Biography of
Clayton Benton & Clara Ireland Templer


Clayton Benton Templer was the seventh of eight children of George Washington Templer and Hannah Shepard Medsker of Ohio. Clayton was born in Portland, Jay County, Indiana. He and Clara Ireland were married in February of 1878, in Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana. There are no known children of this couple.

Clayton and his brother, James Newton Templer, read from law books at an early age and entered the bar in 1872. He practiced in Muncie, Indiana. "As a lawyer Mr. Templer is well grounded in the principles of his profession, and the high character he has attained as a practitioner is sufficiently attested by the large business which has come to him and which under his skillful management is continually increasing. He is one of the leading spitits of the Muncie bar, and his superior legal talents have gained for him much more than a local reputation, his services being in demand in important cases in different counties of the state".

1. James Templer (1751 - 1847)
2. Stacy Templer (abt 1782 - 29 October 1864)
3. George Washington Templer (6 March 1812 - 2 June 1886)
4. Clayton Benton Templer (10 June 1850 - 8 June 1925)

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