Elizabeth Templer(1792 - 1873)

The eighth of these children is Elizabeth Templer who was born 22 April 1792 in Loudoun County, VA, and died on 30 November 1873 in Coles County,
IL. From the three biographies we located for son, James H. Williams, we learn that she married William Williams and they lived for many years in
Culpeper County, VA, and later moved to Knox County, OH, and then on to Coles County,IL.

     I-James H. Williams was born 12 June 1826 in Culpeper County, VA, and died on 29 July 1906 in Coles County, IL. He married Mary Newcomb on
        14 April 1883, in Coles County, IL. Mary Newcomb was born 21 September 1856 in ;Ohio, and died in Mattoon, Coles County, IL, on 11 April 1936.
        James and Mary are buried in Dodge Grove Cemetery in Coles County, IL. They had one child:
        A. Oliver I. Williams (b. 9 November 1881, d. 5 February 1891)

  II-Johnn J. Williams (b. abt 1835, d. unknown)

III-Mary A. Williams was born 5 June 1837 in Ohio and died 5 July 1911 in Coles County, IL. She married Joseph W. Bitner on 6 November 1883
      but did not have children. They are buried in St. Omer Cemetery in Coles County, IL.

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