James and Martha Templer family bible

The exterior of the Bible, about 11 x 13 inches in size.

title page
The title page, reflecting a publication date of 1803, in Charlestown, Massachusetts.

The flyleaf shows the Bible belonged to James and Martha Templer.

The Family Record page shows birth dates of some of James and Martha's children.

additional children
This page shows additional children of James and Martha,
as well as what we believe is Jane Lowe Templer, wife of Thomas,
and John, the son of William.

birth and death dates

This page is significant in that it contains the birth
and death dates for James and Martha Templer, as well as
other family members. Since this handwriting is different
than the listings for the children, we presume that
Esther Templer Trammell may have written these pages, as opposed
to either James or Martha in the children's listings.

more family members
Another page of listings, primarily for the Trammell family members.

different writer

Note the writing of the death date of Esther Trammell.
I believe she wrote many of the earlier pages, and this notation
of her death is one of the last in the Bible.