The Templer Family Association was formed by a group of concerned family members who are interested in making sure that the effort to maintain contact and build relationships continues into the future. The organizing officers and board members are:

Charles E. Templer, President
Joe L. Templer, Vice President
Becky Templer Breazeale, Secretary
Colleen Templer, Treasurer
Linda Metzinger Wright, At-Large Representative

We have begun the process of building a fund that can be used for "seed money" to plan and organize the reunions for the descendants of James Templer and Martha Huff. A separate bank account has been established for this purpose with the contributions of the above family members and others. We have received a Tax ID number for a nonprofit family organization from the IRS for this entity. It is our hope that additional funds will be contributed by concerned family members who might want to share in making sure this effort continues.

The cost of planning and organizing reunions has continued to increase and it is hoped that this fund can be built up through your contributions and that they will be an ongoing source of the funds needed to make reservation deposits on facilities and cover the costs of mailing to the full family membership regarding those events. The funds will be replenished by fees paid by those attending each reunion which will in turn allow the next reunion committee to function fully.

If you are interested in sharing in this dream, you may send contributions to Templer Family Association, c/o Charles E. Templer, 12221 Wedd Street, Overland Park, KS 66213-1670. Contributions are NOT tax deductible since we did not try to organize as such an organization due to the minimal size of our plans.

For those that are interested, you may review a full copy of the Bylaws of the Templer Family Association by clicking here and, if desired, having your computer print the document by clicking on the print icon. As you will note, each descendant of James Templer and Martha Huff is an automatic member of the Templer Family Association. No required dues are planned at this time. We will, however, continue to assess a charge for printing and mailing the Templer Times. We will hold elections of officers at each of the reunions for the full membership. Mini-reunions will not be considered for elections since the full membership is not typically invited to those gatherings of smaller branches of the family.

If you have any questions about the Templer Family Association, please give any of us a call. Thanks for your support.

Revised 20 April 2009