Biography of
James Newton & Ann Adair Templer


James Newton Templer was the first of eight children of George Washington Templer and Hannah Shepard Medsker of Ohio. He was born near Xenia, Green County, OH. He married Ann Adair on 4 October 1857 in Portland, Jay County, Indiana. James practiced law in Portland, Indiana from 1857 through 1871 as an attorney then as the prosecuting attorney of the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit "seldom failing to sustain his cases, and never having a judgment reversed by the supreme court because of errors or inefficiency on his part. His successes were usually the result of hotly contested trials, of which the opposing counsel were the ablest criminal lawyers of the state".

Then James Newton moved to Muncie, Indiana where he continued practicing law. He then went to Colorado in 1880 for health reasons, and he continued to practice law until he returned to Muncie in 1885 to resume practicing law. "A selfish indifference to the public good has no place in his nature, and schools, religious institutions, and all movements looking to the advancement of the city, county, or state, receive his cordial support".

James Newton is the man who gave us the Temple - Templer knowledge, mentioned early on the first page of the Templer Family Home Page, through his descendants, Robert Templer of Delaware, and James & Lucy Templer of Texas.

1. James Templer (1751 - 1847)
2. Stacy Templer (abt 1782 - 29 October 1864)
3. George Washington Templer (6 March 1812 - 2 June 1886)
4. James Newton Templer (8 February 1836 - 3 February 1909)

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