Ida May Templer Mackey

Charles Eugene and Addie Redmond Templer and Family, 1944

Charles Gaylord and Evelyn Maxine Templer

Doris Permelia Templer and John Marshall Cummings

George Washington and Eliza Jane Templer

Rose Ann Templer Loughman and Family

John Carl and Irma Hilyard Templer, circa 1924 and 1944

George Washington and Eliza Jane Templer Family, circa 1938

Descendants of George Washington and Eliza Jane Templer, 1999

William Stacy and Mary Elizabeth Hann Templer and Family

Reunion held in 1997 in Hesston, KS

Opal Loughman Bready and family, circa 1940

Daughter Opal with her father Ernest and his wife Velva Matthews , circa 1950

Pearl Lander Peckinpaugh and mother Ollie Belle Loughman

Gladyce Lander and mother Ollie Belle Loughman

Retta Templer and Ernest Benton Varner

George Franklin Templer and Family

Della Templer Lowther and Family

Joseph Floyd Templer

John Campbell Templer Family

Nancy Juline Gordon Templer, wife of Joseph Thomas Templer

Claire Gail and Ernest Benton Varner

Raymond Ernest Mackey

Elmer and Edith Templer Churchill

John G. and Mary Roseanne Templer Martin

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