AnnTempler (1800 - 1852)

The tenth of these children is Ann Templer (also known as Nancy) who was born 3 April 1800 in Loudoun County, VA, and died 20 August 1852 in Coles
County, Illinois. Ann married Joseph Cavins on 23 April 1822 in Loudoun County, Virginia. Joseph Cavins was born about 1798 in Loudoun County, Virginia
and died 12 May 1846 in Coles County,IL. We also note that Ann's sister, Elizabeth Templer Williams, and her brother, Thomas Templer, lived in the same township and county in Illinois at one time. Ann and Joseph had nine children.

   I - Martha Cavins was born about 1823 in Virginia

 II - Mary E. Cavins was born 1824 in Mt. Vernon, Knox County, OH, and died 25 September 1893. She married Jacob Lower on 8 March 1843 in Coles
       County,IL, and they had four children.

         A. Robert Allison Lower was born 11 April 1844 and died 31 January 1918. Robert was a Civil War veteran and received one of the very earliest
            Congressional Medal of Honor awards presented to our military personnel. He married Rachel A. Smith and they had five children.

              1. Alfred B. Lower (b. 20 June 1871, d. 11 September 1952) married Hilda Amelia Hansen. They had two children:
                 a. Robert Lower (b. 23 June 1904, d. 15 November 1995) married Lois F. Minden. They had two children:
                    i. Robert Allison Lower (b. 31 July 1931, d. 13 February 2009) married Deanna L. Hoose. They had two children:
                      aa. Debra Lois Lower
                      bb. Robert Bruce Lower (b. 15 March 1955, d. 15 April 1994)
                   ii. Bruce Franklyn Lower married Colleen Carol Calkins. They had two children:
                      aa. Brent L. Lower
                      bb. Brock L. Lower
                 b. Ruth Amelia Lower (b. 26 June 1907, d. 15 March 1992) married Fred Ishmael Putnam. They had one child:
                       i. Jacqueline R. Putnam

              2. Albert E. Lower (b. 8 March 1873, d. 17 January 1969) married Elizabeth Mary Hightower. They had three children:
                  a. Albert Edward Lower (b. 15 May 1908, d. 11 September 1982) married Jeanette McClatchy. They had one child:
                      i. Mary Elizabeth Lower married Ray A. Jones
                        2nd husband of Mary Elizabeth's was Donald E. Brodeur.
                  b. Robert Allison Lower (b. 13 August 1909, d. 11 August 1999) married Elissa J. Lafourcade. They had six children:
                       i. Patricia Elissa Lower married James T. Brady. They had two children:
                         aa. Michael Patrick Brady
                         bb. Kellie Marie Brady
                      ii. Kathleen Roberta Lower married William Alan Morgan
                     iii. Elizabeth Josephine Lower married Lars Reinhardt Thorsnes. They had one child:
                         aa. Lars Jubal Thorsnes
                     iv. Annette Lower married Raymond J. Elder. They had one child:
                         aa. Josie A. Elder
                         2nd husband of Annette's was Leon Rousso.
                      v. Robert Allison Lower, Jr. married Victoria L. Loser. They had one child:
                         aa. Sarah Ann Lower
                     vi. Daniel Joseph Lower married Diana Ferrari
                 c. William A. Lower (b. 29 August 1912, d. 8 February 2005) married Marjorie Evelyn Haverty. They had seven children:
                       i. Mary Anne Lower married Joseph A. Vogel. They had three children:
                         aa. Julia Anne Vogel
                         bb. Martin A. Vogel
                         cc. Michael A. Vogel
                         2nd husband of Mary Anne's was Edgar W. Stump
                      ii. Dorothy Josephine Lower
                     iii. Barbara Marie Lower married Floyd G. Robbins. They had two children:
                         aa. Susan M. Robbins
                         bb. Donald J. Robbins
                         2nd husband of Barbara's was Thomas Revere
                     iv. Robert Allison Lower
                      v. Marjorie Denise Lower married Michael W. Maas
                     vi. Stephen William Lower
                    vii. Alexis Evelyn Lower (b. 7 January 1957, d. 12 January 1957)

            3. Mary Emily Lower (b. 23 November 1875, d. 20 December 1927) married Clifford Charles Goold. They had two children.
                 a. Marion Jennings Goold (b. 30 November 1898, d. 12 March 1970)
                 b. Robert Harold Goold (b. 24 December 1900, d. 3 March 1991) married Lois T. McCollum. They had six children.
                       i. Mary Leigh Goold married Donald Warren Williams. They had two children:
                         aa. Gail Williams
                         bb. Daniel Williams
                      ii. Robert Harold Goold, Jr. married Mary Petrea Knudsen. They had three children:
                         aa. Scott Goold
                         bb. Kari Goold
                         cc. Dianne Goold
                     iii. Nancy B. Goold married William L. Deany. They had five children:
                         aa. Cynthia Diane Deany (b. 19 May 1957, d. 17 July 2002)
                         bb. Michael Lee Deany
                         cc. ThomasW. Deany
                         dd. Mary Jo Deany
                         ee. Kathleen L. Deany
                     iv. Barbara R. Goold married Lawrence C. Collins. They had two children:
                         aa. Amanda M. Collins
                         bb. Clark S. Collins
                         2nd husband of Barbara's was James T. Rountree
                      v. Rachel Ann Goold married Ernest Burnell Ridens. They had three children:
                         aa. Karen Ridens
                         bb. James Ridens
                         cc. Sarah Ridens
                     vi. Arthur Mac Goold married Linda H. Thornberry.
                         2nd wife of Arthur's was Mary Lou Garner

            4. Ruth A. Lower (b. 23 April 1879, d. 10 February 1925) married Joseph H. Dunn (b. 1863 d. 1923) about 1898. They had two children:
                  a. Robert E. Dunn (b. 1899, d. 27 July 1940) married Ruth E. Kidd
                  b. Ruth Acinith Dunn (b., 21 April 1905, d. 25 September 1986) married George Robert Pesho. They had five children:
                      i. George Robert Pesho, Jr. (29 January 1924, d. 11 June 1986) married Grace Johnson. They had four children:
                         aa. Katherine Pesho
                         bb. Gretchen M. Pesho
                         cc. Jann C. Pesho
                         dd. Gregory D. Pesho
                     ii. Gregory Pesho (b. 7 February 1925, d. 27 December 1993) married Violet Yesson.
                    iii. Flora Jean Pesho (b. 29 September 1926, d. 10 February 2005) married Robert Joseph Lee. They had three children:
                        aa. Victor Alan Lee (b. 23 January 1953, d. 23 February 1953)
                        bb. Rhonda Jean Lee
                        bb. Charles Lee
                        2nd husband of Flora Jeans's was Eugene V. Mundell.
                        3rd husband of Flora Jeans's was Frederick H. Findley.
                    iv. Joseph Allison (aka Mike) Pesho (b. 27 April 1930, d. 28 July 2001) married Emma Masin. They had two children:
                        aa. George Michael Pesho (b. 3 September 1954, d. 17 February 2020)
                        bb. Deborah J. Pesho
                     v. Lucy Eva Pesho (24 August 1933, d. 26 March 1997)
                   2nd husband of Ruth Acinith Dunn's was John W. Prowers. They had one child:
                    vi. Vicki Jo Prowers married Gary L. Brummett. They had two children:
                        aa. John Brummett
                        bb. Rachel Brummett
                2nd husband of Ruth A. Lower's was Henry Streitenberger.

            5. Harriet (aka Helen) E. Lower (b. 5 April 1882, unknown) married ___ Vining.
                2nd husband of Helen E.'s was Edward Phillips Rudolph.

         B. Paulina Lower was born about 1846 and died prior to 1860

         C. Thomas Benton Lower was born 2 May 1848 and died 15 July 1919. He married Amanda Grice (surname shown as Greise, Grice and Brice).
             They had four children.

              1. Ina Belle Lower (b. 28 September 1872, d. 29 April 1963) married James P. Balsley
                 2nd husband of Ina Belle's was William Roy.

              2. Milton Jacob Lower (b. 7 October 1874, d. 29 January 1949) married Lowella ____

              3. Edward M. Lower (b. 18 December 1876, d. 5 January 1968) married Jessie Dillon. They had five children.
                  a. Helen J. Lower (b. 15 November 1911, d. 25 April 1973) married Archie Raymond Claxton
                  b. Elata Maxine Lower (b. 23 September 1915, d. 3 December 1991) married William Richard Phipps. They had two children:
                        i. William Richard Phipps, Jr. (b. 23 May 1937, d.23 May 2006) married Carolyn ____. They had four children:
                        aa. Richard Earl Phipps
                        bb. Michael L. Phipps
                        cc. James Phipps
                        dd. Karissa D. Phipps
                       2nd wife of William Richard's was Mary Lee ____. They had one child:
                       ee. Robert Emerson Phipps
                      ii. Marjorie Elaine Phipps (b. 22 October 1938, d. 16 November 1997) married Charles Russell Thomas. They had two children:
                        bb. Charles Russell Thomas, Jr.
                        aa. Vicki Lynne Thomas
                     2nd husband of Elata Maxine's was William Cannon.
                     3rd husband of Elata Maxine's was Charles Edwin Imes.
                  c. Robert Benton Lower (b. 24 December 1917, d. 25 June 1983) married Hester Louise Young. They had three children:
                       i. Karen Sue Lower married George Hansborough.
                         2nd husband of Karen Sue's was Gerald Louis Umphenour. They had one child:
                         aa. Brian Scott Umphenour
                      ii. Donna Jean Lower (b. 27 September 1944, d. 25 June 2020) married Ray Key. They had one child:
                         aa. Robert Joseph Key (b. 25 July 1967, d. 7 November 1967)
                         2nd husband of Donna Jean's was Charles Lee McCool. They had two children:
                         bb. Phillip T. McCool
                         cc. Tammy A. McCool
                     iii. Robert Benton Lower, Jr. married Bertha D. Hamblin. They had one child:
                         aa. Robert Wayne Lower
                         2nd wife of Robert Benton, Jr.'s was Sylvia F. Natera.
                  2nd wife of Robert Benton's was Ruth Draper.
                  d. Russell Edward Lower (b. 17 October 1920, d. 26 July 1986) married Amelia Marlo. They had three children.
                       i. Jo Anne Lower married William White
                      ii. Nancy Jo Lower married Philip W. Picklap. They had three children:
                         aa. Kimberly Amelia Picklap
                         bb. Anne Katherine Picklap
                         cc. John Philip Picklap
                     iii. Sandra Sue Lower married Jeffrey Colwell
                  e. Charles Milton Lower (b. 16 October 1923, d. 19 October 1980) married Cornelia Sue Comer. They had one child:
                       i. Georgia Comer married Phillip M. Hash

              4. Frank Allen Lower (b. 18 December 1878, d. 24 April 1922)

         2nd wife of Thomas Benton's was Hannah E. Scritchlow. They had Thomas Benton's fifth child:
              5. Earl R. Lower (b. 4 December 1887, d. 15 April 1928)

         D. Harriet Ellen Lower (b. abt 1855, d. bef. 1890) married John Moffett. They had two children:

              1. Mary E. Moffett (b.1874, d. 25 April 1895)

              2. Josephine Moffett (b. 2 January 1879, d. ?)

III - Sarah Ann Cavins was born 21 April 1827 in Ohio and died on 23 February 1900 in Coles County, IL. She married William Moffett on 21 December
        1844 in Coles County, IL. They had three children:

         A. John A. Moffett was (b. abt. 1846, d. aft 1880)

         B. Robert Moffett was (b. abt 1848, d. 6 May 1890) married Sarah A. Dent. They had seven children:

             1. William D. Moffett (b. abt 1869, d. ?)

             2. Martha Livonia Moffett (b. 21 September 1873, d. 7 February 1960)

             3. James J. Moffett (b. 5 December 1877 d. ?)

             4. Della L. Moffett (b. 26 July 1881, d. 16 April 1970) married Bert L. Hughbanks. They had two children:
                 a. Franklin Hughbanks (7 February 1900, d. July 1973) married Radie Weaver.
                    2nd wife of Franklin's was Audrey Neotia White. They had two children:
                       i. Jo Ann Hughbanks married Don L. Gibbs. They had four children:
                          aa. Kathy A. Gibbs
                          bb. Russell L. Gibbs
                          cc. Jason M. Gibbs
                          dd. Sean Ml. Gibbs
                      ii. Shirley Jean Hughbanks married Larry J. Lowe. They had two children:
                          aa. James Franklin Lowe
                          bb. Thomas J. Lowe
                 b. Gilbert Lee Hughbanks (b. 5 April 1904, d. 13 November 1977) married Nellie Dawson.
                    2nd wife of Gilbert's was Gladys Mason. They had four children:
                      i. Norma Jean Hughbanks (b. abt 1923, d. 1944) married David Goodwin.
                     ii. Betty Lou Hughbanks married Melvin Herbert Scurlock. They had two children:
                         aa. Gary Lee Scurlock (b. 26 October 1949, d. 23 November 1999)
                         bb. Keith Alan Scurlock
                    iii. Peggy Ann Hughbanks (b. 8 May 1927, d. 18 March 2018} married Marlin Charles Silke. They had three children:
                         aa. Sandra Lou Silke
                         bb. Marlin Charles Silke, Jr.
                         cc. Sherry Silke
                    iv. Gilbert Lee Hughbanks, Jr.
             5. Arthur Lee Moffett (b. 9 July 1884, d. 17 November 1964) married Katherine Florence Coe. They had five children:
                 a. Helen Lorene Moffett (b. 1906, d. 19 November 1956) married Harry H. Allen. They had one child:
                      i. Jackie Lee Allen (b. 7 August 1931, d. 16 September 2012) married Jeanette I. Nickerson. They had three children:
                         aa. Brenda Allen
                         bb. Jack Allen
                         cc. Jennifer Allen
                        2nd wife of Jackie Lee's was Margaret ___
                 b. Robert Moffett (b. 14 July 1908, d. 1 August 1910)
                 c. Opal May Moffett (b. 6 September 1910, d. 28 July 1981) married Jerauld F. Alvis. They had two children:
                      i. Frederick Lee Alvis (b. 15 November 1929, d. 3 February 2010) married Joanne Welter
                     ii. Jo Ann Alvis (b. 8 October 1932, d. 19 September 2013) married John Thomas Boyer, Jr. They had three children
                         aa. Karen Sue Boyer (b. 8 February 1951, d. 16 October 2005)
                         bb. Deborah Boyer
                         cc. Mark Boyer
                 d. Ralph Dale Moffett (b. 8 June 1916, d.. 12 January 1932)
                 e. Carl Edward Moffett (b. 30 December 1918, d. 14 April 2007) married Dorothy Hellen O'Hara. They had two children:
                      i. Carl Edward Moffett, Jr. married Sarah Lee Bohley. They had four children:
                         aa. Karen Ann Moffett
                         bb. John Robert Moffett
                         cc. Katherine Lynn Moffett
                         dd. Jennifer Susan Moffett
                         2nd wife of Carl E. Jr.'s was Judy M. Bagley
                     ii. Robert Earl Moffett married Linda Diane Kumpf. They had one child:
                         aa. Robert Earl Moffett
                         2nd wife of Robert Earl's was Darlene Kay Smith
                         3rd wife of Robert Earl's was Alfreda Elaine Vester
             6. Oscar Austin Moffett (b. 8 January 1886, d. 23 September 1964)
             7. Roberta M. Moffett (b. 22 October 1890, d. 27 June 1987) married Clarence R. Martin.

         C. Martha Moffett was born 15 March 1851 and died 30 November 1887. She married Isaac Thomas Hackley and they had eight children.

              1. Infant Hackley (b. 4 December 1872, d. 15 December 1872)

              2. Sarah Ann Hackley (b. 19 February 1874, d. 4 June 1970) married Curtis H. Nichols. They had three children:
                  a. Pearl Leora Nichols (b. 20 August 1895, d. 7 April 1988) married Lloyd Raymond Caldwell. They had three children:
                       i. Carrol Carleton Caldwell (b. 8 December 1918, d. 24 August 1924)
                      ii. Mary Jean Caldwell (b. 12 June 1923, d. 30 June 2020) married Roy Edward Thompson. They had two children:
                         aa. Carolyn Sue Thompson
                         bb. Mark Alan Thompson
                     iii. Juanita Marie Caldwell (b. 18 November 1924, d. 13 January 1998) married Loran Otho Vaughan. They had three children:
                         aa. Julie A. Vaughan
                         bb. Diane M. Vaughan
                         cc. Fraya Ann Vaughan
                  b. Ivan Vern Nichols (b. 1 February 1899, d. 25 May 1993) married Doris Joy McGowan.
                  c. Edward Glenn Nichols (b. 4 October 1905, d. 3 January 2000) married Catherine Elizabeth Littleton. They had three children:
                       i. Elizabeth Joan Nichols married James Robert Bailey. They had twelve children:
                          aa. Cynthia L. Bailey
                          bb. Susan Bailey
                          cc. James Robert Bailey, Jr.
                          dd. Christie Bailey
                          ee. Rebecca Bailey
                          ff. John Bailey
                          gg. Joseph William Bailey (b.26 January 1959, d. 22 March 2018)
                          hh. Sally Bailey
                           ii. Jeffrey Bailey
                          jj. Anthony Bailey
                          kk. Angela Bailey
                           ll. Lisa Bailey
                     ii. Michael Curtis Nichols (b. 8 July 1940, d. 11 January 2021) married Maralyn Higgins.
                       They had one child:
                       aa. Therese Nichols
                    iii. Paula Jeanne Nichols married Danny Ross Duncan. They had four children:
                       aa. Daniel R. Duncan
                       bb. Brian Duncan
                       cc. David Duncan
                       dd. Christopher Duncan

              3. Franklin Thomas Hackley (b. 3 January 1876, d. 26 January 1945) married Laura Ada Miller. They had two children.
                  a. John Franklin Hackley (b. 10 April 1897, d. 28 April 1961) married Cecelia Margaret Sands. They had one child.
                       i. Marion Emily Hackley (b. 24 February 1928, d. 24 April 1991) married John Elwood Popham. They had two children:
                         aa. Teresa Valerie Popham
                         bb. Cecelia Popham
                  b. Ethel Mae Hackley (b. 3 October 1900, d. 16 May 1986) married Melvin Bickel. They had two children:
                       i Melvin Bickel, Jr. (b. 10 April 1920, d. 15 May 2009) married Ann Laura Wiese. They had one child:
                         aa. Judy Ann Bickel
                         2nd wife of Melvin Jr.'s was Lois Elinor Geiken.
                      ii. Dwight Franklin Bickel (b. 1 February 1931, d. 18 January 2013) married Barbara Carrolyn Alexander . They had three child:
                         aa. Dwight Alan Bickel
                         bb. Deborah Ann Bickel
                         cc. Infant Bickel (b. and d. 22 November 1959)
                         2nd wife of Dwight Franklin's was Cynthia Ann Gross. They had one child:
                         dd. Justin Duane Bickel

              4. Charles (aka Charlie) Hackley (b. 21 January 1878, d. 24 October 1962) married Maude Ellen Powell and they had six children.
                 a. Henry Thomas Hackley (b. 1 August 1899, d. 23 November 1981) married Sarah Leoma Denny. They had nine children.
                       i. Alice Lucille Hackley (b. 10 November 1922, d. 2 October 2013) married Orin Walker. They had five children:
                         aa. Milton Orin Walker (b. 24 April 1942,d. 4 October 1942)
                         bb. Minnie Leoma Walker
                         cc. Bertha Ann Walker
                         dd. Betty Jean Walker
                         ee. Lois Carol Walker
                      ii. Charles William Hackley (b. 20 March 1924, d. 29 December 1979) married Clemencia Mabel Brum
                     iii. Infant Hackley (b. 6 October 1925, d. 7 October 1925).
                     iv. Robert Earl Hackley married Margaret Ann Dranntel. They had two children:
                         aa. Laurie Adelia Hackley
                         bb. Leigh Anne Hackley
                     v. Mabel L. Hackley (b. 24 July 1929, d. 4 December 2023) married Robert H. Renz
                     vi. Amy Jean Hackley married Gerald Frank Pittman. They had three children:
                         aa. Gerald Frank Pittman, Jr.
                         bb. Michael Charles Pittman
                         cc. Mabel Jean Pittman
                    vii. Thomas Wilfred Hackley married Sandra Lee Bublitz. They had three children:
                         aa. Steven Tommy Hackley
                         bb. Ricky Raymond Hackley
                         cc. Tammy Lee Hackley
                    viii. Henry (aka Hank) Harold Hackley (b. 26 February 1938, d. 25 February 1961) married Clarine Ann Stewart. They had one child:
                         aa. Shelley Ann Hackley (b. 2 February 1961, d. 7 April 2021)
                    ix. Raymond Richard Hackley married Peggy Ann Matthews. They had two children:
                         aa. Jeffrey Thomas Hackley
                         bb. Scott Michael Hackley
                 b. William Leo Hackley (b. 3 August 1901, d. 16 April 1985) married Helen Rose Sjostrom. They had five children:
                       i. William Lawrence Hackley (b. 7 February 1933, d. 18 February 2019) married Betty Zeller. They had four children:
                         aa. Diane Hackley
                         bb. Sheri Ann Hackley (b. 1 December 1963, d. 12 June 2018)
                         cc. Cynthia Jane Hackley (b. 25 March 1966, d. 7 August 2020)
                         dd. Connie Lynn Hackley (b. 5 July 1967, d. 16 December 1999)
                         2nd wife of William Lawrence's was Aileen Vaderhoof
                      ii. Edith Kathryn Hackley married James Allyn Watts. They had five children:
                         aa. Larry Laurence James Watts
                         bb. Bruce Allyn Watts
                         cc. Carol Ann Watts
                         dd. Douglas Eugene Watts
                         ee. Linda Kathryn Watts
                         2nd husband of Edith Kathryn's was Fred Verhasselt
                     iii. Charlotte Ann Hackley (b. 9 July 1936, d. 2 January 1945)
                     iv. Rose Marie Hackley (b. 6 November 1938, d. 13 August 2014) married Arnold Thiel. They had three children:
                         aa. Gwendolyn Marie Thiel
                         bb. Charlene Rene Thiel
                         cc. Arnie LaVern Thiel
                      v. Mary Ellen Hackley (b. 13 December 1941, d. 21 January 2004) married John B. Brown. They had two children:
                         aa. Francine Marie Brown
                         bb. Jason Brown
                      2nd wife of William Leo's was Alice Bailey Hart
                  c. Earl Everette Hackley (b. 9 August 1903, d. 24 September 1981) married Theresa Antonette Varga. They had two children:
                       i. Jean Carol Hackley married Gregory Heying. They had two children:
                         aa. Alexander Edward Heying
                         bb. Peter Gregory Heying
                      ii. Earl Everette Hackley
                  d. Beulah Mae Hackley (b. 11 November 1905, d. 8 September 1969) married Clifford McGinnis. They had eight children.
                        i. Charles Mitchell McGinnis (b. 8 November 1925, d. 4 August 1995) married Elizabeth Jean Oelkers. They had six children:
                         aa. Dean Mitchell McGinnis
                         bb. Virginia Jean McGinnis
                         cc. Darcy Ann McGinnis
                         dd. Joe Michael McGinnis
                         ee. Karla Jane McGinnis
                         ff. Dan Charles McGinnis
                       ii. Margaret Mae McGinnis (b. 13 August 1927, d. 25 September 2004) married Arvon Lloyd Salvevold. They had three children:
                         aa. Jean Kay Salvevold
                         bb. Gail Fay Salvevold
                         cc. James Arvon Salvevold
                      iii. Albert William McGinnis (b. 21 May 1930, d. 28 December 2007) married June Delores Elgie. They had three children:
                         aa. Gary Marvin McGinnis
                         bb. Janis Lynn McGinnis
                         cc. Terry Lee McGinnis
                      iv. Edna Pearl McGinnis married Gene Donald Jensen. They had three children:
                         aa. Allen Gene Jensen (b. 26 July 1951, d. 23 March 2002)
                         bb. Donna Marie Jensen
                         cc. Peggy Lynn Jensen
                       v. Betty Maude McGinnis married Leroy Clarence Larsen. They had four children:
                         aa. Ronald Lee Larsen
                         bb. Dennis Raymond Larsen
                         cc. Linda Kay Larsen
                         dd. DeAnne Marie Larsen
                      vi. Bessie Beulah McGinnis married Robert McCown. They had four children:
                         aa. Bruce Allen McCown
                         bb. Brenda Rae McCown
                         cc. Blenda Kay McCown
                         dd. Brent Robert McCown
                         2nd husband of Bessie Beulah's was Calvin Diede.
                     vii. Joan Carol McGinnis married Emory Plummer. They had two children:
                         aa. Stephen Emory Plummer Mester
                         bb. LaDawn Rayette Plummer Mester
                         2nd husband of Joan Carol's was Frank Mester. They had two children:
                         cc. Frank Mark Mester
                         dd. Freeman Whitney Mester
                    viii. Ronda Lynn McGinnis (b. 28 December 1949, d. 29 November 1976) married Kenneth Smith.
                 e. Martha Moffett Hackley (b. 30 November 1910, d. 3 September 1985) married John W. McGinnis. They had seven children:
                       i. Leo John McGinnis (b. 28 May 1928, d. 15 June 1990) married Doris Ann Barber. They had two children:
                         aa. Jane Theresa McGinnis
                         bb. Susan Leona McGinnis
                      ii. Martha Ellen McGinnis (b. 4 June 1930, d. 26 May 2021) married William Hugh Wyman. They had six children:
                         aa. Laramie James Wyman
                         bb. Eugene Wayne Wyman (b. 16 March 1949, d. 22 February 2001)
                         cc. Gregory William Wyman
                         dd. Charles Edward Wyman
                         ee. Ricky Lynn Wyman
                         ff. Martha Lauretta Wyman (b. & d. 4 May 1957)
                     iii. Carrie Virginia McGinnis (b. 22 December 1922, d. 30 August 2023) married Benjamin LaVern Campbell. They had four children:
                         aa. Dale LaVern Campbell (b. 6 May 1952, d.6 November 2022)
                         bb. Kathleen Kay Campbell
                         cc. James Elmer Campbell
                         dd. Cynthia Ellen Campbell (b. 26 April 1963, d. 4 October 2021)
                         2nd husband of Carrie Virginia's was Leo Fischer.
                     iv. Joy Mae McGinnis married Wilmer Buxbaum. They had four children:
                         aa. Yvonne Joy Buxbaum
                         bb. Rodney Wilmer Buxbaum
                         cc. Donald John Buxbaum
                         dd. Penny Joan Buxbaum
                      v. Beverly Joan McGinnis married Raymond Arthur Pust. They had three children:
                         aa. Carol Mae Pust
                         bb. Cheryl Rae Pust
                         cc. Christine Muriel Pust
                     vi. Sharon Rae McGinnis married Donald Leo Gerding. They had five children:
                         aa. Donald John Gerding
                         bb. Jeffrey Leo Gerding
                         cc. Karen Renee Gerding
                         dd. Sandra Ann Gerding
                         ee. Tracy Lynn Gerding
                    vii. Thomas Michael McGinnis (b. 1 November 1954, d. 20 February 2021) married Linda Sue Appling.
                         2nd wife of Thomas Michael's was Linda J. Reed. They had two children:
                         aa. Russsell Francis McGinnis
                         bb. Laura Kelly McGinnis
                 f. Bertha Pearl Hackley (b. 7 August 1914, d. 2 September 1997) married Charles Edwin Clemmer. They had three children:
                       i. Edwin Dale Clemmer (b. 11 December 1933, d. 16 January 1998) married Mary Ann Zeller. They had five children:
                         aa. Debra Lorraine Clemmer (b. 3 November 1957, d. 26 January 1959)
                         bb. Susan Louise Clemmer
                         cc. Calvin Dale Clemmer
                         dd. Janet Ellen Clemmer (b. 24 October 1962, d. 23 December 2005)
                         ee. Jason Edward Clemmer
                      ii. Ellen Lorraine Clemmer (b. 22 August 1936, d. 14 July 1955) married Arthur Wyman.
                     iii. Patsy Lynn Clemmer married Wesley Fred Sowers. They had three children:
                         aa. Shelby Dean Sowers
                         bb. Kerby Joe Sowers
                         cc. Staci Lorraine Sowers

             5. William Hackley (b. 12 September 1881, d. 19 February 1882)

             6. Edmond Hackley (b. 9 November 1883, d. 27 February 1963) married Bessie Alice Beals. They had one child.
                 a. Raymond Hackley (b. 22 December 1911, d. 6 November 1973) married Ruth G. Haselwood. They had three children.
                       i. Dennis Raymond Hackley (b. 26 June 1944, d. 22 September 2014)
                      ii. Larry Edmond Hackley married Janice Gayle Caswell. They had two children:
                         aa. Ryan Alan Hackley
                         bb. Andrew Kevin Hackley
                     iii. Cheryl Ruth Hackley (b. 20 October 1949, d. 1 July 2021)

             7. Susannah Hackley (b. 1 August 1885, d. 12 February 1985) married Frederick Grant Beals. They had two children.
                 a. Ina Marie Beals (b. 28 March 1906, d. 13 August 1997) married Clifford Huffman Mitchell. They had four children
                       i. Robert Mitchell
                      ii. Ronald Mitchell
                     iii. Richard Mitchell
                     iv. Marilyn L. Mitchell married _____ Hill
                 b. Harry Newton Beals (b. 10 November 1914, d. 24 January 1999) married Florence Loretta Baugh. They had four children:
                      i. Evelyn Sue Beals married Roger Austin Nichols. They had three children:
                         aa. Beverly Nichols
                         bb. Rhonda Ann Nichols
                         cc. Kathy Nichols
                     ii. Richard Eugene Beals (b. 5 September 1943, d. 6 November 2001)
                    iii. Gary Franklin Beals married ____
                    iv. Harry Frederick Beals (b. 12 August 1945, d. 27 November 2018) married Brenda Bland. They had one child:
                        aa. Ryan Beals

             8. Martha Hackley (b. 20 November 1887, d. 14 May 1977) married Jesse Duncan Morgan. They had five children.
                 a. Nellie Grace Morgan (b. 10 September 1908, d. 21 January 2003) married Robert Eli Thompson. They had one child.
                        i. Clara Marie Thompson married Richard H. Woelber. They had two children:
                         aa. Janet Marie Woelber
                         bb. Stephen R. Woelber
                 b. William (aka Red) Roy Morgan (b. 16 October 1910, d. 6 February 1992) married Mabel B. Smith. They had three children.
                       i. John LeRoy Morgan married Martha Jane Appleby. They had two children:
                         aa. Penny Kaye Morgan
                         bb. Michael Wayne Morgan
                      ii. Barbara Ann Morgan married Walter Buckley
                     iii. Carl Eugene Morgan married Patricia Stutzman. They had one child:
                         aa. Alyssa Paige Morgan
                 c. Beulah May Morgan (b. 7 July 1913, d. 9 July 2000) married John Clark Thompson. They had one child.
                       i. Dorothea Eileen Thompson (b. 13 September 1930, d. 10 March 1938)
                 d. John Henry Morgan (b. 19 August 1916, d. 17 March 1921)
                 e. Martha Ellen Morgan (b. 17 July 1929, d. 26 January 2017) married Raymond Francis Roetker. They had two children.
                       i. Larry Raymond Roetker married Georgina Lea Struckman
                      ii. Sharon Sue Roetker married JoWayne Catt. They had two children:
                         aa. Brian Catt
                         bb. Nathan Catt
        2nd husband of Sarah Ann Cavin's was James H. Wilson. They married on 25 August 1869 in Coles County, IL.

   IV - John Cavins was born between 1827 and 1830 in Ohio

     V - James Cavins was born between 1829 and 1830 in Ohio

   VI - Randolph Cavins was born between 1831 and 1835 in Ohio and died before 1850

 VII - William F. Cavins was born 31 August 1836 in Marion County, Ohio, and died 5 February 1908 in Raritan, Henderson County, IL. He married
         Harriett Loomis on 29 December 1855 in Fulton County, IL. They had three children:

          A. Charles Cavins was born about 1857

          B. Randolph Cavins was born about 1858

          C. Frances Harriet Cavins was born 19 October 1860 and died 11 March 1936. She married John Milton Guilliams and they had one child.

             1. Frank Steele Guilliams (b. abt 1886, d. abt 1887)

          2nd wife of William F.'s was Julie Adaline Smith who he married on 28 July 1863 in Fulton County, Il. They had five children:

          D. Amos Alonzo Cavins was born 12 July 1864 and died 9 November 1926. He married Lois Effie Mathers. They had one child
             1. Lewis William Amos Cavins (b. 18 March 1888, d. 27 May 1982) married Beulah Emaline Rankin. They had one child.
                 a. Lewis Cameron Cavins (b. 4 February 1917, d. 4 July 2004) married Mary Louise Rankin. They had one child.
                        i. Mary Jane Cavins
             2nd wife of Amos Alonzo's was Ollie Belle Edwards. They had five children:

             2. Lenna May Cavins (b. 29 April 1892, d. 1 December 1983) married Oscar Harrison Schroeder and they had five children.
                 a. Emory Alfred Schroeder (b. 22 November 1913, d. 22 September 1982) married Elizabeth Caroline Eyler and they had three children.
                       i. Elizabeth Kay Schroeder (b. 24 January 1940, d. 18 March 2006) married Robert Keith Farm. They had five children:
                         aa. Rodney Lynn Farm
                         bb. Brenda Kay Farm
                         cc. Robin Leigh Farm
                         dd. Lori Ann Farm
                         ee. Douglass Edward Farm
                         2nd husband of Elizabeth Kay's was James R. Howard.
                      ii. Evelyn Joanne Schroeder married Raymond Arthur Carlson. They had three children:
                         aa. Erik Allen Carlson
                         bb. Kenneth Edward Carlson (b. 19 December 1966, d. 6 August 1969)
                         cc. Christopher Carlson
                     iii. Linda Alice Schroeder married Roger Lane McDaniel
                         2nd husband of Linda Alice's was Gary White
                 b. Wayne Amos Schroeder (b. 19 September 1915, d. 6 April 2013) married Opal M. Cortelyou. They had four children:
                       i. Kenneth Wayne Schroeder married Dawn Ellen Beers. They had two children
                        bb. Jason K. Schroeder
                        aa. Marissa D. Schroeder
                        2nd wife of Kenneth Wayne's was Emily ____
                      ii. Anne Louise Schroeder married Gregory L. Hoekstra
                     iii. Brian Lee Schroeder married Connie _____
                     iv. Gary Paul Schroeder married Donna _____
                 c. Gail Cavins Schroeder (b. 2 April 1917, d. 6 April 1997) married Eileen Jewell Bray and they had four children.
                       i. Sandra Marilyn Schroeder married Gerald Lewis Smith. They had two children:
                         aa. Leslie Diane Smith
                         bb. Michelle Jolynn Smith
                      ii. Diana Gayle Schroeder (b. 8 September 1942, d. 2 October 2004) married John Edward King. They had two children:
                         aa. Jennifer Lynn King
                         bb. Pamela Joanne King
                         2nd husband of Diana Gayle's was James Walter Wynn. They had two children:
                         cc. Kelly Maureen Wynn
                         dd. Timothy James Wynn
                     iii. Rodney Doren Schroeder married Inga Marie Ripsky
                     iv. Janet Elaine Schroeder married Charles Lewis Gieske. They had three children:
                         aa. Charles Steven Gieske
                         bb. Brenda Kay Gieske
                         cc. Ronald Scott Gieske
                         2nd husband of Janet Elaine's was _____ Resman
                         3rd husband of Janet Elaine's was Orin Deckert
                 d. Eldon Oscar Schroeder (b. 5 February 1920, d. 26 February 1920)
                 e. Dorothy Viola Schroeder (b. 22 March 1924, d. 16 May 2013) married Alfred Lee Wickline and they had three children.
                       i. Cheryl Roselynne Wickline married Donald Arthur Berg. They had two children:
                         aa. Lauren K. Berg
                         aa. Kristen J. Berg
                      ii. Debra Carolyn Wickline (b. 4 November 1957, d. 5 January 2017) married Richard A. Countryman. They had one child:
                         aa. Zachary Richard Countryman
                     iii. Perry Kevin Wickline (b. 11 Octobver 1959, d. 26 February 2018) married Sherry L. Olson. They had three children:
                         aa. Aaron Wickline
                         bb. Stephanie Wickline
                         cc. Christine Wickline

             3. Emory Alonzo Cavins (b. 5 February 1894, d. 2 February 1980) married Mary Elizabeth Staley. They had one child
.                  a. Donald Emory Cavins (b. 11 June 1923, d. 18 April 2006) married Doris Lillian Dixon and they had two children.
                       i. Duane Kenneth Cavins (b. 29 September 1944, d. 5 October 1995)
                      ii. James Allen Cavins married Evelyn McCutchan. They had one child:
                         aa. James Jordan Cavins

             4. Nora Pearl Cavins (b. 20 August 1895, d. 10 October 1989)

             5. Mabel Adeline Cavins (b. 25 August 1897, d. 16 January 1973) married Robert Cameron. They had two children in the first marriage.
                 a. Eleanor Lucille Cameron (b. 30 September 1922, d. bef 2012) married Marion Francis Hale. They had two children.
                      i. David Francis Hale (b. 2 January 1943, d. 24 June 2012) married Roma Marlene Snyder. They had three children:
                         aa. Kimberly D. Hale
                         bb. Donald Hale
                         cc. David Hale
                         2nd wife of David Francis' was Kathy Pruitt
                     ii. Elaine Pearl Hale married ____ Sullivan
                 b. Marjorie Louise Cameron (b. 17 October 1923, d. 15 June 2014) married William Lawrence Bollin. They had four children:
                      i. Marilyn Louise Bollin (b. 13 December 1943, 30 July 1999) married Kenneth V. Briscoe. They had three children:
                         aa. Melinda Briscoe
                         bb. Jason Briscoe
                         cc. Debra Briscoe
                     ii. William John Bollin married Diana _____. They had three children
                         aa. Douglas Bollin
                         bb. Sean Bollin
                         cc. Christopher Bollin
                    iii. James Lawrence Bollin married Alva _____. They had one child:
                         aa. Kandice Bollin
                    iv. Michael Lynn Bollin married Melanie _____. They had three children:
                         aa. Anthony Bollin
                         bb. Brent Bollin
                         cc. Sarah Bollin
                2nd husband of Mable Adeline's was Amos Ulysses Law

             6. Harvey Amos Cavins (b. 9 December 1898, d. 22 July 1970) married Helen Josephine Roche. They had five children.
                 a. Kenneth Roche Cavins (b. 16 May 1926, d. 20 January 2010) married Mary Eunice Campbell. They had four children.
                      i. Sean Patrick Cavins married Mary _____
                     ii. Mary Susan Cavins married Charles Gaspard
                    iii. Patrice Michelle Cavins
                    iv. Ann Therese Cavins married Paul O'Donnell
                 b. Kathleen Rosemary Cavins (b. 28 September 1928, d. 9 October 1978) married Arthur Jack Hartman. They had two children.
                     i. Brian Lukas Hartman
                    ii. Valerie Annette Hartman
                 c. Louis Clement Cavins (b. 5 September 1930, d. 13 April 1995) married Theresa Marie Wells. They had eight children.
                     i. John Louis Cavins married Karen _____
                    ii. Edward Harvey Cavins married Mary Elizabeth Cross. They had four children:
                       aa. Brandy Cavins
                       bb. Noah Cavins
                       cc. Joshua Cavins
                       dd. Gregory Cavins
                   iii. Theresa Helen Cavins married William R. Santee, Jr.
                   iv. Rose Marie Cavins married _____ Cuevas. They had one child:
                       aa. Juan Manuel Cuevas
                    v. Gary Eugene Cavins married Rose _____. They had one child:
                       aa. Chadwick Eugene Cavins
                   vi. Stephen Robert Cavins married Kelly Soloman. They had one child:
                       aa. Terance R. Cavins (b. 30 May 1980, d. 6 February 2017)
                      2nd wife of Stephan Robert's was Gina ____. They had two children
                       bb. Michael Cavins
                       cc. Melissa Cavins
                  vii. Joseph Michael Cavins married Edna _____
                 viii. Marvin Daniel Cavins (b. & d. 14 November 1965)
                 d. Gilbert (aka Skip)Allan Cavins married Donna Frances Becker. They had four children.
                     i. Daniel Philip Cavins
                    ii. Susan Elizabeth Cavins
                   iii. Timothy Paul Cavins
                   iv. Paul Thomas Cavins
                 e. James Harvey Cavins (b. 15 October 1941, d. 19 January 2015) married Donna Marie DeGreve. They had seven children.
                     i. Kelly Ann Cavins married Adam Kornegay. They had two children:
                       aa. Haley Kornegay
                       bb. Mikayla Kornegay
                    ii. Kevin James Cavins married Gail _____
                   iii. Kathryn Mary Cavins married Ashley Tull. They had two children:
                       aa. Riley Tull
                       bb. Addison Tull
                   iv. Colleen Jeanine Cavins married Mark Wendell. They had three children:
                       aa. Alexandria Wendell
                       bb. Margaret Wendell
                       cc. Madelyn Wendell
                    v. Carey Lynn Cavins
                   vi. Michael C. Cavins married Jennifer Lawson
                  vii. David M. Cavins married Amber Gaddy

         E. Mary Estelle Cavins was born 6 April 1866 and died 25 March 1909. She married Henry Rutsor Gearhart. They had three children.

             1. William David Gearhart (b. 27 October 1885, d. 22 December 1964) married Clara Eleanor Allison. They had five children.
                 a. Minnie Evelyn Gearhart (b. 4 June 1910, d. 12 September 1995) married Edward Wayne Claybaugh. They had three children.
                     i. Betty Norine Claybaugh (b. 30 July 1934, d. 17 August 1934)
                    ii. Gary Wayne Claybaugh (B. 1 May 1937, d. 5 February 2024) married Ruth Ann Coffman. They had two children:
                       aa. Karen Sue Claybaugh
                       bb. Brian Wayne Claybaugh
                   iii. Linda Lee Claybaugh (b. 16 May 1944, d. 11 May 2006) married Robert Daniel Strange. They had two children:
                       aa. Julie Ann Strange
                       bb. Robert Daniel Strange II
                 b. Mildred Eleanor Gearhart (b. 13 December 1912, d. 30 August 1971) married Virgil Jarvis. They had three children.
                     i. Richard Lee Jarvis (b. 30 November 1934, d. 17 August 2012) married Carol Joan Westerfield. They had three children:
                       aa. Richard Lee Jarvis
                       bb. Laurie Anne Jarvis
                       cc. Jeff Alan Jarvis
                       2nd wife of Richard Lee's was Marilyn Patterson
                    ii. Kenneth Dean Jarvis (b. 9 October 1938, d. 30 April 2000) married Sandra Joan Todd. They had three children:
                       aa. Robin Lynne Jarvis
                       bb. Melony Sue Jarvis
                       cc. David Dale Jarvis
                   iii. Barbara Lynne Jarvis married Jerry Allen Jack. They had three children:
                       aa. Timothy Allen Jack
                       bb. Daniel Max Jack
                       cc. Debra Lynne Jack
                 c. Frances Lucille Gearhart (b. 16 April 1915, d. 1 December 1993) married Frederick Ardell Perrine. They had one child.
                     i. Freda Anne Perrine married Kenneth Jacob Hites. They had two children:
                       aa. Kimberly Annette Hites
                       bb. Randy James Hites
                       2nd husband of Freda Anne's was Gaylord Leroy Livesay
                 d. Margaret Anne Gearhart (b. 3 March 1922, d. 23 January 1993) married Melbourne Arthur Krohn. They had four children.
                     i. Melbourne David Krohn
                    ii. Michael James Krohn (b. 8 August 1949, d. 25 February 1993)
                   iii. Jeffrey Arthur Krohn married Peggy Sue_____
                   iv. Elizabeth Anne Krohn married Michael Buckner
                 e. Robert Leon Gearhart (b. 8 May 1924, d. 17 April 2013) married Frances Lucille Waring. They had three children.
                     i. Roberta Kay Gearhart married Prentice McMahill. They had two children:
                       aa. Craig McMahill
                       bb. Kerry McMahill
                    ii. Janice Sue Gearhart married James Meyer
                   iii. Terri Lynn Gearhart married Leslie Painter. They had five children:
                        aa. Tisa Painter
                        bb. Jennifer Painter
                        cc. Sharla Painter
                        dd. Ellissa Painter
                        ee. Adam Painter
                        2nd husband of Terri Lynn's was Lawrence Eugene Churchill.

             2. Addie Catherine Gearhart (b. 12 August 1891, d. 30 September 1969). He married Reginald Foster Cook. They had four children.
                 a. Raymond Foster Cook (b. 7 September 1912, d. 17 November 1992). He married Dorothy Blanche Cortelyou. They had two children.
                    i. Marjie Jeanne Cook married Bruce A. Otteman. They had four children:
                       aa. Delmar Bruce Otteman
                       bb. Crystal Jeanne Otteman
                       cc. Dana Lynne Otteman
                       dd. Shannon Kurt Otteman
                   ii. Mary Katherine Cook (b. 23 October 1940, d. 9 December 1964) married Jimmy Allen Miller. They had two children:
                       aa. Ronald Allen Miller
                       bb. Randolph Lee Miller
                 b. Catherine Eloise Cook (b. 23 October 1918, d. July 1995) married Carl A. W. Waring
                 c. Ruth Evelyn Cook (b. 28 May 1921, d. 6 May 2012) married James William Lauver. They had two children.
                    i. Adale Ann Lauver married Larry Dean Finch. They had four children:
                       aa. James Dean Finch
                       bb. Jane Ann Finch
                       cc. Jeffrey Fred Finch
                       dd. Joanne Ruth Finch
                       2nd husband of Adale Ann's was Eldon Tessman.
                   ii. Richard William Lauver married Lorna Jane Rung. They had one child:
                       aa. Ned William Lauver
                 d. James Henry Cook (b. 10 March 1929, d. 6 July 2020) married Doris O. Anders. They had four children.
                    i. Patricia Ann Cook married Terry Frost
                   ii. David Arthur Cook
                  iii. Philip Dean Cook
                  iv. Paul Roger Cook married Chris ____

             3. Jennie Mary Gearhart (b. 28 April 1899, d. 19 August 1989) married Leon Melvin (who died in World War I). They had one child.
                 a. Linn Gearhart Melvin (b. 15 January 1919, d. 27 April 1985) married Beatrice Alberta Segur. They had two children.
                    i. Betty Jane Melvin married Zeke Leroy Hendricks. They had one child:
                       aa. Mark D. Hendricks
                   ii. Linn Gearhart Melvin married Cathy Louise Driscoll. They had two children:
                       aa. Holly Christina Melvin
                       bb. Linn Gearhart Melvin
                 2nd husband of Jennie Mary's was Clarence J. Watt.

            F. George Smith Cavins was born 23 July 1870 and died 5 August 1926. He married Laura Irene Baker and they had two children.

                1. Guy Edgar Cavins (b. 1905, d. 1905)

                2. Roy Smith Cavins (b. 1905, d. 17 April 1950) married Marie Colley.

            G. Frederick Ernest Cavins was born 25 August 1871 and died 29 August 1937 in California. He married Kittie E. McCormick
                and they had two children.

                1. Addie Barbara Cavins (b. 25 February 1902, d. 28 January 1960) married William J. Bishop. They had one child:
                   a. William Cavins Bishop (b. 12 March 1927, d. 23 October 2011) married Joyce E. Neils. They had one child:
                       i. Timothy Blaine Bishop
                      2nd wife of William's was Bernice L. James.
                      3rd wife of William's was Beverly J. Price. They had one child:
                      ii. Andrea May Bishop (b. 30 May 1966, d, 15 November 1991) married Jesse Carlos

                2. Maxine Cavins (b. 25 November 1903, d. 30 June 1966) married Wilfred A. Blair. They had two children:
                   a. Arthur James Blair (b. 22 June 1920, d. 17 July 1992) married Virginia V. Collins. They had one child:
                       i. Colleen Virginia Blair ( b. 25 April 1947, d. 7 August 2021) married Raymond E. Smurr. They had two children:
                          aa. Jessie L. Smurr
                          bb. Lillian Colleen Smurr
                       2nd wife of Arthur's was Mary Rivas
                   b. Lorna Jean Blair (b. 29 March 1922, d. 29 October 1990) married James Callos. They had two children:
                       i. Diane Linette Callos married Paul Toney
                         2nd husband of Diane's was Curtis Emerson Bennet. They had one child:
                         aa. Matthew Bennett
                         3rd husband of Diane's was James Coble.
                      ii. Gary Richard Callos married Ruth Fisher.
                         2nd wife of Gary's was Lynne Edwards.
                         3rd wife of Gary's was Connie Jacobsen.
                     iii. Adele Barbara Callos (b. 30 June 1946, d. 10 February 2012) married Jimmy W. Waller. They had two chldren:
                          aa. Clint Waller
                          bb. Carolee Waller
                     iv. Robert James Callos married Leah D. Parsons
                         2nd wife of Robert's was Wendy M. Weber.
                         3rd wife of Robert's was Vickie Benton.
                2nd husband of Maxine's was _____ Throop

            H. Jennie Belle Cavins was born 13 February 1874 and died 4 February 1926. She married George A. Calhoun and they had one child.

               1. Elbert E. Calhoun (b. 27 September 1896, d. 13 August 1990) married Mabel Marie Rhodes. They had two children.
                 a. Alan Bernard Calhoun (b. 30 January 1927, d. 2 May 2002) married Betty Lou Peers and they had one child.
                     i. Kevin Alan Calhoun married Gongmee P. Jakthong
                 b. Earle Eugene Calhoun (b. 16 November 1929, d. 2 May 2006)

VIII - Joseph A. Cavins was born 24 January 1838 in Marion County, Ohio, and died 28 April 1917 in Mattoon, Coles County, IL. He married Melissa
           Elizabeth Ferguson on 20 December 1862 in Coles County, IL, They had ten children:

            A. Infant Cavins was born abt 1863 and died 1 May 1863
            B. Elmer Warren Cavins was born 17 October 1864 and died 25 February 1938. He married Gertrude Cartmell and they had two children.
                1. Warren Cartmell Cavins (b. 18 June 1898, d. 25 February 1971) married Louise Marian Stephenson. They had one child:
                    a. Joyce Cavins married William Albert McKnight, Jr. and they had three children.
                         i. Linda McKnight
                        ii. Dirk McKnight married Dorothy A. Adams
                       iii. Claudia McKnight
                    2nd wife of Warren Cartmell's was Ruth J. Colville
                2. Joe Loren Cavins (b. 15 April 1900, d. 11 July 1982) married Ellen Langston.

            C. Joseph Oscar Cavins was born about 1866 and died 8 June 1909.

            D. Elza Cartwright Cavins was born 2 July 1869 and died 31 August 1963. He married Mildred I. Maxon. They had five children.

                1. Harold Maxon Cavins (b. 25 May 1901, d. 3 January 1994) married Alice M. Daniels. They had three children.
                    a. Infant Cavins (b. 12 May 1931, d. 12 May 1931)
                    b. Jane A. Cavins married Richard Hesler and they had three children.
                          i. Carolyn Hesler married Thomas W. Chase
                         ii. Diane Hesler married Kirk Loving
                        iii. Daniel Hesler married Jill ___
                       2nd husband of Jane A's was Stephen Gilbert
                    c. Susan Cavins married Julius Schlotthauer. They had two children:
                         i. Julia Schlotthauer married Brett Kreher
                        ii. Jennifer Schlotthauer married John Maloney
                       2nd husband of Susan's was ___ Daniels

                2. Mildred J. Cavins (b. 10 October 1903, d. 18 December 1994) married Arthur G. Hughes and they had two children.
                    a. Joan Cavins Hughes (b. 27 May 1934, d. 6 August 2023) married Wayne Philo Hughes, Jr. and they had three children.
                          i. Wendy Hughes
                         ii. Megan Hughes
                        iii. Nancy Lee Hughes married Yasuji V. Koda
                    b. Gwen Hughes (b. 13 February 1937, d. 26 October 2014) married John McKee and they had three children.
                          i. Scott David McKee
                         ii. Steven P. McKee married Wendy Rainford
                        iii. Susan McKee married Samuel L. Erwin

                3. Theodore Parsons Cavins (b. 28 September 1906, d. 9 August 1994) married Nina F. Arnold. They had two children.
                    a. David Allen Cavins (b. 2 October 1934, d. 28 October 1983) married Nancy Moore. They had three children.
                          i. Drew Allen Cavins married Denise Charafisi
                         ii. Catherine Ellen Cavins married Carl Lee Underhill
                        iii. Curt Arnold Cavins married Sharon McCall
                    b. Ellen Cavins married Daniel P. Leinbach. They had two children.
                          i. Michael Wayne Leinbach married Kimberly Jo Fisher
                         ii. Marc Allen Leinbach married Anissa M. Slocum

                4. Elmer Wallace Cavins (b. 7 December 1911, d. 18 April 2002) married Juliana Louise Morgan. They had three children:
                    a. Mary Alice Cavins married John Andrews
                       2nd husband of Mary Alice's was Brian J. Boyle
                    b. Margery Ruth Cavins
                    c. Joseph Wallace Cavins married Patricia Rierson
                    2nd wife of Elmer Wallace's was Jean _____

               5. William Donald Cavins (b. 22 June 1914, d. 23 July 2010) married Cora Ruth Clapp. They had three children.
                    a. Janet Cavins married _____ Brown. They had two children:

                    b. William Donald Cavins, Jr. married Sabrina O'Hanleigh. They had two children:
                          i. Jocelyn Cavins
                         ii. Kalea Cavins
                    c. Carolyn Lee Cavins married Stephen L. Weinig. They had two children:
                          i. Bradley Weinig married Anne Harrington
                         ii. Mark Weinig married Lindsey Bakel

            E. William Ferguson Cavins was born 1871 and died 19 September 1957.

            F. Stanley Thomas Cavins was born 11 November 1874 and died 21 June 1941. He married Mary A. Schneider. They had two children.

                1. Anna Schneider Cavins (b. 4 January 1908, d. 6 January 2000)

                2. Carl Schneider Cavins (b. 28 January 1910, d. 12 September 1981) married Parthenia Parker. They had two children.
                    a. Parthenia (aka Patty) Ann Cavins married Carl F. Lowthorp, Jr. and they had two children.
                          i. Linda Nell Lowthorp married Daniel J. Sternlight
                         ii. Douglas Norman Lowthorp married Jeanne Rochelle Potter
                       2nd husband of Parthenia Ann's was Edward S. Mansell
                    b. Linda Christine Cavins married Richard Don Hughes and they had four children.
                          i. Lisa Marie Hughes
                         ii. Blake C. Hughes (b. 27 June 1966, d. 5 August 1966)
                        iii. Scott Matthew Hughes
                        iv. Jason M. Hughes

            G. Lester Blake Cavins was born 22 July 1877 and died 28 September 1935. He married Ida Augusta Alstrom. They had one child.

                1. Ida Miriam Cavins (b. 28 June 1917, d. 24 April 2004) married Benjamin Franklin Hiltabrand, III,. They had three children.
                    a. Benjamin Franklin Hiltabrand, IV, married Penelope L. ___. They had two children.
                         i. Benjamin Franklin Hiltabrand V married Loren A. Poppe
                        ii. Elizabeth Hiltabrand
                    b. Stephen Lester Hiltabrand (b. 26 August 1945, d. 16 June 1979) married Carol Dianna Jones. They had two children:
                         i. Barbara Hiltabrand married Jeffrey Brumleve
                        ii. Jennifer Hiltabrand
                    c. David Blake Hiltabrand married Barbara Allen. They had two children:
                         i. David Blake Hiltabrand, Jr. married Shannon Bangs
                        ii. Lindsey Hiltabrand
                       2nd wife of David's was Elisabeth R. Strawn

            H. Lorimer Victor Cavins was born 21 May 1880 and died 28 January 1945. He married Neva Julia Adams. They had five children.

                1. Lawrence Everett Cavins (b. 24 December 1914, d. 24 December 1914)

                2. Helen Irene Cavins (b. 8 July 1918, d. 28 May 2014) married Ferris Sydney Owen. They had four children.
                    a. Gwendolyn Rae Owen married Ronald Cochran
                       2nd husband of Gwendolyn's was Eugene Gritton
                    b. Barbara Jean Owen married James R. Fluharty
                       2nd husband of Barbara's was John Flack
                    c. James Lawrence Owen married Martha A. Althoff
                    d. Susan Carol Owen married Forrest Ray Hupp. They had three children:
                        i. Angela Hupp
                        ii. Marci Hupp
                        iii. Lindsay Hupp

              3. Arnold Cavins (b. abt 1920, d. abt 1920)

              4. Marjorie Mae Cavins (b. 8 June 1922, d. 17 April 2009) married Harry Dean Leeper. They had four children:
                 a. Steven Lloyd Leeper
                 b. David Dean Leeper
                 c. Linda Jean "Cedar" Leeper married James D. Moss
                 d. Kenneth Chandron Leeper
                 2nd husband of Marjorie Mae's was Edward E. Miller

                5. Virginia Lee Cavins (b. 14 October 1928, d. 6 February 2020) was married to Lloyd William Corzine. They had four children.
                    a. John Cavins Corzine married Kristin Mary ____
                    b. Dale Edward Corzine
                    c. Stanley Dean Corzine
                    d. Scott William Corzine married Reena Khare

            I. Henrietta Olive Cavins was born about 1883 and died 30 June 1928.

            J. Melissa Grace Cavins was born 29 March 1886 and died 19 July 1962. She married Wilmer A. White. They had one adopted child.

                1. Robert Kesson White (b. 13 October 1923, d. 6 January 2019) married Mary Alene Rooney. They had five children.
                    a. Kimberly Ann White married Mark W. Sweetland
                    b. Robert Kesson White, Jr. married Susan Torello
                    c. Mark Cameron White married Michelle Stanton
                    d. Shauna Maureen White married Reginald L. Scales
                    e. Patrick George White (b. 3 October 1959, d. 22 July 2016) married Kathleen Ryan. They had two children:
                        i. Meghan White
                       ii. Kevin White
            2nd wife of Joseph A. Cavins was Maggie Ellison on 10 November 1891 in Coles Co., IL.
            3rd wife of Joseph A. Cavins was Emma B. Madison on 12 November 1908.

IX - Thomas Cavins was born 19 November 1841 in Coles County, IL, and died 1 September 1915 in Mattoon, Coles County, IL. He married Sophronia
        Catherine Harris on 19 November 1861. They had ten children.

            A. William Joseph Cavins was born 25 November 1862 and died 17 September 1935. He married Annie R. Coon and they had two children.

                1. Hazel Etta Cavins (b. 19 February 1888, d. 4 November 1918) married Leo George Mockenhaupt. They had two children.
                    a. Emily Jane Mockenhaupt (b. 20 November 1914, 12 October 2010) married Thomas Martin Kroech. They had two children
                       who were subsequently adopted by Emily's second husband William Joseph Butler. They had four children
                         i. Thomas Joseph Butler (b. 12 December 1933, 9 July 2008) married Gertrude E. Reikert. They had six children:
                            aa. Mark Butler
                            bb. William Butler
                            cc. David Butler
                            dd. Mary Butler
                            ee. Thomas Butler
                            ff. James Butler
                        ii. Judith Ann Butler (b. 16 February 1937, d. 6 November 2022) married Justin Joseph Mariani. They had six children:
                           aa. Monica Mariani
                           bb. Barbara Mariani
                           cc. Matthew Butler Mariani
                           dd. Justine Mariani
                           ee. Eric G. Mariani
                           ff. Kristin Mariani
                       iii. William Joseph Butler, Jr. (b. 24 February 1942, d. 18 September 2017) married Helen Katherine O'Malley. They had two children:
                           aa. Charlotte Butler
                           bb. Emily Butler
                       iv. Robert Cavins Butler married Doreen A. Ostafin. They had four children
                           aa. Allison K. Butler
                           bb. Matthew M. Butler
                           cc. Hannah E. Butler
                           dd. Luke Butler
                    b. Robert William Mockenhaupt (b. 19 September 1916, d. 9 February 1977)

                2. Fern Louise Cavins (b. 31 March 1892, d. 26 December 1974) married William Owen Hougland. They had three children.
                    a. Mary Katherine Hougland (b. 4 December 1914, d. 30 September 2000) married Derward Clifton Sparks and they had three children.
                         i. Sandra Lou Sparks (b. 29 October 1934, d. 16 January 1996) married John P. Schnarr. They had one child:
                            aa. Christine Schnarr
                            2nd husband of Sandra Lou's was Girard P. Kretzschmar
                        ii. Sharon Kay Sparks (b. 3 August 1938, d. 16 January 2009) married Richard Tuttle. They had two children:
                            aa. Chad Tuttle
                            bb. Timothy Tuttle
                            2nd husband of Sharon Kay's was Donald D. Heleine
                       iii. Elizabeth Ann Sparks married Frank Love

                    b. William Joseph Hougland (b. abt 1918, d. 4 August 1923)

                    c. Jack Cavins Hougland (b. 16 November 1923, d. 13 January 1969)

            B. Francis E. Cavins (b.23 September 1864, d. 6 June 1947). He married Margaret Cain and they had no children.

            C. Allen Benton Cavins (b. 7 September 1866 d. 7 February 1949) married Eva Rowena McClelland. They had three children.
                1. Omar Allen Cavins (b. 2 July 1889, d. 13 October 1971) married Grace Audrey Torrey and they had three children.
                    a. Omar Allen Cavins (b. 13 May 1918, d. 6 October 1984) married Marjorie St. Clair. They had one child.
                          i. Margaret Joan Cavins (b. 25 October 1941, d. abt. 2018) married Norman Harvey Getchell. They had two children:
                            aa. Susan Grace Getchell
                            bb. Mary Elizabeth Getchell
                            2nd husband of Margaret Joan's was Douglas Amariah Sullivan. They had one child:
                            cc: Kathleen Teresa Sullivan
                            3rd husband of Margaret Joan's was Flavian T. Tolen. They had one child:
                            dd. Gail Y. Tolen
                       2nd wife of Omar Allen's was Minnie Lenore Anderson. They had one child:
                         ii. Bruce Allan Cavins married Linda M. Shaw
                    b. Ruth Ellen Cavins (b. 20 January 1919, d. 30 December 2007) married McFarland Toft. They had three children.
                          i. Deborah Arline Toft married Dennis Gibson. They had three children:
                            aa. Robert Gibson
                            bb. Dinah Gibson
                            cc. Harmony Gibson
                         ii. Ruth Elane Toft married Richard Brian Eubanks.. They had three children:
                            aa. Rebecca Eubanks
                            bb. Stephanie Eubanks
                            cc. Erin Eubanks
                        iii. David Frank Toft (b. 18 June 1953, d. 26 November 2016) married Yvonne M. Cranford. They had one child:
                            aa. Shannon Toft
                    c. Richard Torrey Cavins (b. 21 August 1920, d. 2 April 2004) married Gladys O. Kofahl and they had two children.
                          i. Christina Torrey Cavins (b. 13 May 1946, d. 29 December 2009) married Stanley R. Pepper
                         ii. Richard Craig Cavins (b. 24 August 1948, d. 29 April 2019) married Susan Lee Maciel. They had two children
                            aa. Sarah Marie Cavins
                            bb. Megan Torrey Cavins

                2. Lorin Paul Cavins (b. 20 January 1891, d. 13 February 1977) married Jessie Mabel Moon and they had one child.
                    a. Lorin Paul Cavins (b. 28 November 1919, d. 3 May 1990) married Elizabeth Dodge and they had one child.
                           i. Janet Lynn Cavins married Randy Chavez

                3. Arline Blanche Cavins (b. 6 June 1893, d. 20 June 1978) married Henry Alexander Matheron and they had one child.
                    a. Richard Cavins Matheron married Madelein M. Volk
                       2nd wife of Richard Cavins' was Katherine _____

               2nd wife of Alllen Benton's was Belle Macomber

            D. John Cavins was born 18 February 1868 and died unknown. He married Fannie Bullock.

            E. James Wilson Cavins was born 21 September 1871 and died 27 April 1919. He married Mary Edna King and they had two children.

                1. Mildred Augusta Cavins (b. 26 August 1895, d. January 1983) married Anthony Gorman. They had two children.
                    a. Helen Marie Gorman (b. 19 November 1922, d. 12 October 2011) married Norris Vennum Lateer, Jr. They had four children.
                         i. James Lateer married Claudia Winkelhake. They had one child:
                           aa. Matthew Lateer
                        ii. Jane Lateer married Arthur Dixon
                       iii. Judith Lateer married Michael Haley. They had two children:
                           aa. Thomas Haley
                           bb. Mary Haley
                       iv. Joseph Gorman Lateer married Nancy Lazzaretti. They had two children:
                           aa. William Lateer
                           bb. Richard Lateer
                    b. Ruth Gorman (28 September 1927, d. 21 December 2021) married Robert Ernest Vogele and they had four children.
                         i. Thomas Anthony Vogele married Jennifer S. Knowles. They had one child:
                            aa. Britta A. Vogele
                        ii. Mark Robert Vogele married Jill L. Bernstein. They had two children:
                           aa. Ross Eliot Vogele
                           bb. Adam Matthew Vogele
                           2nd wife of Mark Robert's was Lisa Wisniewski Arsenault
                       iii. Bruce Vogele married Tammy J. Blackwell. They had one child:
                           aa. Felix Vogele
                       iv. Nancy Alane Vogele married Lynn Feenan

                2. Kenneth K. Cavins (b. 28 December 1901, d. May 1986) married Mildred Irene Werden. They had two children.

                    a. Robert King Cavins (b. 20 May 1922, d. 1 February 2022) married Elizabeth June Mulvey. They had seven children.
                         i. Mark K. Cavins married Cathy Harris
                        ii. Nicholas James Cavins (b. 27 May 1948, d. 11 January 1986)
                       iii. Constance A. Cavins married Jay Hashbarger
                       iv. John Anthony Cavins married Laurel L. Gibe
                       v. Angela V. Cavins married Eric Watkins
                       v. Peter K. Cavins
                     vii. David Werden Cavins (b. 22 October 1966, d. 1 November 2013)
                    b. James Wilson Cavins (b. August 1923, d. 8 April 1998) married Ruth Virginia Lammers in 1948.
                       2nd wife of James Wilson's was Charlotte Louise Mulherin. They had one child:
                       i. James King Cavins
                       3rd wife of James Wilson's was Judy _____

            F. Clara E. Cavins was born 9 June 1873 and died 25 August 1968. She married Benjamin Franklin Sellars. They had three children:
                1. Benjamin Franklin Sellars, Jr. (b. 17 May 1901, d. 8 March 1966) married Alma F. White. They had one child.
                    a. Joyce Sellars married Richard Edwin Carpenter. They had two children:
                         i. Mark Edwin Carpenter
                        ii. Scott Carpenter

                2. Elizabeth Cavins Sellars (b. 6 March 1903, d. 19 July 1985) married Franklin Spencer Mortimer.
                   2nd husband of Elizabeth Cavins' was Russell J. Laible

                3. Frances Cavins Sellars (b. 24 July 1905, d. February 1974) married Rayen Welch Tyler. They had two children:
                    a Elizabeth Ann Tyler married Harold T. Mathew
                    b David Andrew Tyler married Rebecca Weed

            G. Thomas Leroy Cavins was born 10 September 1876 and died 16 April 1968. He married Margaret Elizabeth Roy. They had
                four children:

                1. Leila D. Cavins (b. 15 October 1896, d. 10 May 1990) married Arthur Alexander Klein
                   2nd husband of Leila D.'s was John S. McNeily

                2. Edythe M. Cavins (b. 11 October 1903, d. 27 February 1987) married Albert Martin Sullivan

                3. Carl Lewis Cavins (b. 1909, d. 15 October 1936)

                4. Earl Lewis Cavins (b. 17 August 1910, d. 10 December 1993) married Dorothy Jane Pratt. They had two children.
                    a. Starr S. Cavins married Mary Kathleen Fernandez. They had two children:
                         i. Faune J. Cavins married Travis Ensling
                        ii. Autumn Kim (aka Paul) Cavins married Ana Laura Ramos-Reyes. They had two children:
                           aa. Jacob Cavins
                           bb. Ethan Cavins
                    b. Georgina Karan Cavins (b. 17 October 1960, d. abt 2014)
                2nd wife of Thomas Leroy's was Dora Middleton Moran

            H. Fred Harris Cavins was born 12 January 187 and died 28 March 1962. He married Bertha Hibschman.

            I. Harry Arthur Cavins was born 12 June 1880 and died 16 July 1957. He married Catherine Rife. They had three children.

                1. Monroe Harry Cavins (b. 29 September 1904, d. 6 July 1958)

                2. Herman Maurice Cavins (b. 13 January 1908, d. 28 April 1957)

                3. Frank Vincent Cavins (b. 22 January 1911, d. 19 July 1975) married Helen Lee Ross.

            J. Richard Montgomery Cavins was born 10 December 1882 and died before 1930. He married Grace Sudbury.

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