children:
                          dd. Philip F. Stivers
                          ee. Steven Stivers
                     iv. Marguerite R. Ford (b. 17 May 1921, d. 12 December 1993) married Daniel T. Hart
                      v. Mary Louise Ford (b. 17 October 1922, d. 17 May 1998) married Ralph Edwin Bogan. They had one child:
                          aa.Jack E. Bogan (b. 11 November 1943, d. 9 June 2005)
                     vi. Martha A. Ford (b. 17 October 1922, d.28 October 2014) married John W. Mercer. They had one child:
                          aa. Ronald Eugene Mercer
                    vii. Joan Ford (b. 19 January 1925, d. 28 September 2015) married Robert Huff. They had four children:
                          aa. Kenton Huff
                          bb. Thomas Huff (b. 9 May 1947, d. 18 November 1972)
                          cc. Penelope Ann Huff
                          dd. Timothy Allen Huff (b. 4 September 1955, d. 14 July 2003)
                   viii. Madeline Ford (b. 8 December 1926, d. 24 November 2009) married William R. Dean. They had three children:
                         aa. William R. Dean, Jr.
                         bb. Pamela Dean
                         cc. Andrew Dean
                         Madeline's 2nd husband was Fred O. Wilson. They had one child:
                         dd. Michael Wilson
                    ix. Harold Lee Ford (b. 3 December 1933, d. 19 November 2020) married Rita Hilliard. They had four children:
                          aa. Robbin E. Ford
                          bb. Kathy Jo Ford
                          cc. Alissa Beth Ford
                          dd. Barbara Lou Ford
               c. Martha Rebecca Moorman (b. 6 May 1895, d. 3 January 1965) married Ernest R. Ellis. They had four children:
                       i. Earl Leroy Ellis (b. 23 August 1916, d. 21 October 2011) married Dorothy McCoy.
                      ii. Esther G. Ellis (b. 26 July 1918, d. 15 September 1988) married Raymond Kenneth Horney.
                     iii. Robert M. Ellis (b. 28 September 1920, d. 12 February 1997) married Marguerite Louise Swaney. They had two children:
                          aa. Lawrence R. Ellis
                          bb. Rebecca Jane Ellis
                     iv. Mary Jane Ellis (b. 14 September 1922, d. 28 November 2007) married John Linton. They had two children:
                          aa. Michael W. Linton
                          bb. Sherry Lynn Linton
                   Martha's 2nd husband was Raymond William Babb.

           5. William Moorman (b. abt 1867, d. bef 1900) believed to have died in Oklahoma Territory.

       D. Angeline Clemons (b. 17 November 1841, d. 20 January 1885) married Josiah (or Joseph) Keys and they had two children:

           1. Lionel Elmer LeRoy Keys (b. 9 January 1866, d. 5 April 1931) married Clara Viola Barton. They had eight children:
               a. DeFord (aka Ford) Albert Keys (b. 5 September 1898, d. 2 April 1965) married Bessie Ruth. Thomas. They had one child:
                     i. Richard Edgar Keys (b. 22 Janary 1920, d. 30 April 1970) married Bernice Emma Laforge. They had two childlren:
                          aa. Joanne Barbara Keys
                          bb. Richard Allen Keys (b. 14 April 1948, d. 9 October 2011)
                   DeFord's 2nd wife was Virginia Parrish. They had four children:
                    ii. Norma June Keys (b. 26 June 1930, d. 12 October 1997) married Francis Eugene Truitt . They had six children:
                       aa. Brian Truitt
                       bb. Beth Truitt
                       cc. Robin Truitt
                       dd. Darrell Truitt
                       ee. Jerry Truitt
                       ff. Jennifer Truitt
                       Norma's 2nd husband was William Perry
                   iii. Marilyn E. Keys (b. 12 July 1932, d. 13 March 2016) married David Lee Wade. They had eight children:
                       aa. Pamela Sue Wade
                       bb. Jeffrey S. Wade
                       cc. David A. Wade
                       dd. Lisa A. Wade
                       ee. Michael S. Wade
                       ff. Theresa L. Wade
                       gg. Kathy L. Wade
                       hh. Peri S. Wade
                   iv. Phyllis Anne Keys married George Allen Mizer. They had two children:
                       aa. Maria R. Mizer
                       bb. Jeffrey J. Mizer
                   v. Doris Lorraine Keys (b. 10 March 1935, d. 26 April 2011) married Jacob Eugene Brown. They had five children:
                       aa. Karen M. Brown
                       bb. Katherine S. Brown
                       cc. Kristine L. Brown
                       dd. Kevin L. Brown
                       ee. Kurt E. Brown
               b. Vera D. Keys (b. 24 June l900, d. 25 January 1975) married William Joseph Scheurich. They had two children:
                     i. William J. Scheurich (b. 15 January 1922, d. 1 August 2007) married Celeste C. Hannenkratt. They had two children:
                          aa. William J. Scheurich
                          bb. Patricia A. Scheurich
                    ii. Norman Clair Scheurich (b. 22 April 1926, d. March 1993) married Agnes Pipesh. They had three children:
                          aa. Vera Scheurich
                          bb. Kathleen Scheurich
                          cc. Norman Scheurich
                       Norman's 2nd wife was Betty J. Russell
               c. Ethel Beatrice Keys (b. 3 December 1901. d. 9 March 1909)
               d. Ward O. Keys (b. 18 September 1903, d. 26 October 1921)
               e. LeRoy Eldorse Keys (used surname Kee)(b. 28 December 1904, d. November 1980) married Mary Estella Ausman. They adopted one child,
                  their niece:
                     i. Doris Lorraine Keys (b. 10 March 1935, d. 26 April 2011) married Jacob Eugene Brown (as listed above)
               f. Norman C. Keys (b. 25 September 1908, d.12 October 1971) married Clara A. Weiss.
                  They had three children.
                     i. June Norma Keys (b. 12 June 1929, d. 5 August 1989) married John Michael Postoian
                    ii. Barton Eugene Keys (b. 4 July 1935, d. 14 January 1992) married Carole Sue Warner
                   iii. Linda Diana Keys (b. 13 January 1945, d. 8 November 2000) married Donald Edwin Hanna. They had four children:
                          aa. Donald Patrick Hanna
                          bb. Tammy L. Hanna
                          cc. Wendy Nicole Hanna
                          dd. Todd Michael Hanna
               g. Donna June Keys (b. 2 July 1917, d. 7 January 1918) (twin to Donald Barton Keys)
               h. Donald Barton Keys (used surname Kee) (b. 2 July 1917, d. 26 April 1998) married Evelyn Papenbrock. They had three children.
                     i. Pamela Kee married Thomas Fisher
                    ii. Marta Kee married Richard Werst
                   iii. Sandra Kee married David Root

           2. William E. Keys (b. 4 July 1868, d. ?) married Huldah C. Snyder. They had one child.
               a. John E. Keys (b. 8 Jan 1891, d. abt 1907)
               2nd wife of William's was Cora D. Snyder.

       E. Laura Jane Clemons (b. 6 May 1844, d. 9 March 1938) married Addison Sellars
          2nd husband of Laura's was Salathiel Blaine Johnson

       F. Leroy Sunderlaine Clemens (b. 29 June 1845, d. 23 March 1913) married Mary Druzilla Hire who died young. They had one child:

           1. Clarance A. Clemens (b. 6 September 1880, d. 15 May 1881)

           2nd wife of Leroy's was Maryellen Murphy.

       G. Orange Scott Clemans (b. 24 October 1848, d. 21 May 1880) married Maria Agnes Walker and they had four children:

           1. Viola L. Clemans (b. 14 September 1871, d. 4 September 1940) married Charles Franklin Troup. They had two children.
               a. Vera Marie Troup (b. 21 October 1894, d. 24 November 1967) married John R. Dunstan
               b. Leah M. Troup (b. 19 August 1902, d. 22 October 1994) married John Wilson
                  2nd husband of Leah's was Russell I. Bender

           2. Ida Avanella Clemans (b. 2 December 1873, d. 28 November 1958) married Charles Levi Brown. They had two children:
               a. Alfonsine (aka Fonta) Isabell Brown (b. 28 April 1899) married Thurston George Meloy. They had two children:
                   i. Thurston George Meloy, Jr. ( b. 4 August 1924, d. 28 July2002) married Anne Elizabeth Clubb. They had two children:
                      aa. Linda Meloy
                      bb. Debra Meloy
                  ii. Patricia Ann Meloy (b. 20 August 1929, d. 16 September 2016) married Bruce Hollinhger Leakey. They had two children:
                     aa. Carolyn M. Leakey
                     bb. Nacny P. Leakey
                    2nd husband of Patricia's was Theodore P. Brenner
               b. Wilma Jean Aneta Brown (b. 13 June 1907, d. 6 July 1987) married Harmer Miller Reish. They had one child:
                   i. Mary Ann Reish married John Wesley Morris, III
           3. Myrtle Mariah Clemans (b. 27 April 1876, d. 22 May 1939) married John Alexander Berkshire. They had three chilldren
               a. Agnes Rebecca Berkshire (b. 8 June 1898, d. 28 April 1986) married Bryan L. Wilson. They had one child:
                   i. Ardath Louise Wilson (b. 4 March 1920, d. 9 October 1972) married Paul L. Pinter. They had five children:
                      aa. Paul William Pinter (b. 13 November 1944, d. abt 2022)
                      bb. Brent Jon Pinter (b. 4 September 1947, d. 12 February 2016)
                      cc. Bryan Don Pinter (b. 19 May 1949, d. 27 March 2017)
                      dd. Paula Katherine Pinter
                      ee. Michael Bradley Pinter
                   2nd husband of Agnes' was Harry Newman
                   3rd husband of Agnes' was Richard Newman
               b. Byron Clemens Berkshire (b. 21 July 1900, d. 12 December 1957) married Melba Ruth Wasson. They had four children:
                   i. Elizabeth Ann Berkshire married Raymond Wayne Heise. They had three children:
                      aa. Samuel W. Heise
                      bb. Corrina Sue Heise
                      cc. Janet Ann Heise
                 ii. Carol S. Berkshire
                 iii. John Byron Berkshire (b. 28 September 1944, d. 25 October 2020) married Betty Lou Worthington. They had three children:
                      aa. Toni Renae Berkshire
                      bb. Theresa Lynn Berkshire
                      cc. Ann M. Berkshire
                 iv. Sharon L. Berkshire married William C. Parr
               c. Myrtle Elizabeth Berkshire (b. 20 May 1913, d. 23 September 1988) married Michael J. Brown
                  2nd husband of Myrtle's was James M. Burk
           4. Carey C. Clemans (b. 21 December 1878, d. January 1956) married Della E. Winans
               2nd wife of Carey's was Ethel _____

       H. Charlotte F. Clemons (b. 2 September 1850, d. 15 February 1942) married Daniel Grove and they had six children:

            1. Charles W. Grove (b. abt 1871, d. ?) married Mary Burk. They had one known child.:
                a. Evelyn Marie Grove (b. 3 March 1903, d. 27 November 1993) married Leroy J. Adams.

            2. Artic Morrison Grove (b. b. 6 May 1873, d.1893)

            3. Bertie Grove (b. 24 February 1876, d. 4 January 1878)

            4.Thomas Gale Grove (b. 13 May 1881, d. 26 February 1968) married Oma Glen Burchard and they had five children:
               a. Helene Omah Grove (b. 17 June 1907, d. 22 January 1986) married Alfred W. Smith. They had two children:
                       i. Richard W. Smith (b. 16 June 1927, d. 28 October 1966)
                      ii. Arthur Smith
               b. Dorothy Elizabeth Grove (6 June 1909, d. 23 March 1999) married Thord Yahn. They had two children:
                       i. David Wayne Yahn (b. 29 July 1936, d. 1 September 2004) married Carolyn Z. Chiles. They had two children:
                          aa. Deborah Lynn Yahn
                          bb. Rebecca Yahn
                      ii. Philip Daniel Yahn (b. 4 August 1941, d. 30 april 2019) married Sandra Lee Thompson. They had three children:
                          aa. Heidi Yahn
                          bb. Jennifer Yahn
                          cc. Kristina D. Yahn
               c. Bessie Ruth Grove (b. 15 March 1910, d. 2 April 1949)married Herman O. Rogers
               d. Arthur G. Grove (b. 8 September 1913, d. 9 February 1976) married Mary
                   A. Bentz. They had three children:
                       i. Donald William Grove (b. 13 March 1940, d. 30 May 1945)
                      ii. Richard H. Grove married Loretta Ann Thomas. They had one child:
                          aa. Shelly R. Grove
                     iii. Robert Gale Grove married Mary Frances Fox
               e. Mary Isabelle Grove (b. 17 October 1918, d. 29 December 1965) married Orville Dean Wright. They had six children:
                     i. James Dean Wright (b.3 June 1937, d. 16 April 1982) married Marquitqa Rae Miller. They had two children:
                        aa. Ricky Miller
                        bb. Robin Miller
                        2nd wife of James Dean's was Karen Snodgrass
                     ii. Katheryn Louise Wright (b. 19 July 1938, d. 14 July 1939)
                    iii. Carole Ann Wright
                    iv. Thomas Gayle Wright (b. 9 October 1943, d. 10 May 2013) married Dianna Trissel
                        2nd wife of Thomas Gayle's was Shirley _____
                        3rd wife of Thomas Gayle's was Rebecca Maynard
                     v. Jack Dennis Wright (b. 30 March 1946, d. 5 March 1982) married Brenda Labraque
                    vi. Nancy Wright married _____ Ward
                        2nd husband of Nancy's was _____ Fuller
                        3rd husband of Nancy's was _____ Peery
            5. Dora Jane Grove (b. 9 June 1886, d. 9 August 1924)

            6. Elizabeth Grove (b. 23 February 1891, d. 21 May 1962) married Orville Elsworth Wilson.
               They had two children.
                a. Richard E. Wilson (b. 28 December 1920, d. 26 July 1945) married Ethel L. Pharis. They had two children.
                     i.Paul Eugene Wilson (b. 3 February 1940, d. 28 August 2010) married Judith E. Reinmeyer. They had four children:
                          aa. John Edward Wilson
                          bb. James E. Wilson
                          cc. Charles E. Wilson
                          dd. Daniel E. Wilson
                     ii. Barbara Kay Wilson married Joe Edward Hoghe. They had four children:
                          aa. Tracy Lynn Hoghe (b. 16 May 1962, d. 23 January 2017)
                          bb. Tina L. Hoghe
                          cc. Troy A. Hoghe (b. 30 October 1964, d. 12 September 1987)
                          dd. Tonya L. Hoghe
                       2nd husband of Barbara's was Vernon Etzler
                b. Joan N. Wilson (b. 27 September 1927, d. 3 September 2018) married Richard L. Osmun
                   2nd husband of Joan's was Walter Sousley

       I. John C. F. Clemans (b. abt 1855, d. 11 April 1882) married to Laura V. Jenkins. They had two children:

            1. Ethel May Clemans (b. 25 May 1876, d. ?)

            2. Blanchie Lenore Clemans (b. 16 March 1878, d. 5 November 1879)

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