James Templer (1795-1859)

The ninth of these children is James Templer who was born 7 February 1795 in Loudoun County, VA . After some research, we believe we have located
this man. There were several persons named James Templer and our earlier research had focused on an older man in Ohio. Once the Templer family Bible
was located, we realized we had been looking at the wrong one. We have now decided that this James Templer married Mary Auld on 12 March 1830 in
Knox County, Ohio. Mary was born about 1798 in Virginia. Other researchers of this family, primarily one descendant named Otis Burgess Nesbit, believe
she had been married before and this was not her maiden name, a position we had agreed with. The research of Karen (King) Bickert has now determined that
Mary's maiden name was Bennett per the death certificate of Mary's daughter, Rachel Auld Mauritzius, from her first marriage. James Templer is known to
have gone from Ohio to Andrew County, Missouri, where he obtained a Land Patent for 160 acres and where we find him in the census records for 1850. He is
reported to have died in 1859 in Kansas after going there with his only known daughter. Mary (Auld) Templer is reported to have died 18 November 1857,
in Kansas. We have yet to confirm where either is buried but believe that to be in Doniphan County, KS. Their only known child is:

I- Mary Templer was born 18 January 1831 in Mt. Vernon, Knox County, OH and died 30 August 1916 in Alameda County, CA. She married Samuel
Franklin Nesbit
(sometimes spelled Nisbet) on 6 November 1846 in Andrew County, MO. Samuel was born 9 June 1823 in Powell County, KY and died 23 December 1895 in
Washington County, KS. They had nine known children:

        A. Mary Melvina Nesbit was born 25 December 1847 in Andrew County, MO near Fillmore and died 11 September 1928 in Richmond, Contra
            Costa County, CA. She married Benjamin Franklin McCray 8 July 1869. He was born 28 August 1843 in Buchanan County, Missouri and died 21
            January 1937 in Oakland, Alameda County,CA. They had eleven children:

             1. Arthur Lee McCray (b. 8 January 1871, d. 26 May 1957) married to Delta B. Snider. They had two children;
                 a. Leaudrey Bea McCray (b. 20 May 1900, d. 7 January 1987) married to Robert Medley Groody.
                   2nd husband of Leaudrey's was James Guy Struble
                   3rd husband of Leaudrey's was Allen R. Slagle
                   She had no known children.
                 b. Maxine Elizabeth McCray (b. 27 July 1911, d. 22 May 2001) married Louie Vernon Beezley. They had one child.
                       i. Verna Lee Beezley married Herman Charles Craver. They had two children:
                          aa. Angela L. Craver
                          bb. Herman Charles Craver, Jr.
                          2nd husband of Verna Lee's was Lawrence Brody
                      2nd husband of Maxine's was Burnell Lee Miller
                 2nd wife of Arthur's was Florence J. Davis

             2. Aaron Franklin McCray (b. 16 September 1874, d. 17 July 1916) married Amanda _____.

             3. Elmer McCray (b. abt. 1876, d. ?)

             4. Ruth McCray (b. 25 December 1878, d. 24 March 1962) married to Albert R. Usher. They had one child:
                 a. Angenette "Angel" Rose Usher (b. 4 June 1904, d. 12 November 1987) married Thorwald A. Rasmussen . They had two children:
                          i. Margaret Angel Rasmussen (b. 12 August 1927, d. 19 April 2017) married Andrew Craig. They had four children:
                            aa. Sandra Ann Craig
                            bb. Karen Elizabeth Craig
                            cc. William Andrew Craig
                            dd. James Norman Craig
                            2nd husband of Margaret Angel's was Frank W. Dettmer
                            3rd husband of Margaret Angel's was Lauris Dean Barton
                          ii. Norman Leonard Rasmussen (b. 27 February 1932, d. 3 December 2003)
                      2nd husband of Angenette Rose's was Hugo Olson

             5. Marie T. McCray (b. 16 September 1880, d. 5 March 1957) married to John Bunyon Butler. They had three children:
                 a. Pauline C. Butler (b. 29 November 1903, d. 5 April 1973) married James Oscar Hultman. They had four children:
                        i. Virginia Marie Hultman (b. 29 October 1928, d. 10 September 2006) married Raymond Paul Hagstrom. They had one child:
                           aa. Dann J. Hagstrom
                       ii. Cleo Irene Hultman (b. 20 August 1930, d. 18 September 2012) married James G. Fredrickson. They had two children:
                           aa. Jan M. Fredrickson
                           bb. Lyn A. Fredrickson
                      iii. Sylvia Martha Hultman (b. 30 April 1934, d. 15 December 1995) married Earl Edward Grantham. They had one child:
                           aa. Sandie Lynn Grantham
                          2nd husband of Sylvia Martha's was _____ Hardin
                          3rd husband of Sylvia Martha's was Clyde E. Hoskins
                          4th husband of Sylvia Martha's was Shirley Vaughn Durbin
                      iv. James Howard Hultman (b. 8 July 1939, d. 14 January 2005) married Sandra L. McGraw. They had two children:
                           aa. James H. Hultman
                           bb. Patrick N. Hultman
                 2nd husband of Pauline C.'s was Oren Sanford McAtee
                 b. Paul Jay Butler (b. 29 November 1903, d. 7 June 1959) married Dora Koenig. They had two children:
                        i. Bobbie Jay Butler (b. 12 September 1929, d. 7 June 2018) married Ruby Louise Zugelder. They had four children
                           aa. Steven Patrick Butler
                           bb. Thomas Arthur Butler
                           cc. Mary Katherine Butler
                           dd. Elizabeth Alverta Butler
                       ii. Paula Marie Butler (b. 13 January 1934, d. 21 July 2007) married Jimmie Don Gilchrest. They had five children:
                           aa. Donald Gilchrest
                           bb. James Gilchrest
                           cc. Scott Gilchrest
                           dd. Calvin Gilchrest
                           ee. Robert Gilchrest
                     2nd wife of Paul Jay's was Irene _____
                 c. Earl Butler (b. abt 1909, d. ?)

             6. Elsie McCray (b. 16 September 1881, d. 22 September 1905) married Lewis T. Chambers. They had two children:
                 a. Byron Lewis Chambers (b. 7 February 1902, d. 27 July 1967) married Katherine Elizabeth Iversen. They had one child:
                        i. Barbara Lee Chambers married Henry Edward Olstad. They had two children:
                           aa. Kenneth Edward Olstad
                           bb. Dale Richard Olstad
                 b. Marguerite Chambers (b. 22 June 1905, d. 22 September 1905)

             7. Isabelle A. McCray (b. December 1883, d. 18 December 1936) married to Maurice Aldwin Phillips. They had two children:
                 a. Aldwin Leroy Phillips (b. 25 August 1906, d. 14 March 1982) married Mary B. Kupec
                 b. Wauline Dorothy Phillips (b. 26 December 1913, d. 5 January 1990) married Arthur McLaughin. They had one child:
                       i. Arlene Joyce McLaughlin (b. 15 October 1941, d. 22 December 2018) married Victor William Willits. They had two children:
                         aa. Kristan Katherine Willits
                         bb. Maraka Louise Willits

             8. Charles Templer McCray (b. 10 May 1886, d. 13 December 1974) married to Maude Anne Kennedy. They had three children:
                 a. Leon McCray (b. 12 July 1914, d. 12 July 1914)
                 b. Charles Eugene McCray (b. 31 December 1916, d. 30 November 1995) married Mildred Evelyn Carson
                     2nd wife of Charles Eugene's was Orie Edna MacDonald
                 c. Earl Kennedy McCray (b.3 December 1919, d. 1 January 1999) married Margaret Nelda Sholin. They had three children:
                       i. Earl (aka Ken) Kennedy McCray, Jr., married Nancy Lee Hayes. They had three children:
                           aa. Melissa McCray
                           bb. Matthew Earl McCray
                           cc. Heather McCray
                      ii. Patricia Diane McCray
                     iii. Michael George McCray married Pamela Kay Horton. They had two children:
                           aa. Eric David McCray
                           bb. Ryan George McCray
                           2nd wife of Michael George's was Elizabeth Ann Burk

             9. Jay Byron McCray (b. 20 June 1888, d. 21 January 1975) married Jennie June Pracht. They had two children:
                 a. Burns Franklin McCray (b. 18 January 1917, d. 10 December 1993) married Maxine Gertrude Neal. They had three children:
                       i. Judy Ann McCray, married Richard Dean Croft. They had three children:
                           aa. Richard Dean Croft II
                           bb. Christine Susanne Croft
                           cc. Victoria Leigh Croft
                           2nd husband of Judy Ann's was James W. Early
                      ii. Burns Franklin McCray, Jr., married Valerie Oden
                          2nd wife of Burns Franklin's was Cindy M. Johnson
                     iii. Larry Joe McCray married Karen Marie _______
                 b. Audrey Authein McCray (b. 4 July 1919, d. 22 August 2010) married Merl Raymond Cordray . They had two children:
                       i. Merl Raymond Cordray, Jr. (b. 9 February 1939, d. 6 October 1994) married Gaynell Daughhette. They had two children:
                           aa. Merl Raymond Cordray III
                           bb. Jay Howard Cordray
                      ii. Carol Authein Cordray, married Richard Leroy Bettis
                         2nd husband of Carol Authein's was Bruce Griffis

            10. Ethelyn Grace McCray (b. 31 October 1892, d. 15 June 1988) married John Johns. They had two children:
                 a. John Jack Johns (b. 4 April 1918, d. 16 February 2003) married Beulah Iversen. They had four children:
                       i. Sherrill Joan Johns married Milford Leroy Tallant. They had two children:
                           aa. Keri Michelle Tallant
                           bb. Kami Lynette Tallant
                           2nd husband of Sherrill Joan's was Irvin Byers
                      ii. Richard John Johns married Inga _____
                     iii. Rodney Michael Johns married Patricia E. Burnett. They had two children:
                           aa. Matthew Ryan Johns
                           bb. Timothy Burnett Johns
                     iv. Steven Glen Johns married Debby G. Triplitt. They had two children:
                           aa. Kristi Jonelle Johns
                           bb. Richard Glen Johns
                 b. Mary Juanita Johns (b. 10 April 1920, d. 1 March 2007) married Otis Erwin Wheeler. They had two children:
                       i. Terry James Wheeler (b. 19 January 1946, d. 20 October 2007) married Tonia J. Myers. They had one child:
                           aa. Terri LeAnn Wheeler
                           2nd wife of Terry James' was Wendy L. Yearwood.
                           3rd wife of Terry James' was Thalia K. Bates. They had two children:
                           bb. Anita Kaye Wheeler
                           cc. Otis James Wheeler
                           4th wife of Terry James' was Edna Coulson.
                      ii. Judith Diane Wheeler married Michael L. Sharp. They had one son who was adopted by Judith's 2nd husband:
                           aa. Todd Wheeler Sharp Grussing
                           2nd husband of Judith's was Delmar G. Grussing.
                           bb. bb. Nicole Elizabeth Grussing

            11. Oscar McCray (b. abt. 1894, d. abt. 1895)

        B. James W. Nesbit was born 11 February 1849 in Andrew County, MO near Fillmore and died before 1850 in Missouri.

        C. Rachel Frances Nesbit was born 17 May 1851 in Andrew County, MO near Fillmore and died 21 November 1925 in Doniphan County, KS.
           She married John Young 11 March 1869. John was born 23 November 1845 in Glasgow, Scotland and died 9 April 1930 in Doniphan County,
           KS. They had nine children:

             1. Zula Jessie Young (b. 31 January 1870, d. 14 November 1959)

             2. Leon Decatur Young (b. 2 December 1872, d. 13 March 1947) married Dorothy Spriesterbaugh
                 2nd wife of Leon's was Mary Bowers Archibald

             3. Rozetta Young (b. 20 August 1876, d. 2 March 1963) married Emin Elijah Swinney.
                 a. Dorothy Jessie Swinney (b. 4 September 1899, d. 24 July 1990)
                 b. Robert Leroy Swinney (b. 12 April 1901, d. 9 April 1983) married Corrine Brignardollo. They had one child:
                     i. Antonia Swinney married Gilbert McCoy Warren. They had three children:
                        aa. Sandra Ann Warren
                        bb. Gilbert McCoy Warren, Jr.
                        cc. Julia Lynn Warren
                 c. John Young Swinney (b. 26 March 1906, d. 9 December 1960) married Clara Ella Webb
                 d. Gordon Woodrow Swinney (b. 6 April 1917, d. 16 February 2009) married Mary Robelene Scott. They had two children:
                     i. Robert Scott Swinney married Sandra L. Whitcomb. They had one child:
                       aa. Brianna Kathleen Swinney
                    ii. Mary Anne Swinney
                   2nd wife of Gordon Woodrow's was Billie Jeune Bebout

             4. John Franklin Young (b. 30 January 1878, d.8 December 1968) married Virgie Saunders
                  2nd wife of John's was Almetta Theodosia Crone

             5. Grace Pearl Young (b. 22 November 1883, d. 17 May 1981) married Roscoe H. King.
                 a. Russell Franklin King (b. 24 August 1903, d. 14 June 1971) married Nancy M. Stoffer. They had one child:
                     i. Leo F. King (b. 19 September 1928, d. 3 January 2016) married Elizabeth May Middleton. They had three children:
                       aa. Frances Elizabeth King
                       bb. Larry J. King
                       cc. Terry B. King
                       2nd wife of Leo's was Virginia Neely.
                2nd wife of Russell's was Erma Irene Wheeler. They had four children:
                    ii. Grace Alice King (b. 6 July 1935, d. 2 September 2014) married James Lee Royer. They had one child:
                       aa. James Barton Royer
                   iii. Russell Franklin King, Jr. married Judy Ann Hobbs. They had four children:
                       aa. Karen Ann King
                       bb. Connie Sue King
                       cc. Shawn Patrick King
                       dd. Ronald Lewis King
                   iv. William Edward King (b. 16 November 1939, d. 9 October 2021) married Delilah Little. They had three children:
                       aa. William E. King
                       bb. Kimberly King
                       cc. Charles D. King
                       2nd wife of Williams's was Brenda Vasquez
                    v. Michael Wayne King married Bonnie May Morris. They had four children:
                      aa. Bryan King
                      bb. Stephen Wayne King
                      cc. Stacy King
                      dd. Jason Christopher King
                 b. Donna Dorothy King (b. 9 May 1905, d. 21 February 2002) married Cecil E. Goforth
                 c. Ward Wayne King (b. 22 March 1907, d. 23 September 1992) married Flossie Dorrell. They had one child:
                      i. Betty Jane King married James Dean Myers. They had four children:
                         aa. James Dean Myers
                         bb. Daniel Ward Myers (b. 15 May 1955, d. 12 July 2018)
                         cc. Sue Anne Myers
                         dd. John David Myers
                 d. Esther Belle King (b. 24 March 1913, d. 1 January 1918)
                 e. Harold Roscoe King (b. 18 November 1919, d. 22 October 1944) in World War II

             6. LaVinia Young (b. 4 September 1886, d. 8 September 1962) married Charles Blaine Branson. They had two children:
                 a. Rachel Marian Branson (b. 23 September 1910, d. 21 October 2000) married Carson Carroll Gilbert. They had two children:
                      i. Karen Katherine Gilbert married Scott Clugston. They had three children:
                         aa. Rebecca Clugston
                         bb. Katia Clugston
                         cc. Andrea Clugston
                     ii. David Branson Gilbert married Nell Weaver Hurt. They had three children:
                         aa. Amy Gilbert
                         bb. William Gilbert
                         cc. Carson Gilbert
                        2nd wife of David's was Gail D. Whitfield

                 b. Bernece Elizabeth Branson (b. 28 December 1914, d. 10 January 2010) married Howard Sperry Robertson. They had two children:
                      i. Sally Robertson married _____ Meadows. They had one child:
                         aa. Mark Stephen Meadows
                         2nd husband of Sally's was Robert R. Shanks
                     ii. Kathi (aka Kate) Robertson married Gerald E. Peterson
                        2nd husband of Kathi's was _____ Winters
                        3rd husband of Kathi's was _____ Cote

             7. Lewis Irvine Young (b. 6 September 1888, d. 11 October 1918) married Rena Emily Sherman.

             8. Lester Simeon Young (b. 10 April 1891, d. 11 May 1893)

             9. George Otis Young (b. 12 July 1893, d. 12 April 1970) married Ella Louise Lohmuller. They had three children:
                 a. John Henry Young (b. 23 October 1916, d. 17 April 1996) married Eileen Rose McGhee. They had five children:
                      i. Jane Louise Young married Kent Stowell. They had three children:
                         aa. Lance Stowell
                         bb. Chan Stowell
                         cc. Stefani Stowell
                     ii. Karen Elaine Young married Robert Domer. They had three children:
                         aa. Todd Domer
                         bb. Jay Domer
                         cc. Gary Domer
                    iii. Diane Lea Young married Ade Becker. They had two children:
                         aa. Jason Becker
                         bb. Kristen Becker
                     iv. Marcia Kay Young
                      v. Craig Allen Young
                 b. George Otis. Young Jr. (b. 6 June 1918, d. 3 March 1943) killed in training for World War II married Patricia Forbes. They had one child:
                      i. George Otis Young III married Jean Veronica Jones. They had two children:
                         aa. Valerie Jenienne Young
                         bb.James Joseph Young
                         2nd wife of George Otis Young III was Patricia McDaniel
                 c. Nancy Ann Young (b. 1 August 1933, d. 28 February 2007) married Robert Bennett. They had three children:
                      i. Rebecca Bennett
                     ii. Bradley Bennett married _____. They had one child:
                        aa. David Bennett
                    iii. Bruce Bennett

        D. Nancy Elizabeth "Nannie" Nesbit was born 17 February 1853 in Andrew County, MO and died 28 July 1940 in Los Angeles County, CA.

        E. John Nesbit was born about 1855 in Missouri and died before 1860 in Kansas

        F. Millie Downing Nesbit was born 17 November 1857 in Doniphan County, KS and died before 1860 in Kansas

        G. Samuel Anthony Nesbit was born 5 April 1860 in Doniphan County, KS near Severance and died 6 March 1948 in Paradise, Butte County, CA.
            He married Nellie Painter 17 October 1894. She was born 14 June 1868 in Afton, Union County, IA and died 12 November 1945 in Paradise,
            Butte County, CA. They had three children:

             1. Paul Templar Nesbit (b. 13 October 1896, d. 4 February 1954) married Freda Lucille Jahant. They had two children:
                 a. Kathryn Lucille Nesbit (b. 29 July 1925, d. 11 May 2017) married Alvin Cecil Inman. They had four children:
                        i. Steven George Inman (b. 7 January 1951, d. 25 August 1974)
                       ii. James Anthony Inman married Renee O. Chappuis. They had one child:
                          aa. Stuart James Inman
                      iii. Boyce Templar Inman (b. 26 September 1954, d. 11 December 2013)
                      iv. Jonathan Jahant Inman (b. 5 October 1958, d. 10 December 2020) married Emily Gomez
                 b. Paul Templar Nesbit (b. 5 March 1927, d. 10 April 1994) married Rose Marie Garver. They had three children:
                        i. Glen Alan Nesbit married Brook Craven. They had one child:
                          aa. Elizabeth Ann Nesbit
                       ii. David Paul Nesbit
                      iii. Laura Rose Nesbit married Roger Leou. They had two children:
                         aa. Carolyn Mora Leou
                         bb. Frances Mareva Leou
                         2nd husband of Laura Rosa' was Max Hamann.

             2. Mark Clement Nesbit (b. 22 October 1901, d. 17 April 1966) married (1) Berdina Rogers and (2) Mae Crosby Gambetta.

             3. Mary Caroline Nesbit (b. 5 August 1908, d. 6 April 1990) married Thomas Stephen Hafey.

        H. Edward Templar Nesbit was born 19 October 1865 in Doniphan County, KS and died 27 February 1952 in Pasadena, Los Angeles County, CA.
            He married Effie Alice Miller 19 February 1891. Effie was born 25 November 1863 in McDonough County, IL and died 11 June 1951 in Los
            Angeles County, CA. They had two children:

             1. Mildred Alice Nesbit (b. 15 September 1893, d. 25 September 1993) married Lonnie Adelbert Bobo.

             2. Reed Miller Nesbit (b. 8 December 1898, d. 30 August 1979) married Mabel Ophelia Wilkins. They had three children:
                 a. Nancy Alice Nesbit (b. 22 October 1933, d. 29 September 2023) married Julian Ray Youmans.They had three children:
                       i. Reed Nesbit Youmans married Susan Hare Hudson
                      ii. John Edward Youmans married Rose _____
                     iii. Julian M. Youmans (b. 15 January 1959, d. 24 December 2020) married Julie Partian
                     2nd husband of Nancy Alice's was Robert O. Crummey
                 b. Mary Templar Nesbit (b. 22 May 1935, d. 26 June 2019) married Edward Anton Razim. They had four children:
                       i. Mary Anne Razim married John Vernan FitzSimons. They had two children:
                         aa. Edward Vernon Fitzsimons
                         bb. Laura Templar Yan FitzSimons
                      ii. Sarah Anne Razim married David A. VanEmden
                         2nd husband of Sarah Anne's was John J. McDonough
                     iii. Nancy Anne Razim
                     iv. Edward Anton Razim, III married Genevieve Turner
                 c. Mabelan Nesbit married Roy Jay Correa, Jr. They had two children;
                     i. Jay Nesbit Correa
                    ii. Annemarie Correa married Jared B. Smith. They had one child:
                       aa. Ella Marie Smith

        I. Otis Burgess Nesbit was born 31 January 1871 in Doniphan County, KS and died 18 March 1952 in Ann Arbor, Washtenaw County, MI. He
           married Alice A. Vincent 22 June 1897. Alice was born 22 June 1872 in Lake County, IN and died 29 March 1951 in Lake County, IN.
           They had two children:

             1. Allegra Mary Nesbit (b. 2 June 1900, d. 1 March 1986)

             2. Beatrice Templar Nesbit (b. 6 December 1903, d. 15 January 1990) married Alexander Victor Oppenheim. They had one child:
                 a. Judith Oppenheim married Nwobidike Nwanodi and reportedly has four children.
                     i. Oroma Nwanodi
                    ii. Antony Nwanodi
                   iii. Erika Nwanodi
                   iv. Frances Nwanodi

Otis Burgess Nesbit was an early researcher of this family line and wrote several newsletters which he called "Nesbitology" that contained details
that has allowed us to further his research. We do hope that we can make additional contact with descendants of this line to continue that effort.

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